Other places to waste your time. People, news, art, insanity. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Jin Wicked. The inimitable artist whose works are worth viewing and purchasing.

  • girl, unfettered. Kavitha's minimalist foray into activism and social commentary.

  • The Infidel. Besides being cute she's artistic in the extreme.

  • n1ckn4m3. We've been expecting you, Mister Anderson.

  • Debian development. Just don't mention Ubuntu around her and you'll be safe.

  • driver down. You owe it to yourself to read these anecdotes.

  • andy zebrowitz. I've learned that it's impossible to get by, socially, without a myspace page I never pay attention to.

  • BrainLog. Mister Ander... er, Sanderson's collection of technology and other links.

  • colonpipe. :| Get it? Bryan's friend from j00ma.

  • AmericanGods. Neil Gaiman's space online. Because around here, you see, we are nerds.

  • abandon. Marissa writes and if I could write with half this inspiration I would be a god among men. But I can't, so go read her stuff.

  • danelope. What is there to say about Dan's work beyond "Heh." He kicks it old-school, folks.