frequently asked questions, or, "what the hell is this crap?"
In the beginning there was the word.

walled city started as an outgrowth of the villa straylight, a collaborative weblog begun in mid-2000 by kitten and bda, back in the days when few knew what a "weblog" was and it was simply "a website", which made us pretty damned elite, cause hey. We had one and you didn't, punk.

You're looking at the most current incarnation of the walled city, all updated to modern standards: simplified, beautified. Like its preceding version it'll probably be around for another five years before someone gets tired of it and finally updates it again, four years behind the times.

Q. So like. What is this?
Yeah, I get that a lot. If you want the pretty version, walled city is a showcase of my writing -- fiction, essays, rants, pleas, missives. You can consider it a form of self-expression laid bare for the world to read, critique, judge, fawn over, and complain about.

If you want the real version, walled city is a place where kitten unloads the detrius of his mind and for some ungodly reason, you people actually read it. Seriously, what is wrong with you?
Q. Seven years is a long time.
It is. And here's to another seven. In the time it's been around, walled city has been through a lot. It has earned me friends. It has made me enemies. It has gotten me laid. It has gotten me published. It has gotten me girlfriends. It has made me money. It has had imitators both subtle and gross. walled city is darkness. walled city is light. walled city will make you beautiful.
Q. What's with the name?
The name "walled city" comes from William Gibson's book Idoru. In this work, the "Walled City" was a virtual gathering place on the Web for deviants, rebels, and people who for one reason or another wished to remain anonymous. The Walled City provided a haven for people to conduct their affairs without fear of reprisal from corporation or government.

It was a safehouse for social deviants, and so is this.
Q. What are those pictures at the top?
They're a cycle of pictures from my archives, of interesting cityscapes, bits of technology, or women who fit the mood of the site as a whole. I'm not giving out names and no, I won't put you in touch with the models, so shh.
Q. Why can't I understand anything you post?
Cause I'm not that good a writer. Or because you're not that good at reading. Or because it contains metaphors and allusions that take time and consideration to comprehend. Or because it contains metaphors and allusions that only I would really know about, by design. Any or all of these could be true; take your pick.
Q. Aren't you concerned that many of your posts, which often contain things of a violent or sexual nature, will adversely affect otherwise normal, God-fearing children, turning them into perverse psychopaths, spewing their own twisted sense of justice like flowing fountains from their unholy guns of righteousness?
Q. I liked what you wrote.
Well, aren't you sweet? Thanks. You can email me and tell me all about it, or tell your friends.
Q. I hated what you wrote.
Form a line, you're not the first. You can email me and tell me all about it, or tell your friends.
Q. Can you help me make my own site? / Can you take a look at my site, it's really cool, man...?!?
I won't help you with your own site, but if you ask nicely, I might have some constructive suggestions for a site you've already made.
Q. Can I copy your entry...? / Can I cite you on...? / Can I reference you for...?
Sometimes I find it hard to believe that this gets asked, but there it is. Uhm, sure, if you want to cite or reference me or anything I've written, feel free, as long as proper credit is given. This goes for academic papers as well as websites, livejournals, myspaces, slashmemes, farkfilters, drudgesters, and diggwoots.

But I'm asking you nicely not to rip my stuff off. As I said, it's happened dozens of times in the past, and we always find out. Don't be That Guy.
Q. Will you help me with my writing?
Probably. If I can see you've put some effort into it, I'll be happy to discuss it with you. Please don't throw half-baked crap my way and expect me to do anything with it; I have plenty of my own half-baked crap I need to do something with. :)
Q. This is your world. These are your people.
If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.
A thousand other questions? Just one? Still feel the need to congratulate or berate me? Check out the contact page for a variety of ways to get my attention.