Who is kitten, and how can you yell at him?
I can be reached in a variety of ways:
email: kitten@mirrorshades.org

AIM: rantingkitten

IRC: #mirrorshades on irc.slashnet.org

A word on IRC -- while we're happy to have new additions to our motley crew of ne'er-do-wells, we (the denizens of #mirrorshades) have been hassled enough in the past by random weirdos that show up just to cause trouble. As a result there's something of a xenophobic attitude from the ops and regulars. Don't be surprised to get subjected to a brief interrogation the first time you show up, but if you're not there to behave like a jackass, you're welcome to stay and mingle with us idiots. God knows why you'd want to.
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cute kitten

kitten is Andy Zebrowitz of Atlanta, a twentysomething part-time writer, full-time complainer, and appreciator of fine wine, women, film, and music. I work for a VoIP provider as the department head of support. (The attitudes you see here are in no way indicative of the opinions of my employers, blah blah blah.)

See what critics are saying about kitten:
"An epic journey...kitten is a touching tale that will leave you breathless. If you only see one man this year, kitten should be it."

"A nonstop heart-pounding thrillride... awe-inspiring and not to be missed."

"A triumphant tour-de-force...kitten is a masterpiece."

"The feel-good man of the season, kitten is absolutely spellbinding...a miracle of world-class proportions."
I like cats. I like clubbing. I dance at secretroom and various other gothic events, and am co-founder/actor/writer for Dixie Flatline, a theatre troupe specializing in gothic/fetish-themed shows at nightclubs in the Atlanta area. I like first-person shooters, Linux, and Chinese food.

You probably don't care about any of that. You probably came here to find out why I'm "kitten". The name was given to me nearly ten years ago by a friend, and independently of her, by a girl I was dating at the time. I'll spare you the reasons why. It wasn't long before mutual friends began referring to me that way, and it caught on. Years later, it's emblazoned on my arm. Now that's dedication!
While I could give you the usual blathering list of stats and facts about me, you'd probably find out more by reading my stuff, or by talking to me.

Welcome to mirrorshades, and as always, we apologize for the inconvenience.