What you need.
kitten   October 7, 2009

It is said that during the Asterisk era, a student sought Master kitten's wisdom. The student said, "There is a log file with an error I must review, but I cannot access that file. Can you change the file access permissions so I can read it?"

kitten asked, "You have not actually seen the error?"

"No," said the student.

"Then you don't need it," replied kitten.

kitten   October 6, 2009

A pupil of kitten was attempting to solve a user's problem, but found the user's constant whining distracting. The pupil went to kitten to complain.

"The user whines because he is irritated," said kitten.

"Why?" asked the pupil.

"Because you are concentrating on him, rather than the problem," said kitten. In that moment the pupil attained enlightenment.