kitten   September 22, 2009

Gather ye round, all listeners, gather round. Today is a special day indeed.

Up first, a couple of tracks from Imperative Reaction, whose concert I just caught in Atlanta; they put on a fantastic show as usual. Check that link, ladies and gentlemen, and find a show near you.

We're rolling out more from VNV Nation's latest release Of Faith, Power, and Glory. My contacts in Germany say the Munich show was out of sight, including Ronan wearing proper lederhosen, but the tour rolls on and if you don't catch it while you can, I promise you'll regret it.

This week, mirrorshades radio is also proud to include Frightdoll's latest single, Cackling Round the Cauldron, a special song for All Hallows' Eve. It's available via amazon and iTunes so catch it online and don't let it get away.