kitten   August 30, 2009

Though the track rotation updates frequently, I have been completely negligent in my update posts to tell you all what's new and fresh. Well, if you don't like it, you can ask for your money back.

Winging its way to the station in the sky right now are a few more hours' worth of updates. This one features mostly singles ranging from the likes of Haujobb to Evil's Toy, along with a few select tracks from VNV Nation's latest release Of Faith, Power, and Glory, and let me opine that this is some truly magnificent work. I caught their concert here in Atlanta and had a glorious time; you Europeans should see it while you can because the next leg of the North American tour is starting again soon.

This week we're also featuring a track from Psyche Corporation called "Universe", and I understand it is their first foray into the darkwave genre. It's a beautiful blend of treated feminine vocals over smooth gothic beats and well worth listening to; let us hope they keep moving towards the dark side.

And as always, if you're an artist in the general darkwave or gothic scene and would like your music featured on mirrorshades radio, please feel free to contact me.