The strength I need to feel.
kitten   May 29, 2009

We interrupt our regularly scheduled ranting and neon to bring you an important public service announcement.

Courtesy of Frightdoll.

kitten   May 19, 2009

About five more hours' worth of body-moving beats are in this week's update. Featuring a few tracks from Hocico, Tristesse De La Lune, Culture Kultur, and many others. Keep dancing so it all keeps spinning.

Castles in the sky.
kitten   May 13, 2009

There's a chain in all of it, really: neurons firing, analog thoughts, your fingertips tapping against plastic. A beat goes by, lightspeed, faster than the heart twitches. In that interim, fiber illuminates, twisted wires ignite, and switches fire, culminating on my screen in subpixel perfection -- imperfect analog representations of perfect binary interplay of two minds in the darkness, circling, wondering. From neurons to thoughts to fingertips to plastic to fiber to wire to screen, those pixels are your words, your votives and confessions, and reading them makes my heart twitch faster than the beat of light.

kitten   May 5, 2009

Peace will come to me in abandoned church pews, with moonlight scrubbed by stained glass across the aisles, and music heard alone, the rhythm of which is measured by silence and footfalls.

Windows 7 review.
kitten   May 3, 2009

Note: This post contains a lot of bitching and griping about computers. If you don't care, move along.