kitten   November 23, 2008

mirrorshades radio has now been added to the Nokia Internet Radio service. Anyone using a device that supports the service can search for mirrorshades radio and tune in, wherever they happen to be. Enjoy!

kitten   November 12, 2008

We're still here -- just having some issues with the server. Be beautiful -- we'll be back up and running shortly.

Update 2140 EST: We're back. Thanks to all for the emails and support. Enjoy the music and play it loud.

kitten   November 9, 2008

Missing you is all I do, in faded sheets the twilight restless; an orbit's cycled memories edging towards a deep abyss where your absence emptied into longing. Another journey I'm embarking without you to carry me, though fantasy may find me shivered under blankets unforgiving of my own damned malfeasance, with your aching presence needed. The need may go unheeded but the longing will remain until that time again when your skin might touch my own. Missing you is everything; missing you is all I've known.