kitten   October 30, 2008

Couple more hours into rotation this week. Tracks from Assemblage 23 and Mechanical Moth are featured, along with remixes from VNV Nation, Rotersand, and several others. We're also introducing several tracks from Monody, whose work is reminiscent of Seabound in many ways. Keep an eye out for "Ceti Lullaby" in particular if you're at all into sci-fi, and see if you catch the sample faster than I did.

I caught the Imperative Reaction show in Atlanta along with :SITD: last Wednesday. If you haven't seen them, you really owe it to yourself to check them out if they're coming to an area near you. :SITD: trades off vocalists, which surprised me, but both had a lot of energy and were down on the floor with the audience half the time. Imperative Reaction put on a great show as expected, and used an acoustic drumkit, which is a nice touch in this genre. Watch for flying water -- that's my only warning.

kitten   October 18, 2008

Let's screw until blind over cheap fireplace wine and wake up with coffee and strawberries and moments. Let's leave the lights low and the windows open in a high rise hotel. Let's make high drama in a roadside bar and leave everyone wondering who we were. Let's gamble ourselves away in Atlantic City, hold hands in Sao Paulo, trip the lights fantastic in London. Let's love each other big through the new year and beyond.