kitten   June 4, 2008

Within a few minutes, the latest tracks will be uploaded and ready for your auditory pleasure. There's quite a lot of new stuff in the mix, but some highlights include Colony 5, Imperative Reaction, and some selections from Nine Inch Nails' newest release, The Slip, which Reznor is giving away for free on his site. I notice he's become quite anti-label as of late, and still bringing in huge numbers of fans and dollars, which says quite a lot about the RIAA's way of doing business. As for myself, I'm looking forward to seeing Peter Murphy when he comes through Atlanta in a month, so check out his tour dates and see if he's coming to your area.

As always, if you or someone you know is a musician in the darkwave or ebm style, and would like some exposure and airtime, email me and let's talk.

kitten   June 3, 2008

Night gripped the throat of the sky like a killer's hand, intimidating all starlight to slink back behind the cover of clouds. I downed the last of the scotch and put the glass on the void expanse of the desk between us.

"I might," I told her, "but you'll have to be playing bigger than that." Her legs crossed and uncrossed beneath her desk, or so I imagined, and after four knocked back, I wasn't in the mood to tell the difference; she'd gotten to me that way, and she knew it.

Shadows played along her face and hair as she moved like poetry around the desk and pressed herself against me, with a voice like a steam sauna asking "How much bigger?", ruby pouting lips and hipbones in all the right places. So I did the only thing I could do. Shoved her off me and stood up, grabbed my coat from the wall hanger. Her eyes smoldered as she glared at me from the couch, running her hands down her dress.

"You want this done right," I said, "then it's strictly professional." Keyed the door and let it swing aside. "And if you don't," I continued, turning to step out, "you'll wish you hadn't ever asked."

"That'd make two of us," she said, standing, once again her poise in place. "And I didn't ask."

At that I paused, and made the fatal eye contact she'd been awaiting. "I never ask," she said, "I do. I take."

And sensing that was as good a line on which to leave as any, I stepped out, the door thudding heavy behind me. The elevator to the lobby was quick enough to spare me any thought, but the rainy streets ahead weren't so kind.

kitten   June 1, 2008

I saw her smile once in visions introspectively; the type of smile made me abandon reason and reality, willingly, in favor of fantasy and whimsy, well aware that sensuality was desiring futility and responsiblity would be acceptance of such a strange normality but then again, how could my own desire take me higher than scintillating words wrought over wire as she's blessed me in time of yearning always burning, vacant need she'll hear no more, turning blindly to the hope I offer crumbled on the floor. Still her fire I admire and I promise an empire she and I could build together if only wishes were fulfilled; beneath a sky of steel I ask the Moirae to reveal in their wheel a thread between us I can grasp and hold forever longing fast to wishes not so far-flung cast becoming somewhat less surreal. If such prayers are ever known to those who watch and hear my song perhaps with mercy they will find me next to her whom I belong.