kitten   December 28, 2007

You're such a bad idea; I miss you all wrong. Wake up shaking, your name glowing in phosphor, spelled out in pixels; you were an absinthe fairy, a silver angel, with your fingers to my lips. It's okay, you tell me. And it's not okay; it's beautiful. It's ours. It's what we might have had.

Giving in.
kitten   December 19, 2007

Maybe it wasn't meant to be this way, but then again, perhaps it was; who am I, in the end, to make such declarations? I've always had a silent prayer, atheist that I am, that the universe will unfold as it should. I feel that is as close as I can really get to petitioning a higher power for those things I know should be, but aren't. The tendons in your pale neck stand out against the highlights in your hair as you swivel your gaze, and I've tried so hard to resist the smile, wondering if it was ever meant for me. I may never know if the universe, cold and empty and filled with things fantastic beyond my reasoning, will ever hear my quiet longing, and, in a cruel symmetry, I may never know if your smile, endearing and sweet and twisted, is meant for someone like me. But I do know this: resisting you is futile, and I see no reason I should try.

kitten   December 18, 2007

Your shoes are carbon-gray, white laces and soles. I know this because, as you approach and sit next to me on the damp curb, stretching your legs out in front of you, I look at your shoes. The things you're about to say to me in tones heavy with understanding aren't what I want to hear at all. In faith, it's clear you aren't going to say these things out of malice, but I have the whole speech etched into my mind already, before the sounds escape your beautiful lips; know the reasons you'll give, the jokes you'll make, the coy sighs you'll offer. It has tumbled through me a dozen times over before this moment, pieced together, I suppose, from all that I know about you, which is, I think, more than others. And so when you start speaking, voice low and sweet and mean, I look at your shoes, the asphalt, the lamp post, anywhere but into your eyes.

kitten   December 16, 2007

This rollout is mostly singles from all over, and I've tried to keep the focus on songs that are, either originally or by remix, heavy on female vocals. In a genre dominated by male singers, it's nice to get that variety. You may recognize Diskonnekted, Psyche, and of course Iris, among all the tracks currently making their way to the server.

I've been getting a huge influx of promotional music as well; thanks to all of you who have been sending me these albums and gear. I'll be unleashing a few at a time for your aural enjoyment. This week, keep an ear out for Mindless Faith's industrial electronic sound, and Endless Shame brings us synthpop that reminds me of some early Depeche Mode. More to come from more new artists in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

kitten   December 10, 2007

Please, question my avoiding, and restraint of feelings. Your words are subtext, showing perhaps vulnerability of speaking, but maybe a fear answers for me over truth; that holding of secrets offers silence, knowing me through seeing, possibly, words unspoken. Your lips upon skin, skin upon lips, your unspoken words possibly seeing through me -- knowing silence offers secrets of holding that truth over me, for answers fear a "maybe". But speaking of vulnerability, perhaps showing subtext: are words your feelings of restraint, and avoiding my question, please?