kitten   August 18, 2007

You can tell that the guy from mind in a box used to compose video game music for a living. Still, a lot of their work is pretty conceptual, and in keeping with the album-sifting I've been doing lately, you'll find plenty of their work in rotation now. They have a new album coming out in September entitled Crossroads, so keep an eye out for it as you'll likely be hearing it here, too. Along with Neuroticfish and Assemblage 23, there are about three hours' worth of singles I've picked up here, there, and everywhere.

To the Atlanta crew (if the rest of you will permit me a brief aside?): I have it on good authority that the S4 space will be re-opening soon -- October or possibly earlier. Which will be a blessing as the scene is in some serious need. In the meantime Haujobb is rolling into the Masq in Septemeber, and Mr LaPlegua will be hosting his das Bunker event around the same time, so we've all got things to which we can look forward.