Ubuntu: Ready For The Desktop
kitten   November 22, 2006

This post contains a lot of babbling about Linux, Windows, and nerdy discussions about the merits of both. You may find it interesting, but if such things hold absolutely no appeal to you, move along. You've been warned.


Revolution by night.
kitten   November 20, 2006

Dime-store pulp; that's what we offer around here. Speeding along curves of doubt and remorse and wending into abstractations best left unmentioned, adventures and voyages spanning from the mundane to the fantastic and rife with hyperbolic prose.

A cemetary filled with autumn's dead leaves and the gray chill of a November evening: I can take you there, but by the end, perhaps you'll wish your presence was there in a different way, six feet beneath soil and finally at rest with the solitude so sought in life.

Here and there you've been with me through orbital stations and vector mechanics, psychics and psychosis, breakdowns and revelations. You've seen long twisted tunnels leading nowhere, hearts broken on desert roads, whispers in the void from dying men, and fiery hearts burning city-states to the ground. Civilizations have come and gone, apprentices turned masters, boats and carriages and miles of tundra. There've been laughs, confusion, tears, and outright idiocy. And through it all you've been there, seeing, watching, maybe even understanding.

Imagination isn't an easy place to visit all the time, and for some it's a locale to which it's nearly impossible to get. Hypnosis and drugs and sensual abuse all have their places in getting to those inner parts of the mind, but for a dime I'll take you there.