Forward, the light brigade.
kitten   October 17, 2005

I like to teach. I do. It may surprise you to hear, but it's the truth. Some say that's why I have this job, that opportunity to educate, to discuss things out loud and help others understand while also letting me hash out ideas in a concrete way. But that wouldn't be the truth.

If you ever get the chance to answer questions from a child, I suggest you do it. That's where the satisfaction lies; even if a child doesn't have the background and knowledge to fully understand, each question is an attempt to learn, and they always want to know more, take everything apart, see how it works, and they respect you for helping them do it.

But something changes in the interim years, and no longer are adults concerned with knowledge. They care only for results, as quickly as possible. Their curiosity is deader than disco, to the point where it makes more sense for them to scream until someone feeds them the simple answer than to even try to figure it out for themselves -- and once they have that answer, they have no follow-up, no inquisition, nothing. Just a desire to bottom-line everything without assimilating anything and the next time it happens they'll have zero recollection of what the answer was. Their curiosity has been replaced with impatience and greed, and so teaching them has become a soul-crushing chore rather than a rewarding experience.

Fuck 'em anyway. It's all they deserve.