Executive summary.
kitten   September 16, 2005

< kitten> So what I should do is take like a few of the "best" "stories" I've "written".
< kitten> And record myself reading them aloud.
< kitten> Then sell them to fangirls for 50 bucks a piece.
< bda> ha.
< bda> Do it.
< kitten> Yeah, but which?
< kitten> There was the one about where I was sad about a girl.
< kitten> And the one where a girl made me sad.
< kitten> Also, the one where I was sad, because of a girl.
< kitten> Oh oh, or the one where I'm sad and it turns out that there's some girl, that made me sad.
< kitten> How about that one?
< bda> I remember that one.
< bda> That was good.