Stealing cigarettes from Nineties girls.
kitten   February 24, 2004

Just to demonstrate, as if more demonstration were needed, how my internal clock is on Tokyo time.

Died around 0400 last night while reading Gibson's Pattern Recognition. I've read it before, but I can barely afford to pay attention these days, nevermind buy new books. This time, though, it's alright - Gibson is meant to be read more than once, and I pick up on more with each iteration. Literally fell asleep while reading - book still open in the bed next to me - something that almost never happens.

Wake up at 1900. Class at 1100, ends around 1600, and I wake up at 1900. Fantastic. Probably missed the chance to get coffee with a certain someone, too.

Fall out of bed, and somehow manage to find my way to the shower. Shock myself with hot water, though not completely into full awareness. Shave.


Molly is where I left her, sleeping lightly on the bed. Pour some food into her dish, and wonder why the hell she didn't wake me up this morning for breakfast. It is rare she lets me oversleep this much. By ten in the morning she's usually jumping on me and stabbing me in the head.

Online - DSL working for once - to see if I've missed any earth-shaking events. The way my interaction with other humans goes, if the city were on fire, I wouldn't know about it until I checked google news. But today, nothing much has happened.

The headlines, in fact, haven't changed much since the last time I checked, which was when I went to bed.

2000 by this time, and the landscaping clowns are outside with their leafblowers. Why they're doing this at 8 in the evening, I cannot say, but I suspect it's all part of a global conspiracy designed specifically to annoy me. They move along fairly quickly.

Nothing much to do. Watch some Homestar Runner, play some Quake. Crack out Open Office and pretend I'm a writer, as I work on a long-term project codenamed Forty-Eight Minutes Of Crap.

Bryan is supposed to be a part of this project, but predictably, hasn't done much of anything except change the entire document to boldface for some undisclosed reason. He's not online at the moment for me to hassle him about it, though.

Nobody is online, in fact - at least, nobody from this continent. The Germans and some other assorted Europeans are around. I tell them I missed class by waking up nine hours late and get laughed at.

It's 2030 and still light outside. I make a big point of griping that darkness should fall by 5, as is proper.

Before long it's 2100 hours and Lady Night shows no sign of making her appearance. The sky is still a cold steel bowl hung heavy with aluminium clouds and if anything, the brightness has kicked up by several lumens.

Something is very wrong here, and in some distant part of my brain, a gear slowly turns.

I check the atomic clock online. Yes, 9 o'clock, just as I suspected.

Something still isn't quite right.

< kitten> er...
< kitten> What the.
< kitten> It's 9..AM?
< kitten> I'm so confused.
< Torka> Haha.
< kitten> ...guess that means I have to go to class after all.

No, there wasn't a point to any of this except to illustrate my complete lack of chronological sense. Move along.