Saturday Evening
kitten   December 9, 2001

Disclaimer: Now I remember why I don't attempt poetry, ever. I had this idea to make it a song - even had the music swirling around inside my head, but it's not like that will ever happen. Whatever. You've been warned.

You turn away, don't you want to know?
You had me at the point of a gun
Nothing that you could have asked
That I would not have gladly done
For you
Just to keep you beside me
For you
Just to keep you here with me

I said that being with you was like living in a dream
That dream you've now dashed on the rocks and torn out at the seams
You input all your pretty words into my concious stream
And your lies course through my mind like an incandescent scream

And with that comfort came a price
You would easily extract
Yes, my trust was broken long ago
But my hope remained intact
And you
Yeah you took that hope from in my heart
So you
Could have the pleasure of pulling it apart

Sit there at your table
Go on, look out that window
See the darkness through the glass
The nameless people walking past
Dream on - you don't need me
Dream on - you never will
Go on, admit it, yeah you're doing fine
Just admit it to yourself - you won't remember me with time

I can't have escape from you no matter how I scheme
...every word you speak to me still echoes with that theme
You input all the pretty words into my concious stream
And lies spill out from your cheating lips like an electric scream

I still have a dream, a memory
The one thing I know that's true
If I ever had anything at all
I'd sell it to get to you
And today I have but one regret
That as an atheist
I have no Hell that I can wish
Your fucking soul to rest

az 12.08.01, 2120