"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
February 15, 2004

If you know me at all, you know I'm a pretty big Buffy dork, and have been since season one. Angel has been getting better over the last three seasons, and while we really have no idea what the hell Joss was planning on for the end of this season, it was still a pretty decent show (except for this last ep, with the Nazis :), far better than just about anything else on television.

And as always when we're wondering what Buffy or Angel are doing, exactly: In Joss We Trust.

But apparently it's been cancelled, which is poop.

Via Engler, here's a post by The Man Himself, Joss Whedon.

March 7, 2004

Got the DVD box set of the complete Firefly series last week. As I was useless to do anything but passively access media from Friday on (&incrFlu), I decided there were worse things to do than sit in bed and watch some canned television.

Finished it yesterday evening, can't quite recall when. Sometime during the viewing my fever broke, which is a definite selling point to anyone considering purchasing the set.

Going through the series again (in order) just fortified my opinion that it shouldn't have been cancelled. So many questions were left unanswered because Fox has all the taste of a rabid weasel licking acid paper.

However, with the feature film (Serenity) apparently go, we'll get to see a bit more. And, hopefully, the movie will do well and someone will go "Say, maybe you should make a series out of that, Joss."

May 20, 2004

Decent episode, definitely not something I'd have wanted to see the series end on. This season has been sort of wacky anyway, but it was obvious that Joss had something in mind for next season.

Pity we won't get that far.

What the hell is with television networks killing off the only shows I want to watch?

First Space: Above and Beyond, then Farscape, then Firefly. Buffy at least had closure. I think most fans will agree that it ended the way we really wanted it to. I mean, the Scoobies closed the Hellmouth. That pretty much wrapped up the Sunnydale chapter of the story.

Angel was a different sort of story, of course, more about redemption than duty. This finale was a good episode, but not a good ending to the story. Admittedly this was sort of the point, and considering the amount of time the show's crew had to pull it together, I guess I'm pretty happy with it. But still...

At least there was a dragon.

All that's left now is The Shield. and to a lesser degree, Smallville.

August 14, 2004

I keep waiting for FX to pull a Ma Bell and split off into various companies that focus on certain aspects of their original business.


Knowing that somewhere in the world, an episode of Law & Order is playing at any given time, makes the world a little brighter.

January 7, 2005

I tried watching GITS:SAC s2e17 on the plane yesterday, but there was so much freakin' fan service (Motoko wandering around in nothing but tiny panties and a fucking towel draped over her shoulders, then Motoko naked in bed with some Thai kid) that I had to stop.

I was watching anime on a plane.

And I had to stop because I was embarassed.

Such a rockstar.

March 2, 2005
May 22, 2005

The Life & Times of Juniper Lee


And I thought Kim Possible was a blatant Joss Whedon rip-off...

(Of course, I like Kim Possible.)

July 13, 2005

I'd like to propose another Law & Order spin-off: L&0: WTF.

Wimminz Task Force.

It'll be the Girls Gone Wild of L&O.

Dick Wolf: You got my digits. Gimme a ring-a-ding-ding, yo.

July 15, 2005

The guy who does the voice of Zim was in an episode of Kim Possible, playing a villain named "Avarius", whose gimmick was birds, giant birds, or mechanical exploding birds.

He unleashed, check it, a Flamingo of DOOM.


(Yes, I am a nerd.)

March 15, 2006

I noticed last week that Space: Above and Beyond had been released on DVD recently, so of course I had to pick it up...

Imagine my surprise when I popped in the first disc and noticed something very familiar in the menu splash:


(As a sidenote, OS X doesn't let you take a screencap if DVD Player is running. From the GUI that is. There's a handy little program called screencapture, though. ;-)

August 31, 2006

Been sick for... oh. A week. Thankfully I had seasons one and two of Veronica Mars to keep me company. Props to sunfall and robf for suggesting it. While there were a few niggling things that bugged me, the show was thankfully internally consistant, and most of the characters and acting were exceptional.

Veronica Mars is a high school junior in the first season, in the affluent town of Neptune, California. She's still dealing with the murder of her best friend a little over a year ago. Her father got ousted as sherriff for following a path the population didn't agree with, and set up shop as a local PI. Her mom couldn't deal with the pressure, started with the booze, and bolted. There's also a little subplot where she was raped at a party a while back and doesn't know who did it. But Veronica is the kind of girl who isn't just going to figure out the deal, she's going to live that Nemesis line from Snatch without fail.

There are some flaws: The "Am I my ex-boyfriends half-sister?!" subplot was Soap Opera Grade Annoying, but it's one of the few examples of arcing plots that get anywhere near that level. Everything else works and comes together; when it doesn't there's always a good reason why.

There were some parallels with Buffy that I can't decide make me annoyed or if, y'know, I just don't care. What works, works. If it happens to work with a cute blonde girl, well. Here's me being creepy watching high school teen dramas. cough.

<@bda> Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep on my semen-crusted My Little Pony sheets.
<@ecronin> while watching WB teen dramas
* bda coughs, closes MoveableType blog entry window.
<@bda> Guess I won't be posting about that, then.
<@ecronin> hah
<@ecronin> its ok. its like joss crossed with hammet, that's why you watch it...
<@bda> It's too flowery for Hammett.
<@ecronin> now the sweet valley high reruns... that's just creepy

That's actually a pseudo-quote from the director of Brick, talking about how Chandler is more flowery than Hammett. How Marlowe (or any of the proto-dicks that became Marlowe eventually) are underneath mostly nice guys, and enjoy relating the graft and being clever, whereas Hammett's characters play it close to the vest.

Veronica mostly plays it close to the vest, up until the point where yeah, it's time to tell the tale, to get the other guy to fill in the holes. The show also plays it pretty close: At one point, you see Aaron Echolls telling Kendrall to "go to his son's apartment..." Next you see her picking up some hair from Duncan's (Logan Echoll's roommate) shower drain. Later Kendrall "suggests" to Cassidy that they buy the old Kane estate, and later still (much further on in the season) you hear about how Aaron's Oscar statue was found buried in the backyard, covered in Lily Kane's blood with Duncan's DNA found on it as -- in the form of hair. Now, put out like that, it's a pretty clear line that Aaron had Kendrall plant the statue as to create reasonable doubt that the ash tray found in the pool is what was used to kill Lily. Keep in mind that these actions are spread across a dozen or so episodes and no one ever states "the statue was planted! The hair was planted!" or anything of the like. The audience is left to figure it out, which is pretty damn nice.

Anyway, some Buffy parallels:

  • Big Love is a brooding sort of dude, who might be evil sometimes, and you can't have sex with him for some reason (Angel/Duncan)
  • One of the Mini Bads is an eventual Love Interest, also very sarcastic with entertaining mannerisms (Spike/Logan)
  • Protagonist hooks/unhooks with Mini Bad who tries really hard to be a good guy for the sake of the protagonist; mostly fails except when it really matters
  • Protagonist hooks up with an Actual Nice Guy who screws up eventually but is still an Actual Nice Guy (Riley/Leo; for the record, I hated Riley and still do)
  • Nerdy Hacker Chick who gets hotter as the series progresses (Willow/Mac)
  • Protagonist has a single parent (Joyce/Keith; I was afraid they were going to actually kill Keith off in the last episode of s2, a la Joyce's death, but... thankfully not. Keith is one of the best parts of the show)
  • The Mayor

Needless to say in a lot of ways I can see people arguing it's just Buffy without the demons and magic, but I find it hard to care. I had a lot of fun and while it might just be the fever talking, I was pretty into the characters. At the end of s2, where it's entirely possible that Keith Mars has just been blown up, I admit to requiring only the edge of my seat (it was also one of those instances where you know they haven't killed him off, there's no way they could have, but you're still into it enough to have the fear you aren't going to get Keith in anything but a stupid flashback ever again). The arcs were also excellent, and s2 pulled quite a few aspects of the previous season in just when you figured the writers had written them off.

There's a lot of annoying beautiful rich people, and the social commentary is a bit ... skewed and screwy (I grew up outside a real barrio), but again, it's hard to care. The stories are amusing, the characters are great, and like, Kristen Bell is really hot or something? I am absolutely looking forward to season three, wherein I hope that Logan stops being such a freaking rich boy wannabe hoodlum. Also, more Cliff. Cliff is awesome.

February 19, 2007

'Clerks' director takes 'Reaper'


Smith will begin lensing next month on "Reaper," an ABC Television Studio-produced hour about a 21-year-old slacker who ends up becoming Satan's bounty hunter, retrieving souls lost from Hell.

Hey, I remember this show. It was called Brimstone, and it rocked. Or maybe they're going more for a The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo kind of feel?

November 3, 2007

Yay! New Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku show. Ok, sure, on Fox. But seven guaranteed eps. That's something.

The basic idea sounds very similar to the meat puppets in Gibson's Burning Chrome, and what Molly did to pay for her upgrades in the Sprawl books. Whoo, neural shunts and personality overlays.

Still, they could totally pull some The Prisoner shit with Dollhouse if they wanted. ;-)

<kitten`> I was tired of Joss Whedon shows featuring a female character with superhuman martial arts abilities taking on improbable, insumrountable tasks while not being aware of the subtle manipulations of an unknown and sinister nemesis.
<kitten`> Oh, wait.
<bda> bah. :)

I think it is safe to be excited about it, though. Here's hoping, anyway.

February 8, 2008

Best Buy has the Veronica Mars season sets for $17 to $20. Right now.

You should go buy them. If not for yourself, for a friend. Or an enemy you want to lull into a false sense of security (I'd suggest maybe you could get at them while they were engrossed with watching the show, but like, no one is that evil. Not even you. You bastard).

Get them! Cheap!

(Compare to the full sets at either Best Buy or Amazon, which are ~$160. wtf, dudes.)

[link via aab]