"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
July 2, 2007

My family was visiting last week, and Saturday my mom decided it would be fun to go up to Hershey. We are not that big on amusement parks, so we just went on the "Chocolate World Tour." Unsurprisingly it was unadultered corporate propaganda. You get on this little car that goes around a circuit, nominally to discover how chocolate is made, but mainly you are shown how totally awesome Hershey supposedly is. There were singing animatronic cows. Their song was a total rip-off of one of the bits from Little Shop of Horrors. Apt, I thought.

It was entertaining taking a road trip like we did when I was a kid. We ate at a good diner outside Hershey (Kreiders), discovered that Hershey was going to be outsourcing its chocolate production to China (hilarious), and drove around Lancaster looking for Amish and not finding them (it's pretty sad when your philosophy becomes a tourist attraction).

That morning, my razr died on me twice. It tends to only do that when I'm using it, so some might suggest it's not that big of a deal. We had to go up 76 to get to Hershey, which goes through King of Prussia, which has a Big Freakin' Mall and an Apple Store. I asked if anyone minded if we stopped there and I ran inside to see if I could get a new phone.

I was in the Apple Store for perhaps five minutes. One of the reps intercepted me, went back and got a 4G iPhone for me, and I was out the door. Didn't even wait in line.

Nine hours later, when I got home, I started the activation process. It took about two and a half hours.

< solios> I think we should start a pool on how long it takes you to bitkata your phone.
<@bda> >:|

So far I am happy enough with it. I am slowly becoming proficient with the keyboard (which is however totally useless when you are in a car; I imagine it would be just as hard to use when walking). rjbs noted yesterday that the key buttons do not change case when you press shift/caps.

Many common features are missing, but that is well-documented elsewhere. No doubt featurelack will be addressed in coming updates.

I've managed to crash the mail app a few times (with OpenBSD security and system check cron mail of all things -- it is all plaintext!). The maps app could be a little better, I think, but overall is pretty nice. It needs a reset button, or a more obvious one if such does exist.

I really wish you could tell Safari to constrain a website to the size of the screen. Lots of pages I would read are text-only. Zooming in to something legible and then having to scroll left and right half a dozen times to read a line is very tedious.

Since it's just a 4G model, it took me over an hour to fill it with music. All my previous iPods have had enough space to house my entire music collection. This, though, I ended up dumping albums and then pruning them from a playlist. It's still a little bloaty, but eh.

I do not think it will be difficult to relegate my iPod to bag residence and keep the iPhone alone in my pocket for music purposes. I just need to get a little smarter about it (maybe start rating and build a smart playlist keyed off rating for n size or something).

Anyway. It is a neat little device.

And yes, I said I wasn't going to get a Rev A. But I seem to say that about a lot of Apple kit I end up getting. Mmf.