"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
February 23, 2004

10:28 <@ralfiboy> sweet ... www.cray-cyber.org
10:29 < bda> That sounds less than safe for work.
10:29 <@ralfiboy> crusty old hardware makes me happy.
10:31 < bda> I'm having unhappy thoughts about that URL and that statement, Andrew.

March 7, 2004

03:16 <bda> How's it going with that girl?
03:16 <kitten> What do you think I've been doing for the past three nights?
03:16 * bda pauses.
03:16 <kitten> ...that was unintentional.
03:17 <kitten> Shut up.

March 29, 2004

This is moments after kitten spends ten minutes bitching about people using their desktop to store useless shit for long periods of time. And giving me crap for having two dirs on it since last night.

15:33 <kitten> If I could make Firefox do the little navigation clicks like IE
does, I'd make it my default browser.
15:35 <bda> ..."navigation clicks"?
15:35 <bda> You mean make noise?
15:35 <kitten> It makes a little "click" noise, yes.
15:35 <kitten> Default in 2k and XP.
15:35 <kitten> But I've had it set that way since Win95, before I even knew you.
15:35 <bda> ..and that's what's keeping you from using a technically superior and actually updated browser..
15:35 <kitten> So I'm used to it and not having it is really disconcerting.
15:35 <bda> And you're bitching about how OTHER people use computers.
15:35 <kitten> Heh.
15:35 <kitten> Screw.


June 17, 2004

Abigail is giving this talk, but I'm sitting in the Alpaca talk by Tad McClellan.

14:20 < dha> for a second there, I thought abigail said "fictional programming"
14:21 <@bda> dha: That's the sort of code *I* write.
14:21 < dha> bda - you mean you *think* you write
14:22 <@bda> Touche.

Yay for #yapc.

July 9, 2004

09:40 < vai> bda: also - if you're running windows machines inside - get the MS baseline sec. analyser.
09:41 <@bda> The what?
09:41 < vai> it can audit yer net for the known holes
09:41 <@ejp> the what?
09:41 <@ejp> bah, fuck that. just secure the perimiter.
09:41 <@bda> vai: In Real Network Administration, that's called "snort".
09:41 < vai> bda: it get windows patches. and fixes.
09:41 < vai> snort doesn't
09:41 <@ejp> I put a nice hard Unix shell around the soft GUI center.
09:42 <@bda> Heh.
09:42 <@bda> ejp++

July 10, 2004

* rjbs ponders abusing Inline::Files
* bda calls the Module Abuse Hotline.
< rjbs> Show us where the programmer touched you.
< mrsolo> no no
< mrsolo> keep xs to youself

(I sense a "PERL ISA BUS" meme coming on.)

December 25, 2004

<bda> Er. I hear popping noises coming from downstairs.
<bda> And from downstairs it's coming from the ceiling. Fucking loud to be mice.
<bda> I'd like to know what this noise is.
<bda> It's tweakin' me out.
<Danelope> It's fucking SANTA CLAUS.
<Danelope> Scuttling through your crawlspace.
<Danelope> Waiting for an opportune moment to descend from the air ducts and punch a hole through your skull with his secondary set of mandibles.
<Danelope> And feast on the meaty goodness inside.
<Danelope> HO HO HO.

Either it's Santa or the squibs...

December 29, 2004

< mdxi> anyone care to pin down avril what'sherface's musical style more specifically than "post-punk lamer"?
<@bda> "pop emo punk I wanna put my dick in it"
< mdxi> two thumbs up

January 21, 2005

08:58 -!- Irssi: Starting query in moo with kitten
08:58 <kitten> SYN
08:59 <bda> ACK
08:59 <kitten> sup.
08:59 <bda> Awake.
08:59 <bda> Not happy about it.
08:59 <kitten> I don't want to be awake.
08:59 <kitten> haha.
08:59 <bda> Heh.

January 22, 2005

01:09 <@bda> http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/38867.htm
01:14 <@dragorn> interesting
01:14 <@bda> The State of New York City.
01:14 <@bda> Or State of Lesser New York?
01:15 <@bda> Or simply, the City.
01:15 <@dragorn> somehow i don't see it happening
01:16 <@dragorn> but it's an interesting idea
01:16 <@dragorn> I'm sure seceding isn't as easy as the town council saying "we don't wanna"
01:16 <@bda> It'd be a first step into the eventual breakdown of the republic.
01:16 <@bda> Reverting to a bunch of city-states...
01:16 <@bda> Easier for corporations to control.
01:16 * bda sips his gin.
01:17 <@dragorn> Thats for that wonderful view into the futue
01:17 <@dragorn> future
01:17 <@dragorn> I hope I drop dead of an aneurism before then
01:17 <@bda> Don't you want to live the cyberpunk life?
01:18 <@bda> Doping just to get through the day, hacking because you can't sleep, in what can only be described as a destructive relationship with some non-technical female. But then, what relationship *isn't* destructive when the light is like powder, getting in under the doors, and the geodesics generate their own weather..

01:47 <@bda> pfctl: DIOCSETSTATUSIF: Invalid argument
01:47 <@bda> oo
01:47 <@bda> This is the second machine I've had do this.
01:47 <@bda> Only this one is a fresh install.
01:47 < solios> they should call it Megacity One. :|
01:47 <@bda> oh wait
01:47 < solios> fagbot: doot for bda's pfctl speshulness.
01:47 < solios> seems like it.
01:47 < solios> bda: <3
01:48 <@bda> ok
01:48 <@bda> ext_if = "CHANGEME"
01:48 <@bda> I'm stupid
01:48 <@bda> But that's a dumb error.
01:48 <@ejp> heh
01:48 <@bda> Gin++
01:49 <@bda> Hard to drunk, fuck you up right.
01:49 <@ejp> fagbot: doot for gin vs pf
01:50 <@bda> SAVING ROLL

January 23, 2005

Michelle Sipics: do i cook
Michelle Sipics: do i fix my laptop
Michelle Sipics: or do i do homework.
Bryan Allen: What are you cooking? What's wrong with your laptop?
Bryan Allen: Does your homework involve taking naked pictures of yourself and posting them on the Interweb?
Michelle Sipics: potato cheese soup, and the bootloader got f'd up when i installed fedora.
Michelle Sipics: which was back before the latest release anyway, so i want to reinstall.
Michelle Sipics: and no.
Bryan Allen: I will refrain from making disparaging comments about Red Hat products.
Michelle Sipics: eh
Michelle Sipics: it was there. it was easy
Bryan Allen: That's what the first necrophiliac said.

January 26, 2005

< y0shi> 2 weeks ago, my boss got yanked off the project. now his boss is getting pulled as well
< y0shi> on the plus side, i report to a small stuffed monkey that hangs from the light fixture in my office. he said i could go home early

January 27, 2005

< armega> how can i find the path of a program in open bsd?
< bda> which
< armega> oidentd
< reverse> which
< armega> ?
< bda> This is like that bad joke.
< bda> That just goes on and on until someone shoots the person who asked.


<@dhartmei> http://get.a.clue.de/Fun/helpdesk.html
< armega> omg..
< armega> thanks dhartmei :) thats actually a help page

February 19, 2005

<@bda> Mm. Ciara.
<@javaman> ?
<@javaman> is that like cialas?
<@bda> Hottie chick singer.
<@bda> Well...
<@javaman> oh
<@bda> In one sense, perhaps.
<@javaman> ha!

March 14, 2005

<kitten-> sigh.
<kitten-> I uak a
<kitten-> I have wax all over my hands now,
<bda> Wax.
<bda> What the fuck?
<kitten-> I'm playing with this candle.
<bda> Why are you playing with a candle at work?
<kitten-> Because I can.
<bda> I guess you've got me there.

March 24, 2005

<@bda> Hm. My MacMini should be delivered on Monday.
<@ecronin> front and catherine is it?
<@bda> Quiet, you.
<@eniac> it actually arrived two days ago, I'll get it to you tomorrow
* bda releases the hounds.
<@ecronin> I'll just go to the depot tonight, they have pretty lax security while unloading
<@ralfiboy> UPS always leaves stuff without getting a signature around my neighborhood.
<@bda> They almost did that with my LCD.
<@bda> I was not happy.
<@ralfiboy> i got a doorman, kinda.
<@ralfiboy> i pay a bum to make his mark for my shit.
<@bda> By what, pissing on it?
<@ralfiboy> hey, whatever works.
<@bda> Explains why you don't want anyone in your apartment at any rate.
<@ralfiboy> no no ... it only begins to explain that matter.
<@bda> One of these days someone's gonna manage to get in there and find the lampshades all made out of skin and shit.
<@ralfiboy> it was collectible!

March 27, 2005

<@rjbs> I am ready for EASTER FOOD
* bda is ready for EASTER WOW.
<@rjbs> mine is more delicious
<@bda> No arguments there.
<@rjbs> if you jack a car now, you could be in ABE in time for lamb
<@bda> But I don't have to shower, shave, and put on nice clothes for WoW.
<@bda> WoW accepts for me for the smelly slob I am.
* rjbs will be wearing a t-shirt.
<@bda> It doesn't judge me.
<@bda> I can say stuff like "It's amazing how much poop I can poop" when I come back from the bathroom and WoW won't get disgusted and make me sleep on the couch.

March 31, 2005

00:22 -!- grant_ [~grant@cpe-67-9-128-20.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #openbsd
00:23 < grant_> hey guys, i've got a quick question. i'm trying to install 3.7 via ftp, and every ftp mirror i have tried so far doesn't have actual packages in its 3.7/ path, every mirror so far only has a copy of the ftp server list in there instead
00:24 < grant_> can anyone suggest a mirror that actually has the 3.7 install set?
00:24 * bda checks the date.
00:24 -!- SBrick98 [~unknown@www.sbrickey.net] has joined #OpenBSD
00:27 < daftpunk> i know grant
00:27 < daftpunk> not even ftp.openbsd.org has it
00:27 < grant_> ah man, so no luck installing via ftp?
00:27 < grant_> or http even it seems
00:28 < Daowee> #^$&@! stupid via nic
00:29 < bda> grant_: Actually, OpenBSD has merged with DragonflyBSD. You can get the latest sources from Dragonfly's FTP servers.
00:30 < Daowee> i heard that you could only get it by email because of.. some political reason
00:31 < daftpunk> wtf is DragonflyBSD
00:32 < Daowee> nsa codeword for the open version of openbsd
00:32 < daftpunk> lol
00:32 * bda chortles.

April 14, 2005

< solios> I aim for the stars, but sometimes I hit London.
< solios> - Wernher Von Braun
< solios> :D
<@bda> hahaha. That's awful.

April 17, 2005

* waltman just learned something new about latex
< SWinder> ?
< waltman> oops, LaTeX :)
< waltman> silly caps :)
< SWinder> oh. not as interested now.

April 24, 2005

<kitten> Goddammit.
<kitten> I suck at the internet.

May 3, 2005

<Danelope> Hahaha.
<bda> Clicking that link can't be good for my mental state.
<bda> I hate you.
<bda> I hate you so much.

May 5, 2005

<@rjbs> my new phone is not the worst thing ever
<@bda> It it powered by the distilled essence of evil midgets?
<@rjbs> unknown
<@bda> That's sort of an important thing to know, Rik.
<@bda> What is it?
< vai> well - midgets yes. Evil is a character judgment tho.
<@rjbs> motorola v180
<@bda> Is that the one ejp was whining about the other day?
<@rjbs> yes
<@bda> You infertile?
<@rjbs> right
<@rjbs> unknown
<@rjbs> nothing tastes any different
<@bda> hahaha
< vai> erm.

May 8, 2005

<kitten> Tom's big plan is to yell, when you see Vader for the first
time, "Holy SHIT, you mean Anakin is Vader?!"
<bda> Hahaha.
<bda> Tom is the awesomest cockhead I know.
<kitten> It takes skill to be that much of an ass, yes.
<kitten> I wish I had some cookies with this coffee.
<kitten> That'd be nice.
<kitten> Why do starfighters have to have a droid?
<kitten> I've never understood that.
<bda> Navigation. Mobile repair.
<bda> I guess?
<kitten> Why not just have an onboard computer?
<bda> They have.
<bda> And, I don't know.
<bda> It's scifi.
<bda> And not very well thought-out scifi.
<bda> Take what you can get.
<kitten> It's space opera. :P
<bda> Ignore the rest. :P
<bda> Quite so.
<bda> So why ask stupid questions?
<kitten> I dunno.
<kitten> I like cookies.
<bda> Cookies *are* good.

May 9, 2005

< $foo> my wife is upstairs. on her eMac, which is running the leaked Tiger GM. running a cracked copy of VPC, on which is installed a pirated Win2K image. i say "what're you doin'?". she says "tryin' to crack somethin'!"
< $foo> i'm married to a 14 year-old male

May 13, 2005

<@javaman> hi
<@bda> Not a fan of this awake thing.
<@javaman> are you ever?
<@bda> No.
<@bda> Never ever.
<@ralfiboy> maybe you're doing it wrong ?
<@bda> A possiblity I cannot deny.
<@javaman> did you ever try getting up on the OTHER side of the bed?
<@bda> javaman: My bed is against the wall. I could go out the window but I doubt this would lighten my mood at all.
<@bda> Nothing says "right side of the bed" like broken legs.
<@javaman> well
<@javaman> you will look back on those other days in longing.
< hhoffman> be sure to get a video if that happens... we'll submit to Americas Funniest Home Videos ;-)
<@bda> hhoffman: Make sure I call you a cockhead at least three times today.

May 16, 2005

< mdxi> http://jobs.perl.org/job/2611
<@ejp> ...
<@ejp> it's like every indie music joke and every programmer joke ALL AT ONCE

May 24, 2005

<bda> I got hotdogs, buns, and chili.
<bda> You would think I would make chilidogs.
<bda> But you'd be wrong.
<Danelope> <bda> I made chili sandwiches and put the hotdogs down my pants.
<Danelope> <bda> All 18 of them.
<Danelope> <bda> I'd hang my head in shame if I had any but I don't.
<Danelope> <bda> Instead I have hotdogs.

May 25, 2005

* waltman was just elected vice president of the csgsc
< hhoffman> csgsc?
< solios> sounds nerdy.
<@javaman> it is
< waltman> computer science grad student council
<@javaman> hey, is there free coffee there?
<@ralfiboy> no, but they have palindromes.

<bda> via sanguish@themaxx.
<kitten-> Gay.
<bda> You suck.
<bda> It's funny.
<bda> Especially for some fuckass like you who hates Macs anyway. :)
<kitten-> I don't hate them.
<kitten-> In fact I quite like them.
<kitten-> I just dont' see the need to jerk off about them.
<bda> Well, if you did, now you have one that is also a tissue dispenser.
<kitten-> I hate you.
<kitten-> I walked right into that.
<bda> :)

June 7, 2005

Blame solios for the freakin' /. link.

< mdxi> Dear OpenOffice:
< mdxi> Fuck You.
< mdxi> everyone knows why OOo isn't on OS X yet.
< mdxi> because no one has bothered to make it be
< mdxi> everyone is busy charging $35 for their dashboard widgets

Hear, hear.

June 8, 2005

<@andyg> anybody around? what's the best way to detect what engine you're running under?
< bda> [Wed Jun 8 20:16:33 2005] [catalyst] [debug] Loaded engine "Catalyst::Engine::Apache::MP13::Apreq"
< bda> ?
<@andyg> from within the code I mean
<@andyg> I'm writing a plugin that I want to have disable itself if it's under HTTP::Daemon
< bda> Check to see where that debug msg is generated?
* bda has no idea, obviously.
< HCoyote> checking $c->engine looks like it returns the current engine
< bda> haha.
<@andyg> oh nice
< bda> Shit, things aren't allowed to be that easy.
< HCoyote> well ... I had to read the perldoc for Catalyst.
< bda> HCoyote: Go back and find the obfuscated method name hidden under six layers of crap.
< HCoyote> (for that ... no idea if it works)
< bda> haha.
< bda> Goddamnit!
< purl> somebody said goddamnit was where the fuck is dorian's martini?
< bda> Sane AND documented!
<@andyg> :)
< HCoyote> now, if it tells you whether you're running on a shitty v6 or a hemi v8 ... I"ll be impressed.
< HCoyote> I've been told I have a knack for finding weird, not-very-obvious shit like that.
< bda> haha.

June 24, 2005

<kitten-> I imagine it's typical Hollywood schlock that could have been spewed from the Powerbook of the laziest hack in a matter of hours.
<bda> So I wrote it.
<kitten-> You're not a hack.
<kitten-> You *aspire* to be a hack.
<bda> Hah.
<bda> Wait...
<bda> That sucks.
<kitten-> Burn.

July 6, 2005

<@sri> http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/06/228251 # :/
< chr2s> sri: cat needs some killer apps.
* bda is totally working on one! :P
< bda> "killer" in the sense of "OMG KILL IT WITH FIRE", anyway.
< chr2s> hahaha

July 8, 2005

< fitzzz> get yourself a copy of Cryptonomicon bda
< fitzzz> 7$ on amazon
< bda> fitzzz: I just finished re-reading Crypto for the fourth or fifth time. :)
< bda> Stephenson++
-!- da5id [~da5id@port145.ds1-op.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #catalyst


July 9, 2005

<@bda> iTMS doesn't have shit for Bach.
<@bda> ah!
<@bda> Search for composer and not artist.
<@rjbs> yes. bach as artist would be amazing.
<@bda> And highly unlikely!
< mdxi> they could dig him up, put him in a bag, and throw it at an organ keyboard

July 15, 2005

< bda> Not being able to edit comments in trac is kinda driving me nuts.
< omega> lol
< omega> make a new one p
< omega> :p
< bda> It's just a formatting error.
< bda> I need to just start using preview. ;-)
< bda> Instead of licking sqlite.
< wdh> it being friday doesn't help
< wdh> nothing goes right on fridays
< bda> Days don't mean much to me anymore.
< bda> I just sit around my apartment writing Perl, venturing out only to
purchase little frenchbread pizza things at the Wawa down the
< bda> I shoot off updates and questions to my manager, who ignores them,
and I grow fat and covered in Cheetos dust.
* bda is turning into the thing he hates!
< wdh> it could be worse
< bda> It could be dust from those green Doritos?
< wdh> exactly :)

July 20, 2005

< eniac> sup
< bda> Breaking in the new chair with my ass.
< eniac> nice
< bda> It could be better. It could be giving me a rimjob and rubbing my back. But then I'd have just bought Harry's chair model.
< bda> :D
< eniac> hrm
< eniac> if it could cook dinner after all that...
< bda> I'd have to marry it? :P

<Danelope> "But because Washington is one of 17 states that does not outlaw bestiality, having sex with a horse is not a crime and his death will not be investigated."
<bda> He had ANAL SEX with a HORSE?!
<bda> The world is broken. Reboot it please.
<Danelope> No, Bryan, he didn't "have anal sex with a horse".
<Danelope> He was fucked to death in the ass by a horse.
<Danelope> Not only was he gay, but he was gay...FOR HORSES.
<Danelope> It's important to have perspective when these sorts of things happen.
<bda> Requiring perspective on people getting fucked by horses on purpose is about the last thing I thought I would need when I left the house this morning.

July 21, 2005

Here's some totally unexpected weirdness:

From: Michail Vicente
Date: July 21, 2005 9:00:26 AM EDT
To: misc@openbsd.org

OpenBSD developer survey.

Sorry for using this mailing list but we are a team of researchers from the ENST (the engineering school of telecommunication of Paris), and we are doing a sociological survey on OpenBSD in order to better understand the community.
After a qualitative study and several interviews with French developers, we want to extend this study to the whole community by sending a questionnaire.
Answering to the following questionnaire will take about 15 minutes and will be very helpful to us.

Results of this survey will be treated on a statistical basis, so they will remain anonymous. They will be published on a free accessible website as soon as they are ready.

[lots of questions.]

And as always Riku was there with the commentary:

<@rjbs> From hacker-inquiries@ot3.scientology.org
<@rjbs> [ ] Compile support for religious technology?

Boy, I can't wait for some of the replies. ;-)

July 28, 2005

On Alien Vs. Predator.

< solios> the spikey blonde chick looks too much like my friend Mike.
<@bda> ...
<@ejp> ...
< solios> similar face.
< solios> mike's built like mister burns.
<@bda> Like listening to you bitch about movies we've all seen and already bitched about isn't bad enough, Dan.
<@ejp> you gotta go say fucked up shit like that.
< solios> <3

My favorite part is still the facehugger bullet time.


<@bda> He's a good actor.
<@bda> I just dunno he's Johnny Cash.
< solios> only man that can do Cash is dead.
<@bda> Yes.
<@bda> Well.
<@bda> :\
<@ejp> o_O
<@ejp> your people's...fanatic devotion to Cash is disturbing
<@bda> ejp: Cash is Good.
< solios> ejp: he's an Icon.
< solios> like Thompson.
< solios> (also dead)
< solios> :|
<@ejp> who?
<@bda> Hunter S.
<@ejp> oh
* solios sighs.
* ejp shrugs
<@bda> One day when you grow up, after your voice changes and hair starts growing in odd places, you will start to understand.
<@bda> ;-)
< solios> <3
<@ejp> you're just *askin* for a wangslap
< solios> bda: the boy clearly needs to get laid.
<@bda> At least there won't be no hair in it.
< solios> pwn.

But according to imdb, Phoenix learned to play guitar from scratch for the film, and did all the songs himself (no dubbing). From the trailer, it sounds like he hit it dead on... and that sort of dedication to acting puts him up there with bad-ass actors like Christian Bale (The Machinist) willing to go to lengths for a part.

Of course, Bale may just be fucking nuts.

July 29, 2005

<@ejp> drunken programming never turns out well.
< esch> heh.
<@bda> Lies. I code much more gooder sloshed.
<@ejp> it's been pretty well proven
<@ejp> I've seen your code bryan.
<@bda> Not recent code.
<@ejp> bda: yeah I have, I hacked your gibson.
<@bda> ejp:
<@bda> [root@gibson]:[~]# w
<@bda> 8:30PM up 3 days, 12:32, 1 user, load averages: 0.08, 0.09, 0.08
<@bda> root p0 hyperion 8:30PM 0 w
<@bda> Hmm...
<@ejp> bda: I'm THAT 31337!
<@bda> OH NOEZ
<@bda> cookie
<@bda> cookie
<@bda> cookie
<@bda> cookie

August 9, 2005

< bda> gah. Spam: "get some tail without strings". First thought: "Why would you use tail if you aren't after strings?"
< c0ffee> nerd
< bda> Seriously.
<[?] Ticho> :>
< c0ffee> next time think something like 'nah, my gf already now complains i don't fit completly in'
< bda> boo.

August 15, 2005

< tokage> elite
< tokage> after 3 days of more or less constant work, target's UI works with our platform
< tokage> now i just need to find a teeshirt that says "i am not a developer"
< tokage> so this never happens again!
< tokage> especially jave/soap/.NET integration bullshit
< tokage> i feel like an elephant had sex in my mouth

August 21, 2005

<@bda> waltman: img linky
<@waltman> is this a still from the horse fucking video?
<@bda> No.
<@bda> It's the hot girl from Mythbusters.
<@waltman> i'm afraid to look at it
<@bda> In a plaid skirt.
<@bda> With Wolverine claws.
<@waltman> oh sure, you tell me that
<@bda> I need to go change my boxers.
<@bda> brb.
<@waltman> you know, my fantasies of her generally don't involve her having foot-long steel claws
<@bda> I'm strangely okay with it.

August 26, 2005

< mdxi> mmmmmm. leftover bread from eclipst di sol
< mdxi> it's almost like a brioche, moist and sweet, but it is, i think, a bit too eggy and doesn't have the dense crumb of a brioche
* bda extends pinky finger, sips Mt Dew.
< mdxi> philistines!
< mdxi> jebus i can't type/spell today
<@bda> Fucker, I'm a Phillystine.

August 30, 2005

< xeno> the main levee in nola burst a bit ago
< mdxi> "Biloxi mayor: 'This is our tsunami'"
< mdxi> uh-huh
< xeno> yeah, very poorly chosen phrase
< xeno> compare >100 people to almost 1/4 million
< vai> ... great and furious suck.
< esch> xeno: my response to that was simply, "Ouch."
< mdxi> drove my chevy to the levee / but the lehrblubrblrblurblubrlublurhluglub

August 31, 2005

<@sri> http://www.io2technology.com/ # eeep, WANT!!!1
<@sri> really wonder how it works
< bda> sri: Welcome to your cyberpunk future!
< omega> sweeet
<@gabb> It's the time of the day when sri is reading his techgeek news.
<@sri> indeed
<@sri> heliodisplay will rule the world
<@sri> it even works interactive as a touch screen
<@gabb> Price tag ?
<@sri> 18k
< bda> haha.
< bda> There are videos.
<@sri> 28k for a 41inch one
<@gabb> That's not too expensive.
<@gabb> At the university labs I work at we got smartboards that cost 10k.
<@gabb> 10k for the smartboard + another 10k for the NEC vertical beamer, then I rather get myself this thing.
<@sri> and it's just a preview product
<@sri> they are working with "big enterprises" and military on mass market stuff
<@gabb> The military application video rocks.
< bda> Eh.
< bda> It isn't interactive. It just spins a tank around.
* bda wanted to see them simulate a targeting system. :)
* gabb watches bda asking for the GUI from "hackers".
<@gabb> ;D
< bda> "Type cookie, you moron!"

September 2, 2005

<@bda> http://edition.cnn.com/2005/US/09/02/nagin.transcript/
<@bda> And one of the things people -- nobody's talked about this. Drugs flowed in and out of New Orleans and the surrounding metropolitan area so freely it was scary to me, and that's why we were having the escalation in murders. People don't want to talk about this, but I'm going to talk about it.
<@bda> You have drug addicts that are now walking around this city looking for a fix, and that's the reason why they were breaking in hospitals and drugstores. They're looking for something to take the edge off of their jones, if you will.
<@bda> And right now, they don't have anything to take the edge off. And they've probably found guns. So what you're seeing is drug-starving crazy addicts, drug addicts, that are wrecking havoc. And we don't have the manpower to adequately deal with it. We can only target certain sections of the city and form a perimeter around them and hope to God that we're not overrun.
<@solios> \o/
<@solios> I like how huge parts of the PD aren't showing up for work.
<@waltman> i read somewhere where it's against federal law for the army to be doing police work
<@waltman> that's why we have a fucking national guard
<@bda> The Army, yes.
<@solios> we shipped the guard to Iraq, Walt.
<@ralfiboy> to feed the zombies?
<@waltman> or at least HAD one, before dubya sent them all off to iraq
<@bda> It's sort of like the CIA operating locally. :P
<@solios> which is in part why the mayor wants martial law.
<@bda> Yeah.
<@solios> since the PD can't deal.
<@waltman> feed fucking dubya's brain to the fucking zombies.
<@bda> WTG N00B prez lolz
<@waltman> if they can find it
<@bda> waltman: Not much of a meal.
<@ralfiboy> those zombies will be going hungry.
<@solios> waltman: that's like those expensiveass restaurants where you pay 9000$ a plate for a blade of grass from tazmania.

September 5, 2005

<@gabb> WTF: http://www.pjchmiel.com/photo/food/cdiner-cheesesteak.jpg
< abraxxa> stop talking 'bout food, i'm hungry!
<@gabb> You eat such stuff ???
< bda> Totally.
<@purl> GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!1!
< bda> Mmm. Taters.
<@gabb> Taters = Potatoes ?
< abraxxa> looks awful!
< bda> Gag you with a pound of beef, cheese, and bread, bitches!
< bda> Fucking tasty is what it is.

September 9, 2005

<@bda> Where are we doing food?
<@john> in your mouth
<@bda> wtf :(
<@john> hehe
<@bda> I am not mdxi.
<@john> I do not know
<@john> I figured we would pick you up on the way wherever
<@bda> I'm down with Vietnam Palace.
<@john> where are you?
<@bda> 34th & Chestnut.
<@john> that's fine with me
<@bda> Or 34th & Market.
<@bda> Either one. :P
<@john> ok, I can probably find the latter
<@john> so
<@john> we'll call you when we are on our way, find you, find parking by VP and eat
<@bda> Chestnut is one block south of Market.
<@john> sound good?
<@john> oh ok
<@bda> VP is near you.
<@rjbs> I'd like to go someplace with, like, burgers and fries or someting.
<@bda> Oh.
<@bda> New Deck.
<@rjbs> I'm not feeling excited about exotic food.
<@rjbs> Wait, was there a previous decision?
<@bda> They have good chili too.
<@john> bda, oh, is it the place across the street?
<@rjbs> oh
<@bda> john: Yes.
<@rjbs> Vietnam Palace is fine.
<@john> oh jeez
<@rjbs> seriously
<@john> nah
<@bda> New Deck is near here. :)
<@john> I've been there
<@john> yeah ND
<@rjbs> OK
<@john> is my vote
<@bda> ACK
<@rjbs> SYN
<@john> ?
<@john> SVK
<@rjbs> SUCK
<@bda> DONG
<@john> WITH
<@bda> It's good that none of us are members of IETF...
<@john> CPAN
<@john> so
<@john> we call on our way
<@john> 34th and chestnut
<@john> pick you up
<@john> park
<@rjbs> DONG -> SUCK -> DONGSUCK
<@rjbs> three-way blowjob

September 13, 2005

From last night:

<@rjbs> bda: doing exciting things tomorrow?
<@bda> I sure hope not.
<@bda> Why?
* rjbs consults iCal again.
<@rjbs> because it's your birthday
<@bda> Oh.
<@bda> Right.
<@bda> No, nothing planned.
< solios> O_o
< solios> are you going to run, or renew?
<@bda> Lastday is 30.
<@bda> That's actually a fun idea, though.
<@bda> Throw a Lastday party for everyone who turns 30, at the end of which they're declared Dead and can get on with their mid-life crisis.
<@bda> Anyone we've missed the party for is considered a Runner.
<@rjbs> and we kill them

September 16, 2005

<@waltman> so $friend had her wisdom teeth yanked today. i'm wondering if she's going to be coherent if i call to see how she's feeling.
< pthread> probably, you just wont be able to understand her
<@waltman> heh
<@waltman> maybe i should wait until tomorrow...
< pthread> heh, okay, maybe a bit too much of a personal story, but it's funny anyway
< pthread> I was dating this girl who had her wisdom teeth out, and she was feeling all frisky, so I was like sure what the hell
< pthread> well her dad found the condom in the trash and her parents thought I was this horrific person, they were like, "what kind of person has sex with someone who just had surgery?"
< pthread> she wouldn't tell them it was her idea :(
<@bda> "Shit on my blade or blood on my dick"?
<@captadhoc> bda: going out tonight?
<@bda> Gee, Nick. Nice timing.

September 19, 2005

< bda> I think I just had a White Trash Moment. Walked outside in my PJs and combat boots (no socks) to get the food I ordered.
<@mst> hehehe
* mst remebers somebody losing it at a party once and buggering off
<@mst> somebody had to go after them to keep an eye
<@mst> I was the only one in the right frame of mind who knew the guy
<@mst> but was at that point buck naked
<@mst> ended up legging it after him wearing only a pair of boxers, my leather jacket and trainers :)

September 29, 2005

<@ejp> bda: that dragon is awesome
<@bda> ejp: Did I spam that guy's name?
<@bda> He's apparently a very well known artist. :P
<@bda> Something Whelan.
< solios> doom.
<@bda> O_o
<@ejp> Michael.
<@bda> Andrew is gonna pass the fact that we're ripping that guy off to Mel, who is going to own t hem.
<@bda> (Making trouble)++
<@ejp> ooh, that explains why it looks familar. he did the cover art for a lot of books I read in my teens
<@bda> ejp: I'm so shocked my heart almost stopped.
<@ejp> bda: bite me cyberpunkboi
<@bda> Hey, I had my fantasy phase.
<@bda> Riftwar Saga.
< solios> so did I.
< solios> heh.
<@bda> Wheel of Time.
<@bda> A bunch of crap.
<@ejp> I read pretty much all of it.
< solios> I realized I vastly preferred my elves riding motorcycles. :P
<@ejp> all the Pern.
< mdxi> gaaaak
< solios> good god man.
< solios> no wonder you've never gotten laid.
* ejp giggles
<@ejp> !
<@ejp> hey
<@bda> Wow.
* ejp unzips
<@bda> Wow.
< mdxi> i dunno, reading all teh pern books is a pretty *good* way to get laid, i think
< mdxi> if you're willing to fuck chicks who read pern
* ejp is
<@ejp> I liked pern. then, at least.
<@bda> Just be sure to wrap it up so when you get standards, you won't have issues, Eric.
< mdxi> hey, what's not to like about flaming space sperm and gay dragons?
<@ejp> exactly.
<@ejp> we won't talk about the pern MUSHs I was on.

October 4, 2005

<@bda> http://www.uebimiau.org/ # Worst software name ever.
< y0shi> sounds like a noise i make when i puke
<@bda> Indeed.
< esch> how is that pronounced?
<@bda> "Install something else"
< mdxi> could be worse. could be MyPhpUebimiau

October 8, 2005

<@ejp> fucking brain
* ejp stares at The Bag O Ram
< shil> gonna jab one in there?
<@ejp> no.
<@ejp> I need some kinda of magic ram testing monkey.
<@bda> That would be a really useful device.
<@bda> A little thing that can run memtest on a RAM stick.
<@bda> With little lights saying "good or bad" or whatever.
<@ejp> they exist.
<@ejp> http://www.innoventions.com/products.htm
<@bda> huh.
<@ejp> mushkin used to sell one, don't seem to anymore though
<@bda> Now... go find me one for hard drives.
<@bda> And... make it so it'll fix them if they're broken.
* bda wiggles fingers.
<@ejp> can't, you kill drives Dead.
<@ejp> not a little dead.
<@bda> mmf.

October 10, 2005

< mdxi> k just runs in here, giggling, slaps me on teh shoulder
< solios> with meat?
< solios> did she get pix?
* bda stares at solios.

October 15, 2005

<Danelope> More important than anything, however, is the fact that I have a burrito.
<bda> I wish I had a burrito.
<Danelope> <Customer> Whaaat? Your prices went up!
<Danelope> <Burrito Guy> Yes, a little. But our food is delicious!
<Danelope> <Burrito Guy> Our beef and pork are naturally-raised without hormones or antibiotics, and our vegetables are all organic!
<Danelope> <Burrito Guy> The only thing that isn't all-natural is our chicken, because we still haven't found a source for all-natural chicken yet.
<Danelope> <Customer> Oh.
<Danelope> <Dan> So you're still growing all your chickens in test tubes, then?
<Danelope> <Burrito Guy> Yes, but they're delicious test tubes!
<Danelope> <3 Seattle
<bda> haha.
<bda> The only thing I've heard anyone say today was "Shit, I gotsa get me some leather"; the checkout girl at Wawa referencing the previous customer's leather jacket.
<bda> Safe to say our cities have very different personalities.
<Danelope> Yeah, Philly sucks. You should move to Seattle.

October 22, 2005

<Danelope> http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/tampa14mug12.html
<Danelope> How can you bust a stripper on charges of exposure?
<bda> http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/tampa14mug4.html # wtf
<bda> Exposure of a sexual organ it says.
<bda> Flashin dey pussay.
<bda> http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/tampa14mug14.html # I guess not all strippers are on meth.
<Danelope> Actually, she was charged with possession of a lesser-known derivative, meth ham-phetamine.
<bda> boooooo.
<Danelope> http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/1012055miers1.html
<Danelope> http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/1012055miers2.html
<Danelope> Now, correct me if I'm wrong.
<Danelope> But on that second page.
<Danelope> At the end.
<Danelope> Bush wrote:
<Danelope> "P.S. No more public scatology."
<Danelope> 33,500 hits on Google. I guess it's not just me.
<bda> hasld;fhjal;h
<bda> I'm shocked he can SPELL it.

October 23, 2005

<@rjbs> any movie that includes a shark-v-zombie fight is OK with me
<@bda> What if the fight turns into an angry make-out session?
<@rjbs> man, that would be hot
< mdxi> The Swinging Dutchman (Shark/Zombie, Fins, Anal, Brains)
<@rjbs> Branal
<@rjbs> that's it, I'm going to googlegroups
<@rjbs> http://groups.google.com/groups?q=zombie+group%3Aalt.sex.stories
<@bda> ugh.
<@rjbs> bahaha./groups.google.com/groups?q=zombie+shark+group%3Aalt.sex.stories&qt_s=Search
<@ejp> :<
<@bda> No Punchline Required.

October 30, 2005

It has been previously mentioned by me (and kitten) that anytime anyone gives you directions in Marietta (or Roswell), or even Atlanta in general, the Big Chicken is often referenced as a landmark.

Even Google has gotten in on it...

< mdxi> solios: is bda around?
< mdxi> i need someone familiar with atlanta to come appreciate this
<@bda> ?
< mdxi> http://maps.google.com/maps?q=marietta,+ga&ll=33.950943,-84.520226&spn=0.012445,0.022546&hl=en
<@bda> Hahahahah

Go mdxi.

November 8, 2005

Check the rest of the gallery...

< omega> http://dogcow.atspace.com/IMG_0732.html
< bda> What the hell Mac sub-culture is that?
< omega> I have no idea
< omega> but that bleeder is insane
< bda> I want to punch all of them in the head.
< omega> even the cute girls?
< bda> Being cute is no excuse for stupidity, regardless of what your penis tells you.

November 9, 2005

-!- silky-user [x@cm51136.red.mundo-r.com] has joined silc
<@Toni> hi silky user
<[?] silky-user> hello
<[?] silky-user> i don't see the nicklist
<@Toni> there's a bug
<[?] silky-user> nothing is perfect
<@Toni> the bug is not in Silky itself, but the libraries it uses
<[?] silky-user> but sometimes it works well
<@Toni> yes
< grey> Toni: oh sure, blame it on the libraries. ;)
<[?] Ticho> no, it's a bugfeature toni introduced - main.c, line 423, the application doesn't display nicklist if the day of the month is even, and there is odd number of processes running on your computer
<@Toni> that's odd
<[?] Ticho> it's an easter egg

November 13, 2005

<@bda> CiscoVPN's shit? Sucks so much that even sending a print job kicks my load up to 2.
<@eniac> ah
<@bda> Like any sort of datatransfer over 20k/s and it starts crying.
<@eniac> is this the mac client?
<@bda> Yea.
<@eniac> I've not hassled with it yet
<@bda> It works.
<@bda> It just sucks.
<@bda> :P
<@eniac> I"m a little scared, that thing has cause me headaches in the past
<@bda> Yeah, me too. It seems okay now.
<@bda> I've not had any greyscreens.
<@eniac> did you have the 'magically change your mtu to 72' problem?
<@bda> nup.
<@bda> That's pretty funny. :)
<@eniac> yeah, I laughed...later

-!- Irssi: Starting query in slashnet with kitten
<kitten> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0417148/
<kitten> WTF.
<kitten> "So, what ideas do you have?"
<kitten> "Uh... well, there's these snakes, right?"
<kitten> "I'm listening."
<kitten> "And they're on a plane..."
<kitten> "I'm giving you 20 million dollars."
<bda> Welcome like to Last Month's Meme I Didn't Care About, I'm your host, Bryan Allen. Our guest tonight is Andy "kitten" Zebrowitz, from Atlanta, Georgia.
<bda> How you doin' tonight, kitten?
<kitten> Well, Bryan.
<kitten> I didn't hear about it until today.
<kitten> You see, unlike some sad net losers, I have a social life.
<kitten> It prevents me from obsessively combing movie boards eveyr five mintes for breaking news.
<bda> Weak return.
<kitten> But I do have some breaking news here.
<bda> Though you'll notice the whole "I Didn't Care About" bit.
<kitten> We now go live to Bryan being a fucktard.
<kitten> Bryan?
<bda> Hey, again, guys. Bryan here, just want to make sure you all know that the trick is to bang the rocks together.
<kitten> We're hilarious.
<bda> Must have missed the funny part.
<kitten> Well, we are.
<kitten> ...
<kitten> You're going to embarass me in front of my friends, aren't you?
<kitten> And Carrie.
<kitten> God, I hate you.
<bda> I don't see how.
<bda> I don't prance about in leather letting people smack me.
<bda> Oh.
<bda> Or am I embarrassing because I *don't* do that?
<kitten> Precisely.
<bda> This is like that episode of the Twlight Zone, isn't it!
<kitten> Which one?
<kitten> The one where everyone had changed but the guy stayed the same?
<bda> Where they pull the bandages off the chick and she's hot, then they cut to the doctors and nurses and they're all hideous.
<bda> I'm the hot chick in this scenerio, apparently.
<kitten> ...you're not a hot chick.
<kitten> No.
<kitten> What?
<kitten> No.
<kitten> Go away.

November 15, 2005

< Jooon> orm means snake in Swedish. it's annoying
< Jooon> a resultset-driven snake

November 18, 2005

< vai> fagbot: doot for the SNAFU
-!- xeno [~bafh@cloak-9EF0E230.stcgpa.adelphia.net] has joined #tildedot
< vai> ...
< vai> xeno: your timing only gets better.

November 24, 2005

<bda> I think I'm all packed up.
<bda> I've been invited to Andy's moms for Thanksgiving Friday.
<Danelope> ...
<bda> Last time I had Thanksgiving at her place, all we did was make fun of Andy.
<bda> His mom and sister and I tore into him for a good two hours. :)
<Danelope> Maybe he'll put on his dressy gimp mask this year.
<bda> haha. She knows about his S&M crap.
<bda> I hope she brings it up in Stereotypical Jewish Mom Trying to Be Hip fashion.
<bda> "So, Bryan, do you also like being beaten up by girls?"
<bda> Hahaha.
<Danelope> I hope she hits him with a cricket bat.
* bda is gonna need lots of wine.
<bda> Fuck, I'm already laughing.

December 11, 2005

< calliope> rjbs and I were celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary, and I was reminiscing over dinner, reminded of a very specific time 2 days after we'd been wed, when it very suddenly sunk in that we were married (OMG!). And after I finished relating this story, I asked rjbs what he was thinking.
< calliope> <rjbs>"I was just thinking about how you determine the greatest common denominator for a series of numbers."

December 17, 2005

<bda> http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/slither/large.html # No, Nathan Fillian... why?!
<Danelope> These are tough times. If a man can get a job, he might not look too close at what that job is.

< bda> "Agents' visit chills UMass Dartmouth senior"
< bda> 1984 muthafuckas.
<@javaman> are we really still worried about communists?
< bda> Maybe he also checked out "Biological Terror Weapons to Take Down the Bourgeois For Dummies."

December 18, 2005

<@bda> NANO-ARMOR:

<@Safari> looks expensive
<@bda> Pretty badass, though.
<@Sunflare[sleep]> Buy me one for Christmas, bda. :)
<@bda> I love that it looks like something a Centurion would wear.
<@bda> Whether I mean a Cylon or a Roman is left as an exercise for the reader.

[via hhoffman]

December 22, 2005

<@javaman> bda
<@bda> javaman
<@javaman> so i was having drinks with one of my coworkers
<@javaman> who reminds me alot of you
* bda waits for the punchline.
<@javaman> and i think you guys used to talk on #perl
<@bda> Handle?
<@javaman> coral?
<@bda> Sounds familiar.
<@bda> Is he full of passive aggresive rage?
<@javaman> no, not at all
<@javaman> thats why we call him the happy bryan
<@bda> huh.
<@bda> Maybe we're like matter and anti-matter.
<@bda> Or the good and evil Kirks.
<@dragorn> one has a goatee
<@bda> I have a beard.
<@bda> Thing. Beard-thing.
<@bda> It counts.
<@javaman> haha
<@javaman> yeah see, that makes bryan the evil one
<@dragorn> yeah i wasn't implying he was the good one :P
<@bda> Soon I will harvest all your organs and make a giant meat slurpee.


<@solios> well, meat is yay.
<@solios> and slurpees are yay.
<@solios> so it stands to reason that a meat slurpee would be double yay.
<@maarken> you let me know how that logic works out.

December 23, 2005

3:17 my oldest sister gave me a grocery bag of cookies.
3:17 me.
3:17 not like, for the family to split up.
3:17 for me
3:19 enough cookies to crush a small child. (which it might boil down to if things get any worse tomorrow when the last of the children arrive)

January 6, 2006

<@bda> Flight93 trailer
< SWinder> LETS ROLL
< SWinder> this is suspenseful
< SWinder> i wonder how it ends
<@bda> I'm pretty sure the boat sinks.

January 20, 2006

< vai> I woke up this mornign to find that my son had used a screwdrier to open my laptop.
< vai> and pry all the keys off the keybaord with.
< vai> He presented them to me, shakingme awake - like he had a present.
< calliope> Oh dear.
<@bda> This is what you get for thinking that propagating your genes would be a good idea.
< vai> bda: one day, one day. I'll send your kid a drum.
<@bda> I don't think I'll be procreating, vai.
< vai> awww. I was just picturing the little scarves.
<@bda> Most people picture the little trenchcoats.
<@bda> And weapons training.

January 21, 2006

<@bda> http://comics.hawkstudios.net/index.html # AKA Sad Robot In Snow?
< solios> heh.
<@rjbs> sad robots piss me off
< solios> maybe he lives in jersey.
<@rjbs> hm. fair enough.

<@bda> http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/eserver/linux/fun/index.html?c=eserver&n=linuxfun_callout_servershome&t=advertise#
<@bda> wtf retarded.
<@ejp> speaking of retarded, I was just connected to a Cobalt Raq
< solios> nice.
<@bda> Running what?
<@ejp> Raqs are bastardized linux.
<@bda> They can run other things, afaik.
<@ejp> this one was stock. it was icky.
<@bda> Show us on the FHS where it touched stupid files.

January 25, 2006

< dragorn> ow. and the cat assumes its alter ego: The Junktrampler
<@maarken> ha
<@maarken> my sister's cat does that. fucker weights like 22lbs. four 1
square inch paws.
<@maarken> ow
< bda> Wow.
< bda> Quick, one of you fucking nerds figure out how much weight that is
per paw on your junk.
<@maarken> 5.5
<@maarken> psi
< dragorn> thats only stationary
<@maarken> yes. that's the problem really.
< dragorn> not when it's made a junk-trampoline and taken a leap
< bda> Fucking nerds.
< kyoorius> approximately how high does the cat jump off your junk?
<@maarken> you'd need to know the average velocity of the cat mid leap.
< dragorn> I'm less concerned with average velocity and more concerned
wth initial junk-trampling
< kyoorius> you can calculate that if you know the trajectory
< kyoorius> which can be approximated by knowing the height the cat
reaches above said junk
< kyoorius> a pretty close value can be derived negating air friction and
the horizontal component of travel
<@maarken> oddly, I'm pretty happy the answer "fuckin' OW!"
* kyoorius aced college physics attending 3 sessions... the first day in
class, the mid term, and the final :P
<@ecronin> this calls for emperical evidence of the terminal velocity of
cats. To city hall tower!
< kyoorius> I showed up for the final exam and my girlfriend said "what
are doing here? you're not in this class."
<@maarken> ha
< kyoorius> i heard the teaching assistants were so bad that attending
class would bring down your test score 15 points.
<@maarken> I can do physics, if I just look up all the formulas
< kyoorius> so I had the upper hand.

January 30, 2006

<bda> I got Subway for lunch. On my way out of 30th I stopped at Taco Bell to grab another soda.
<bda> This guy.
<bda> This stupid fucking guy.
<bda> He was standing in line holding everyone up, describing the thing he wanted.
<bda> He didn't know what it was.
<bda> He knew it's shape and some of what was on it.
<bda> So he's describing the fucking thing, at length.
<bda> And the clerk just pauses, and then points AT THE GIANT FUCKING PLACARD in front of the guy and he goes "Yea! Wait.. no... wait. Yeah! That's it!"
<bda> And I'm thinking to myself "I'm going to kill this motherfucker. I'm going to drop a cap in his brainpan. I'm going to jail because this guy is an asshole."
<bda> And then, then he starts saying what he wants on it, and what he doesn't, and why, and in what order.
<bda> At Taco Bell.

February 14, 2006

<@dragorn> quiet evening
<@bda> dragorn: It's Valentine's Day.
<@bda> Anyone worth a damn is out building up credits for sex.
<@dragorn> bda: oh, right
<@nrmlgrl> wee
< jbs> Sex credits?
<@bda> Yeah, you didn't know?
< jbs> Clearly, no.
< jbs> ;)
<@bda> If you spend money on movie, dinner, balet, a play, etc, you get chits.
<@bda> These chits can be traded in for various sexual acts.
<@bda> They can also be combined to form upgrades.
< jbs> How many for a Charleston Steamer?
<@nrmlgrl> upgrades?
<@bda> You have to go to a sex exchange to get the chits converted.
<@bda> Ditto any of the other vaporware sex acts.
<@bda> nrmlgrl: Three handjobs = one blowjob.
<@bda> etc, etc.
<@bda> These haven't hit San Francisco yet? I am shocked and dismayed.
<@javaman> bryan is 3/4s of a way to a full cockpunch
<@bda> What'd I do?
<@bda> I am explaining sexonomics.
<@javaman> haha
<@bda> If you don't wish to be educated, you can go fuck yourself!
<@bda> (Cost: 0.5 rimjob)

March 1, 2006

<kitten-> Man, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.
<bda> ?
<kitten-> Like, in general.
<bda> Is it blissful?
<bda> I've always heard that's what ignorance is like.
<kitten-> No.
<kitten-> It's annoying.
<kitten-> Like being a creationist.
<bda> Well, that's a let-down.
<kitten-> You have this dim sense that there's something you should know, but you don't, so you become angry and fearful.

March 7, 2006

<@bda> uhm, so like.. does everyone see the game 15 feet above where shit is happening?
<@bda> Or maybe it's just none of the charactesr are rendering.
< mdxi> something's defniitely fucked up
<@bda> Annoying.
<@bda> Wait, no.
<@bda> It's just the ultimate ninja game.
<@bda> Shit be goin' down fo' rizzle, but you can't *see* it.
<@bda> Cos they mothafuckin' ninjas!

note: Happy Go Fun Danelope says Flash8 required

March 17, 2006

<@zeroday> wow sharon stone should never talk
<@iverson> what did she say?
<@zeroday> 3/13/06 daily show
<@zeroday> she was at some peace conference thing and ... well it's hard to describe
<@bda> When she opens her mouth, is like the scene in Basic Instinct 2 where she crosses her legs and gives a flash of old woman vagina?
<@zeroday> ha she does talk about her boobies a lot
<@MyAss> *twitch*
<@iverson> bda: that's "Urban Cougar" vagina
<@iverson> come on, use the hip terms.
<@bda> ...wha?
<@zeroday> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060309/ap_en_ce/people_sharon_stone
<@bda> That's going to go over really well. An unveiled white woman in the Middle East being sexually promiscuous and making light of their beliefs.
<@bda> At least there won't be another Basic Instinct in 15 years. Her beaver would have to be cybernetic.
<@zeroday> we can only hope

March 29, 2006

< alect> ticket previews!
< bda> haha. :)
< bda> My users will like that. They have issues hitting "preview" and then bitch.
< alect> heh
< alect> it always struck me as odd :)
< bda> Users don't like validating things.
< alect> that is so true
< bda> They're shotgun-minded. You just sort of point your will in kind of the right direction, pull the trigger, and there's little doubt you'll get a chunk of what you were not entirely totally aiming at.

April 9, 2006

<@robf> Irreversible was pretty pointless, except to say that fucked up rape scenes and worse happen on a daily basis, and it might have driven the point home to people.
<@bda> Never heard of it.
<@robf> It was a lot less annoying than Piers Anthony's obession with the subject, along with his not so latent pedophilia tendancies.
<@bda> I am not a big fan of that guy.
<@bda> I read "Bio of A Space Tyrant" when I was 16 and gave up on him after that.
<@bda> "So he's fucking his sister but he thinks its his dead girlfriend. And this is okay why?"
<@bda> Also, Xanth got old around book nine million.
<@robf> Macroscope was alright. The rest.. well.. when you read about bioengineered Minotaurs who are designed to control the population by raping young women sacrifices to death with a penis engineered to be large and tear them up..
<@robf> ..
<@robf> You kind of want to beat the shit out of the guy.
<@bda> Yeah, I'm getting that.

April 19, 2006

< solios> < girl> harry, this is william gibson.
< solios> < william_gibson> hey.
< solios> (wild palms)++
< solios> O_o
< solios> wow.
< solios> Wild Palms is pretty cool.
< solios> kind of slow start.
< solios> domestic domestic domestic RHINO domestic domestic domestic party blah blah blah WETWARE TELEPRESENCE HOLOGRAMS HEY LOOK WILLIAM GIBSON

April 26, 2006

< Abuh> When Bots Attack

May 1, 2006

<@robf> My xserver is fucked ;)
<@bda> Shock.
<@bda> Get a Mac.
<@bda> :)
<@robf> What's the worst part of running a Mac?
<@robf> Telling all your friends you're gay.
<@bda> What's the worst part of running Linux? Being fat and smelly and not getting any anyway.
<@bda> ;P
<@robf> ha
<@robf> Better than running a Mac and getting all the metrosexual d00ds. HA HA! So owned!!!
<@bda> Wanna see something funny?
<@robf> haha as long as it's not graphical
<@robf> I'm in CLI mode.
<@bda> [bda@selene-wlan]:[~]$ uname -a
<@bda> Darwin selene-wlan.int.mirrorshades.net 8.6.0 Darwin Kernel Version 8.6.0: Tue Mar 7 16:58:48 PST 2006; root:xnu-792.6.70.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc
<@bda> [bda@selene-wlan]:[~]$ which vim
<@bda> /usr/bin/vim
<@bda> [bda@selene-wlan]:[~]$ which emacs
<@bda> /usr/bin/emacs
<@bda> [bda@selene-wlan]:[~]$ which nmap
<@bda> /sw/bin/nmap
<@bda> [bda@selene-wlan]:[~]$ which tcpdump
<@bda> /usr/sbin/tcpdump
<@bda> :D
<@robf> Those are hacker tools.
<@robf> r u a hacker
<@bda> Of course. Haven't you seen the movie "Hackers"? They all used Macs.

<bda> Can't sleep.
<kitten> Can't?
<kitten> Or won't?
<kitten> Hm?
<kitten> Think about it.
<bda> I have these... nightmares. About Bea Arthur.
<bda> You tell me, Andy. Can't, or won't?

May 4, 2006

<@bda> "Chicken Finger Hoagie"
<@bda> I love this city.
<@maarken> sounds healthy.
<@bda> Yeah. Lg pepperoni calzone, garden salad, cheese sticks.
* bda scratches beard, rubs belly.
<@bda> Let's just say I have a lot of books about UNIX.

<Danelope> calz0wned.
<bda> "Large" to me means "about the size of a dinner plate, so I'll have enough for lunch tomorrow".
<bda> I forgot that Lazaros is where we went to get pizza and had to tilt the box to make it fit through doors.
<Danelope> Lazaros: We Donna' Fuck Around

June 14, 2006

<kitten-> doot.
<bda> feh.
<kitten-> "On the banks of the windswept Columbia River [in Oregon], Google is working on a secret weapon in its quest to dominate the next generation of Internet computing. But it is hard to keep a secret when it is a computing center as big as two football fields, with twin cooling plants protruding four stories into the sky...'
<bda> Yup.
<bda> SkyNet.
<kitten-> Heh.
<kitten-> I was thinking they're getting ready to run Vista.
<bda> Vista Supercomputer Totally Ultimate Awesome Edition?
<kitten-> Just the base install. :P
<bda> Ha.

June 25, 2006

<@bda>[Ergo Proxy] is stretching even my ability to take bullshit from anime.
<@bda>It starts off as some weird post-apoc scifi thing with a hot goth girl detective trying to figure out what's killing people, with subplots of the city AIs having some strange agenda.
<@bda>And then it turns into some immigrant is actually a demigod.
<@bda>And he steals a hoversailboat.
<@bda>And goes on self-discovery adventures.
< mdxi>is there a catbus?
<@bda>No, but there's a little robot girl who spent the first six eps in bat/bunny pajamas.

July 5, 2006

< bda> kitten's dad just gave him one of these:
< bda> STAR TREK V Mail-In Marshmallow Dispenser (1989)
< robf> hehe
< robf> There's a guy at work who is deathly afraid of marshmallows.
< robf> VP of Dev.
< robf> He is into martial arts and whatnot, he's like 6'2" 320#
< robf> It's quite comical.
< bda> How can you be AFRAID of marshmellows?
< bda> Did one kill his family?
< bda> Stay Puff?
< robf> We made this huge Stay Puff poster with his face on it, haha
< bda> haha.
< robf> He is pretty serious about it.
< robf> Once, when we were shipping the DMP platform initially, the VP of Program Management shot him with a gun full of tiny marshmallows.
< robf> We were behind schedule, crunch time etc
< bda> haha.
< robf> So this guy goes home.
< robf> He's like "fuck that, I'm out" haha

July 10, 2006

<@bda> ecronin: Go get me a Slurpee.
<@ecronin> bda: how about a frightening wawa milkshake?
<@iverson> !
<@bda> I've been too scared to try those.
<@iverson> ecronin: the chocolate ones taste like fudgecicles
<@ecronin> the cup disappears and I don't know what the machine is doing to it
<@iverson> are you familiar with the Fruit Fucker 3000?

August 18, 2006

< ray> A fruitfly decided to fly _into_ my laptop keyboard.
< ray> Somehow it made it out through the USB port.
< rene> haha
< loki> are you trying to say theres bugs in usb?
< rene> hoho
< rene> sounds like your laptop is a lemon
< ray> Not anymore, it crawled out.
< ray> It debugged itself.

September 14, 2006

<@bda> Meteos is weird.
<@bda> I've played a good bit of it but I still have no idea what it's about. Or what I'm doing when I'm playing it.
<@bda> I'm just poking blocks.
<@rjbs> meteos is fun for cheap
<@bda> And sometimes stuff expldoes.
<@ejp> bda: so much like work then? :P
<@bda> Now that you mention it...

October 12, 2006

<bda> "The cost of weapons and equipment that you purchase in Counter-Strike: Source are now based on an algorithm that calculates the global market demand for various weapons. As more people purchase a certain weapon, the price will rise and other weapons will become less expensive."
<kitten> ...
<kitten> That's retarded.
<bda> I think it's hilarious.
<bda> It's just another step in making team-based FPS the premiere training ground for uh, home-grown terrorists!
<bda> It's not just about strategy, tactics, and bunny-hopping anymore!
<bda> Now it's about the economy of terror.

Woah, I think I was channeling Jack Thompson there for a second. Ew.

November 3, 2006

< bda> Man removes sharp hand tool from rear at gunpoint
< disque> hahaha
< disque> HAHAHA
< bda> Yeah, it gets funnier as I think about it.
< disque> heh that one rules.
< disque> :P
< bda> You have to wonder if, while in prison, he taught himself to store things in his ass, or if someone made him a bag-bitch.
< trulux@topet2> bda: maybe he's a vietnam veteran, like in Pulp Fiction, when he hid a watch in his anus
< trulux@topet2> warlord knows the story
< bda> I dunno, I just imagine some guys about to throw down in the prison yard, right, and then one says "Yo, Rocco, gimma my shiv" and Rocco drops his doors, bends over, and pulls a sharpened toothbrush out of his ass.
< bda> It's like, even if you don't get stabbed to death, you're still going to be fighting a guy who has some other guy storing a weapon in his butt for you.
< bda> In-tim-i-dating.

December 12, 2006

< bda> I am stupid. If I want to know how much of an increase we've
managed to coax out of mail throughput, do I: $old / $new * 100 =
% (gives me what % old is of new; is that the same thing as "how
much faster"?)
< rjbs> are old and new speeds?
< bda> Yea.
< bda> Well, they are msgs/day.
< rjbs> "how much faster" is: (new - old) / old
< rjbs> old/new is obviously equaly useful, but has no simple name, afaik
< rjbs> new/old*100 would be "new speed in terms of old" like 154% the
old speed
< rjbs> as opposed to "a 54% increase"
< bda> This is totally something that needs to be in a freaking
< bda> These numbers look like "increase your ejaculate volume" spam.
< rjbs> ...
* rjbs puts down his breakfast yogurt.
< bda> Yoink.

December 13, 2006

<@ecronin> these students are going to pay for making me show up at 9am in the rain to proctor an exam
* jcap shakes fist at students
<@bda> Could be worse. You could have to be going to the proctologist for an exam.
<@ecronin> that's called my thesis defense

December 16, 2006

< robf> There's some fucked up shit in this building. I keep sneezing something that smells bad.
< robf> It's a historical building ;p
< bda> It's probably airborne cancer.
< robf> Probably.
< robf> I've turned into a pussy since I quit smoking.
< robf> Dumbest thing I ever did.
< robf> Now they taste like burning wool. I had to get sick for a week to quit, now I'll have to get drunk for a week to start up again.
< bda> Truly, you are the cradle from which all good health shrieks at 3am.
< robf> I'll dance on your grave.
< robf> All your graves.
* robf shakes fist
< bda> Only because someone has dug you up and is applying eletricity to your decomposed flesh.
< robf> It still counts.

December 20, 2006

< confound> bda: you have food on your desk
< bda> What?
< confound> on your desk, it is food
< bda> I did not put it there. Was it summoned from the depths of space and time for nefarious purposes?
< bda> Did it come from the Delicious Dimension?
< confound> probably
< rjbs> Realm of Candy
< bda> Candied or no, if it has tentacles, there will be Words.
< bda> Probably of Power, but then just some yelling.
< rjbs> shoggoth candy
< rjbs> like cow candy, but with tentacle udders
< rjbs> I'm sure dan could provide a sketch.
< bda> The Cookie With a Thousand Crumbs.

(It was actually sweetbread, and it is super tasty.)

March 15, 2007

< bda> I hate MySQL.
< confound> it crashed?
< confound> it crashed at 8:55
< confound> no idea why it was restarted at 9:55.
< bda> I don't think there are any scripts that know supervise.
< confound> I'm sure it wasn't that
< confound> it looks crash-related
< confound> it may even have been another crash at 9:55. it's hard to tell
< bda> Yeah, that looks likely. Or at least it came back up enough to be replicating.
< bda> (at 0855)
< bda> "You trust your data to that pile of junk? You're braver than I thought."
< bda> Sometimes MySQL can't make the jump to lightspeed, and you have to find a princess to get out and push...

March 21, 2007

* kitten sighs.
<kitten> Well, I'm a fucking idiot.
<bda> Eh?
<kitten> You know the guitarist Slash?
<bda> The guy with the hair and the top hat from Guns 'n Roses?
<kitten> Yeah.
<kitten> One of the greatest guitar players ever?
<bda> Yeah, we hang out all the time.
<kitten> Well, I really like him.
<bda> I could tell him for you.
<kitten> So, I watch a few GNR videos on youtube.
<bda> Tell you what, I'll slip him a note during home room.
<kitten> And then I think I'd like to see some of his solo stuff.
<kitten> So my dumb ass types "slash" into the search box.
<bda> ...
<kitten> And unleashed unspeakable horror!
<bda> You lose.
<kitten> I really do.

April 18, 2007

<@ejp> lskdjf
<@ejp> They're making a movie out of Flatland!
< mdxi> Steven Spielberg presents a James Cameron film, written by Quentin Tarantino: Michael Bay's Uwe Boll's FLATLAND
< mdxi> (from Pixar)

April 21, 2007

<@bda> Horrible Histories - The Awful Egyptians
<@bda> Horrible Histories - The Ruthless Romans
<@bda> Horrible Histories - The Vicious Vikings
<@bda> Horrible Histories - The Woeful Second World War
<@bda> Horrible Histories - The Frightful First World War
<@bda> Horrible Histories - The Terrible Tudors
<@bda> Horrible Histories - The Vile Victorians
<@bda> Horrible Histories - Incredible Ireland
* bda sings: One of these things is not like the others.

April 22, 2007

< bda> Heh, postgres sure is verbose when it runs out of memory and falls over.
< rjbs> errrr
< rjbs> what did you DO, Ray?

April 30, 2007

< solios> the full extent of lacie's troubleshooting documentation is "IS IT PLUGGED IN? ARE YOU SURE??"

May 23, 2007

< bda> pkg_add: Where did our dependency go?!
< confound> haha
< bda> Where DID our dependency go?
< bda> This is not my $PATH!
< bda> This is not my beautiful package management system!
< bda> How did I get $PWD?
< rjbs> letting the links go by
< rjbs> inodes flowing under names

May 31, 2007

< bda> Every block is checksummed / every block is duplicated / when a block is corrupted / zpool becomes .. not very irate at all, actually.
< rjbs> there are hurds in this world
< rjbs> there are reisers
< rjbs> there are ext3's and coda's and then
< rjbs> there are those who worship solaris
< rjbs> but i've never been one of them
< rjbs> oh, I'm a x f esser
< rjbs> and I have been since before I was fscked
< rjbs> if there's one thing they say about big blue
< rjbs> it's that there is no firing risk

June 1, 2007

< solios> (max headroom)++
< solios> there's a show that could make a comeback.
<@ejp> It did. it's called "Fox News"

June 8, 2007

< brendang> # dtrace -n 'zangband:::'
< brendang> dtrace: description 'syscall:::' matched 470 probes
< brendang> 1 20164 pink_jelly:hits_you
< brendang> 1 20164 pink_jelly:hits_you
< brendang> 1 20164 pink_jelly:hits_you
< brendang> 1 20164 character:dies

June 14, 2007

< bda> As a lark, I am going to find out how much an empty Thumper costs.
< rjbs> are we going to mine spice?

July 19, 2007

From earlier this week.

<@bda> I'm starting to get a headache. Want to go home.
<@bda> Fucking Marathon Migraine on Friday.
<@bda> uuugh.
< vai> I was typing with eyes closed the other day. first migraine ever I think.
< vai> bright blinky lights on my eyelids.
<@bda> vai: "aura"
< vai> is that what they call it?
<@bda> The lights? Yeah.
< vai> and the thing trying to squish bits of my headmeats into a tin can was some psionics nut right?
<@bda> That's just life.

Been getting some real screamers lately. Hope it's just the overly variable weather and not, say, the brainworms.

August 9, 2007

<@javaman> okay
<@javaman> got book signed.
<@nrmlgrl> oooh
<@nrmlgrl> i was wondereing where you were
<@bikepunx> signed?
<@javaman> gibson's new book
<@bikepunx> nerd
<@javaman> highlight: he remembered me, wanted to ask me some questions for the current book
<@waltman> yow!
<@javaman> but thought his questions were stupid
<@bikepunx> ha
<@bikepunx> thats pretty awesome
<@waltman> who thought his questions were stupid -- you or him?
<@bda> javaman: Dude.
<@bda> NICE.
<@javaman> he thought his questions were stupid.
<@waltman> were they?
<@javaman> he never asked.
<@bda> javaman: Presumably you ensured that for the next book he would call you? :)
<@javaman> yes.
<@javaman> gave him my card again.
<@bda> That is super awesome.
<@bda> javaman++
<@javaman> haha
<@javaman> but yeah i told him that i would never consider a question stupid.


< bda> The box itself is niiiiiice.
< rjbs> sweet
< rjbs> picspics
< rjbs> I want a picture of you
< rjbs> in blue jeans
< bda> Serial mgmt port, ethernet mgmt port, 4 gigE.
< rjbs> with a black jacket
< rjbs> holding the 4100 over your head outside someone's window
< bda> hahaha.
< rjbs> "boot anything"
< bda> I was wondering where you were going with that.
< rjbs> I think it was worth the wait

August 12, 2007

< bda> Nick Hornby's other books are basically forgettable, sadly.
< PilZ-E> I just asked my wife,
< PilZ-E> "Have you read any Nick Hornby?"
< PilZ-E> She said,
< PilZ-E> "Yes, a couple of his books. I don't remember them. I guess they were 'OK'."
< bda> :)
< PilZ-E> Memory is the first thing to go.
< bda> My memory has always been awful.
< PilZ-E> I'm 39, and if you are younger, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't get any better.
< ket> i'm upgrading to ECC registered
< bda> I'm banking on the fact that as my memory capacity decreases, my happiness index will increase, because I will simply be unable to remember anything bad.
< PilZ-E> Heh.
< bda> Like mayflies or goldfish. They never have bad days.
< PilZ-E> This is true.
* e1f just writes things down, now
< e1f> the only problem is that i don't remember where i wrote things
< bda> It's the one-offs that get me. I'll remember things *about* the event, like my opinion, but not details of the event itself.
< bda> It has made for some really lame fights with girlfriends.
< CuriosX11> heh
< bda> "I know you said something that pissed me off, and now we're arguing I want to bring it up, but I can't remember what it was."
< e1f> was it a sticky note on my desk, was it on stickies.app, was it a text file at home or a text file at work
< e1f> or was it my hipster pda
< PilZ-E> bda: You are on the verge of ultimate harmony: The "you're right, honey" level of enlightenment.
< bda> PilZ-E: Which is only *mostly* comforting, really.

August 16, 2007
August 24, 2007

< bda> Legacy.
< bda> This is an inherited mess.
< bda> (Which is not much of an excuse, but it's what I've got.)
< dwc-> bda: it's understandable
< dwc-> I've had plenty of uh, legacy ... cruft. to deal with for awhile before it can finally get tossed
< bda> dwc-: The vast majority of the other cruft has been replaced with shiny, maintainable things.
< bda> This site is hours away, I have no easy mode of transit, blah blah blah.
< bda> Soon I will build a pod of Sun boxes and hitchhike up there with a scary old man who insists I hold his dentures for him.
< Tempt> a pod of Sun boxes
< Tempt> Does the pod open and give birth to an army of drones?
< bda> No, an army of zones.
< Tempt> boom-tish

< umdstu> it's nothing huge, i just need to get a bare simple 20 mail server going so nothing crazy
* mbalmer thinks sendmail will be umdstu's friend
< bda> Sendmail is not anyones friend.
< bda> Sometimes it just does not push you in a puddle in front of all the cool kids.
< mbalmer> however, sendmail works for me ;)
< bda> You're probably one of the grumpy gothemo kids it deigns to associate itself with.
< bda> helo mbalmer
< bda> 250 Hey did you hear the new My Chemical Romance track? It was good... you know, as good as stuff can ever get in this horrible, dark world of darkness.
< mbalmer> ??
< mbalmer> what dope did you smoke? ;P
< bda> I was continuing on with my Sendmail High School thing.
< bda> None.
< bda> Sleep toxins are my anti-drug!

September 9, 2007

<@s4rk> It's hard for me to imagine what a "good" SA is like.
< pthread> s4rk: I'll give you a clue, he's a flaming asshole.
<@bda> bah.
<@bda> A good SA is not a flaming asshole.
<@bda> That's a stereotype perpetrated by jerkface programmers.

October 18, 2007

< bda> I think I'm going to end up rewriting all of my post-install scripts. :\
< bda> Jumpstart/JETs lack of a "classes" concept is really annoying.
< rjbs> bda: what are you doing talking about classes, sysadmin?
< rjbs> don't you know that's OUR word?
< bda> Ages upon ages ago, ICARIX stole it from the Developers so that his sysadminii kin could group hosts of similiar configuration.
< rjbs> that's why he was chained to a boulder, with birds pecking at his liver
< confound> haha
< rjbs> So, I gave a talk at PPW about App::Cmd, in which I mentioned "freakin' sysadmins."
< bda> Frak you, developer.
< rjbs> Later on, jcap and I were in a disused room talking, and a bunch of people came in. "Is this the BOF room?" // So I said, "Yeah. What BOF is in here?" // "The freakin' sysadmins BOF."
< bda> No respect.

January 5, 2008

-!- vmlemon [n=vmlemon@unaffiliated/vmlemon] has joined #opensolaris
< Tempt> vmlemon!
< Tempt> lemon is just the thing for a gin and tonic!
* bda wraps it around a brick and hits Tempt with it.
< Tempt> and vmlemon
< Tempt> if it runs short on juice, you just page the dry bits out and get some fresh lemon

January 11, 2008

< TomJ> what does head -1 /etc/release say?
< maldous> moo
< bda> Screw Solaris Next. Where do I get Solaris moo?
< maldous> It's udder research. Cud be released any day moo.

January 24, 2008

< confound> https://trac/wiki/DrinkOrders
< bda> There's no gin on there.
< confound> reload

Things we will not order:

  • gin

< bda> LAME
< confound> HTH
< bda> TTTH
< confound> what
< bda> Talk To The Hand.
< bda> Beyotch.
< confound> sorry, I didn't realize we were time-travelling to 1990
< bda> I am wearing my TARDIS boxers today.
< confound> inside they're the size of a warehouse

February 2, 2008

<@bda> My food cut me!
<@bda> :(
<@ejp> ...
<@ejp> "How you know you're in Philly"

April 30, 2008

<kitten> Did I give you my Vanilla Ice report yet?
<bda> No, you didn't.
<kitten> Christ.
<kitten> First, the guy's a dick. :)
<kitten> Which, I know, duh.
<kitten> But he kept everyone waiting for two hours.
<kitten> And then did, like, five songs.
<kitten> But the venue.
<kitten> It was..
<kitten> It was called Cowboys.
<kitten> Huge club, middle of fucking nowhere in north Georgia.
<kitten> They may as well have called this place Crackertown.
<kitten> Or Honkeyville.
<kitten> There was not one black guy there. Not one Asian, not a single Hispanic dude.
<kitten> It was absolutely terrifying.
<kitten> And the music.
<kitten> My god.
<kitten> And the honkeys all knew the songs, and they all danced *in sync*.
<kitten> You know how I'd joke about the tourists that would show up from the salsa club or rock club next door, and come into the goth club, and act utterly petrified at the goings-on?
<kitten> I know what they felt like now.
<kitten> You could go to a Klan rally and not feel this fucking white.

May 11, 2008

< cmihai> I always said Java was dirty

June 14, 2008

< tiziano84> Hi
< tiziano84> How can I cane make an "online update" of openSolaris ?
< tsang> put your computer on a line and proceed with the update
< CosmicDJ> download a newer release and liveupgrade it :)
< e^ipi> let's go back to first principles here, shall we
< e^ipi> which distro are you using?
< e^ipi> the one with the bubbles, or the other one?

June 30, 2008

<bda> link
<kitten> Wow.
<kitten> So I think I've found a new job.
<bda> Timing, Andy. Timing.

July 3, 2008

<bda> Her dad is so weird.
<kitten> As weird as a keyboard guitar?
<bda> Probably.
<bda> Huh.
<bda> Maybe that's what that woman in The Last Starfighter was asking Alex over and over.
<bda> "Keytar? Keytar?"
<bda> She just wanted to rock like it was 1983.
<kitten> Sometimes I hate you.
<kitten> And by sometimes, I mean frequently.

September 5, 2008

* solios imagines that's Lud in the distance, squees

November 1, 2008

<kitten> sup.
<bda> Not much.
<bda> Workin'.
<kitten> On the weekend?
<bda> Everybody is.

December 13, 2008

< bda> Dude.
< bda> So I'm in bed reading and hear buzzy flapping coming from my desk.
< bda> Like a moth on a lightbulb.
< bda> So I look at my lamp and there's some shit going down behind the bulb. I can see some movement through the holes in the back, by the switch.
< bda> So I wait for shit to resolve itself, thinking "A moth got caught back there? Weird."
< bda> But I don't see any wings or antenna, and it seems to have an awful lot of legs for a moth.
< bda> Finally it stops moving and I take a closer look, through the holes.
< bda> A fucking spider went into my lamp after a fly and fried itself!
< bda> Now I'm worried a fucking bird is going to fly into the damn thing!
< robf> I guess not every insect can be on the varsity team.

January 28, 2009

Andy Zebrowitz

Bryan Allen

Andy Zebrowitz
Hang on. ^_^

Bryan Allen

Andy Zebrowitz
Shut up.
I already know what you're going to say.

Bryan Allen

Andy Zebrowitz
The colon/semicolon key is broken, okay?

Bryan Allen

May 28, 2009

Watching Outlander (2008), and spamming irk while doing so. It stars James Caviezel. You know. Bondage Jesus. He plays an alien who crashlands in Viking-era Norway (Earth being an abandoned alien seed colony).

At one point, Space Jesus has a bunch of Vikings building a trap for the Space Dragon.

< bda> "Is it deep enough for ya?" "No. Four more feet. And when you're done, I need two rows of postholes running up both sides." "Postholes. What do you need postholes for?" "...posts." "<dirty face>"
< bda> Jesus needs a postholer.
< bda> C'mon, no takers?
< bda> "What does JESUS need with a POSTHOLER?!"
< rjbs> I'm not going there.
< rjbs> Nobody fucks with the Jesus.
< ejp> I was going to say something, but I got hung up.
* bda groans.
< ejp> happy to help.

It's a pretty decent Beowulf story, with surprise John Hurt and Ron Perlman. Hard to argue with that.