"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
Month in review.

Last month was pretty busy in terms of people visiting. My sister was in town for a weekend, just hanging out. We attempted to find touristy things to do, but (if you know either me or her, it should be obvious that we) failed miserably at it. We ended up sitting around, threw an ad hoc BBQ (there's another one of those tomorrow, actually); overall she seemed to have a good time. My friends (though perhaps more Pete's college friends, who are entertaining dirtbags for sure) were amusing. She brought rolled tacos from Yuma, and those were a big hit (as if they couldn't be).

Since she was theoretically visiting as part of a birthday present, I got her an iPod nano, and gave her my old 12" albook (also maxed out the RAM; OS X is pretty beat with 640MB). We spent a couple hours going over various OS X features, and she picked up on it really quickly (which is not surprising; OS X is easy and she is a quick learner at most things anyway). She emailed me the other day saying how much she enjoyed using it, so unless she's saying that shit just to make an old nerd feel good, I'm pretty happy about it.

Adam and Sophy flew in from SFO that weekend for Adam's graduation. It was really good seeing them both. There was much eating and drinking and generally having a good time. By the end of the visit, they were both pretty beat and looked ready to get back home. Unfortunately for them, home is actually Philadelphia, and San Francisco is just some weird layover pyramid scheme thing. Assholes. Come back to Cu-ba, Paco.

Gallo threw a BBQ at his place the night they flew in, which was quite a bit of fun. Harry got a little too drunk and slapped Adam in the balls. You'd expect people on togas to be standing over him and chanting but no, it was just me and some other fuzzy shape (ah, alcohol) helping him up while he was trying to laugh and say "It's still funny, it's still funny!"

It would probably be wise to invest in a cup, just in case. The "watch your junk" buttons solios is making up for pumpcon this year will definitely be seeing a lot of usage, I reckon.

And last weekend Michelle threw a surprise birthday party for merz at her new place. Half the attendees were nerds, the rest were the music/emo/whatever people who avoid the nerds as much as possible. So you have all these people in the backyard, sort of milling around waiting for the birthday dude so show up, and when he finally does we just sort of stare at him for a few seconds, like those stupid little dogs who haven't yet decided if they want to flee or start yapping at you in their annoying little voices or just shit themselves.

Then someone (I don't remember who) realizes maybe a "surprise" would be helpful. No yapping, but I can't attest that no one shat their pants. merz may have shown some small amount of expression when confronted with twenty or so unexpected people in his girlfriend's backyard. It was shocking. I was shocked. Are you getting that there was totally some shockage and shit?

It was like High School that way. Or maybe I was just cranky that night because it was hot and I'd been hit in the head with a Cisco 4506 earlier in the day (those fuckers are heavy, even with the power supplies pulled out). I had went to some comic shop over by Penn's campus that afternoon to pick up a present for merz (according to Michelle he does dig graphic novels, and does enjoy superhero stuff -- so I grabbed the first trade of Astrocity, which is awesome superhero stuff); after walking the two miles from Drexel to 40th St. and back, I was pretty sweaty and smelly. So spending the rest of the night in that state was not very pleasant. I mostly hung around inside with Evan, Maggie, Nick K. and eventually Pete.

They had cake made with Guinness. I don't much care for Guinness. But it was fucking awesome cake. Overall, it was fun. We ended the night drinking wine out of coffee mugs, and it's hard, if not impossible, to top that level of awesomeness.

Tomorrow Cronin and crew will be coming over to cook me some tasty food, yet again. I wonder if I could get away with blaming him and Nick K for my getting fat. They're the primary impetuous behind these BBQs, and they were the ones who pushed the weekly dinners as well.

Attributing blame to others for being a lazy fuck is teh win.

Anyway, as you can might be able to tell, June was a pretty good month, and hopefully July will be even better. Now all I need is some hot chicks to come bathe me, roll me over every now and then so I don't get the bedsores, and bring me Cinnamon Toast Crunch every morning. And afternoon.

Fo' rizzle, it's the small things that keep one sane.

July 1, 2006 2:21 AM

I'm making buttons? News to me.

Though I suppose it isn't out of the question so long as somebody can dig up a place to get 'em printed. And Dragorn said something about stickers awhile back.... maybe we can have a whole line of merch available! :O

Posted by: solios at July 1, 2006 8:54 PM
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