"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
November 5, 2005

<@bikepunx> anger and hatred rising
<@bda> bikepunx: Uh oh.
<@bda> bikepunx: Hey.
<@bda> So I've been ordering from Giannas a bit recently.
<@bda> And all the delivery guys are different dudes, right?
<@bikepunx> nice
<@bda> But they all look like you.
<@bda> Y'know.
<@bikepunx> hahaha
<@bda> Punkemohipsters.
* bda grins.
<@bikepunx> hatred rising
<@bda> bahah
<@bikepunx> which giannas... south st or center city?
<@bda> South St.
<@bikepunx> i didnt even know they delivered
<@bda> For a couple months now.
<@bda> I'm just glad they're giving those alt kids jobs.
<@bda> Delivering my food gives them the training they need to be real couriers and earn their actual courier bags.

When I lived on Lombard, I used to go to Gianna's pretty regularly for lunch as it was four blocks from my apartment and I worked from home rather often. Good stuff. Their big thing is they serve actual vegan food as well as, y'know, dead things, so all the alt punk bike messenger kids go there. Along with all the people who will put up with those people so they can get some real south Philly cheesesteak tastiness. The cook while I went there was this big Italian dude, greased hair, sneer, the works. It was just so surreal it was not hard not to love the place.

They had really weird hours, though, so sometimes I'd end up walking the half block to Subway when I really wanted an actual cheesesteak.

I don't know why, but it's hilarious to me that they deliver now, keep sane hours, but their delivery guys are all courier-wannabes. They've got the threads, the piercings, the right kind of bikes, the shoes.

It's entirely possible that I'm just too easily amused.

10:21 PM | Life
November 6, 2005


  • Laptop decided to change my password while I was in the shower and it was screenlocked. This made me somewhat paranoid, so I reinstalled it.
  • It made me so paranoid that I regenerated my SSH keys and randomized my passwords on all the machines I have a shell on. I have too many shells.
  • Harry and I were going to do some work at Factory, but the lock was busted. So we couldn't get in. I wasted eight bucks on cab fare, and he drove out from West Philly for no reason. I had a list of things to do; nothing was accomplished.
  • iPod appears to have locked up.


  • Went to grocery store. (This is also a con, as we had to deal with going to the grocery store.)
  • I'm finally able to do laundry after oh, weeks. And weeks. Clean clothes are so awesome.
  • Pete made tacos.
November 8, 2005

Check the rest of the gallery...

< omega> http://dogcow.atspace.com/IMG_0732.html
< bda> What the hell Mac sub-culture is that?
< omega> I have no idea
< omega> but that bleeder is insane
< bda> I want to punch all of them in the head.
< omega> even the cute girls?
< bda> Being cute is no excuse for stupidity, regardless of what your penis tells you.

November 9, 2005

-!- silky-user [x@cm51136.red.mundo-r.com] has joined silc
<@Toni> hi silky user
<[?] silky-user> hello
<[?] silky-user> i don't see the nicklist
<@Toni> there's a bug
<[?] silky-user> nothing is perfect
<@Toni> the bug is not in Silky itself, but the libraries it uses
<[?] silky-user> but sometimes it works well
<@Toni> yes
< grey> Toni: oh sure, blame it on the libraries. ;)
<[?] Ticho> no, it's a bugfeature toni introduced - main.c, line 423, the application doesn't display nicklist if the day of the month is even, and there is odd number of processes running on your computer
<@Toni> that's odd
<[?] Ticho> it's an easter egg

6:13 PM | irk
November 13, 2005

<@bda> CiscoVPN's shit? Sucks so much that even sending a print job kicks my load up to 2.
<@eniac> ah
<@bda> Like any sort of datatransfer over 20k/s and it starts crying.
<@eniac> is this the mac client?
<@bda> Yea.
<@eniac> I've not hassled with it yet
<@bda> It works.
<@bda> It just sucks.
<@bda> :P
<@eniac> I"m a little scared, that thing has cause me headaches in the past
<@bda> Yeah, me too. It seems okay now.
<@bda> I've not had any greyscreens.
<@eniac> did you have the 'magically change your mtu to 72' problem?
<@bda> nup.
<@bda> That's pretty funny. :)
<@eniac> yeah, I laughed...later

1:39 AM | irk

-!- Irssi: Starting query in slashnet with kitten
<kitten> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0417148/
<kitten> WTF.
<kitten> "So, what ideas do you have?"
<kitten> "Uh... well, there's these snakes, right?"
<kitten> "I'm listening."
<kitten> "And they're on a plane..."
<kitten> "I'm giving you 20 million dollars."
<bda> Welcome like to Last Month's Meme I Didn't Care About, I'm your host, Bryan Allen. Our guest tonight is Andy "kitten" Zebrowitz, from Atlanta, Georgia.
<bda> How you doin' tonight, kitten?
<kitten> Well, Bryan.
<kitten> I didn't hear about it until today.
<kitten> You see, unlike some sad net losers, I have a social life.
<kitten> It prevents me from obsessively combing movie boards eveyr five mintes for breaking news.
<bda> Weak return.
<kitten> But I do have some breaking news here.
<bda> Though you'll notice the whole "I Didn't Care About" bit.
<kitten> We now go live to Bryan being a fucktard.
<kitten> Bryan?
<bda> Hey, again, guys. Bryan here, just want to make sure you all know that the trick is to bang the rocks together.
<kitten> We're hilarious.
<bda> Must have missed the funny part.
<kitten> Well, we are.
<kitten> ...
<kitten> You're going to embarass me in front of my friends, aren't you?
<kitten> And Carrie.
<kitten> God, I hate you.
<bda> I don't see how.
<bda> I don't prance about in leather letting people smack me.
<bda> Oh.
<bda> Or am I embarrassing because I *don't* do that?
<kitten> Precisely.
<bda> This is like that episode of the Twlight Zone, isn't it!
<kitten> Which one?
<kitten> The one where everyone had changed but the guy stayed the same?
<bda> Where they pull the bandages off the chick and she's hot, then they cut to the doctors and nurses and they're all hideous.
<bda> I'm the hot chick in this scenerio, apparently.
<kitten> ...you're not a hot chick.
<kitten> No.
<kitten> What?
<kitten> No.
<kitten> Go away.

1:41 AM | irk

Woke up around 1500. Harry and I had planned on going down and doing some work at Factory, which we've been planning on doing for three weeks now (first week I overslept, second week the door was busted so we couldn't get in, today I overslept again), but that was more or less out. However, we also wanted to get Phoebe's for dinner, so uh, we did that. Pretty good turn-out, and we ate at Factory. Got to see Bryce and Steph who I never see these days.

Also, Phoebe's? Best goddamn BBQ. I didn't like BBQ until I had Phoebe's. A couple years ago, when Adam had his third-floor apartment on 23rd St (with the restaurant being oh, two blocks away) we would get some take-out and kick it on his fire escape. It was quite awesome.

After dinner, we sat around talking about shit to do to Factory and maybe getting involved in community efforts again. Then everyone but Evan and I left and I started puttng together a junk box for him. Managed to cut the front of my index finger on something in the case (yay for typing) and generally managed to get angry at stupid old hardware.

Instaling Ubuntu on a P266 is not fast. :)

The last few weeks have just been work, coding... I re-read the whole Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and it was Good.

Last week was the first meeting for the RPG rjbs is running, and while we just did character generation, it was still a good time.

The software I'm writing right now (which is about to hit its first milestone) is just trac/svn provisioning stuff, but it's sort of cool in that it uses SSH keys for system authentication and does a few other slightly neat things (like uses the trac WebAdmin plugin for user management). Nothing major, written in Catalyst so it's super easy. I'm running the latest Cat 5.5 RC (5.49 RC4) and it's very nice.

Bought tickets for Thanksgiving in ATL. Should be somewhat entertaining watching kitten cook a turkey considering he doesn't know how and broke his fool wrist. I will take pictures.

Took a cab home from Factory tonight. Get in, sit back. Suddenly, from the front seat:

"Stopped they must be; on this all depends. Only a fully-trained Jedi Knight, with the Force as his ally, will conquer Vader and his Emperor."

So without thinking, I exclaim "Dude?!" and lean forward to see a DVD player set up on the console. Cabbie asks if I said something, and I mention how unexpected Empire Strikes Back is in this context.

This city is so odd.

November 15, 2005

< Jooon> orm means snake in Swedish. it's annoying
< Jooon> a resultset-driven snake

6:38 PM | irk
November 18, 2005

< vai> fagbot: doot for the SNAFU
-!- xeno [~bafh@cloak-9EF0E230.stcgpa.adelphia.net] has joined #tildedot
< vai> ...
< vai> xeno: your timing only gets better.

1:45 PM | irk
November 20, 2005

Adam and Sophy got back into town for Thanksgiving on Friday, so we went out to Gusto for dinner. Hung out at Cronin's for a bit, was amused by his open access wireless (SSID: "The Interweb"). I bailed before Doobies, went home, played some God of War (which is lots of fun). Pete came home rather drunk, which was entertaining.

Woke up with a headache Saturday afternoon, and I've still got it. Not enjoying it, neither. I think I've figured out how I can tell if I'm going to have a good day or not. If the people next door have locked their dog out, presumably forgetting they let it out to take a shit, it barks every fifteen seconds. I've counted.

Somehow my day and this dogs are inexplicably linked. I'm not happy about it. I suspect the dog isn't either.

I've been reading The Salmon of Doubt for the past few days. It seemed appropriate after reading The Guide and the Dirk Gently books a couple weeks ago. I miss Douglas Adams. Some of his Apple rants are golden. I really want another Dirk Gently book.

Also almost finished with Silence on the Wire, which got really good once I got past the electronics engineering stuff (I just don't seem to have either patience or the brain for it). Just about done, so Harry can stop bugging me about it. :)

It's definitely solidified some of my vague ideas about passiving host fingerprinting. Not sure if I'll do anything with those ideas, but they could be fun.

And now I think I will find something to eat and try to keep my skull from exploding.

4:39 PM | Life
November 22, 2005

Screw two turntables and a microphone. Morning tea is where it's at, bitches.

6:00 AM | Life
November 23, 2005

Subversion hooks are super neat.

I just wrote something that will check to see if a given file has been updated in the repo (via the post-commit hook), then parses and updates another file on a remote system (as a seperate process).

Now to write something that will verify the formatting of the first file as a pre-commit. Supra.

3:32 PM | Software

I actually got a decent amount of sleep last night. After the three-day-migraine-from-hell, I died around 2030, and didn't wake up until 0900. It was quite awesome. I wrote some code until Adam called around 1100 asking if I wanted to get some food at the Diner in a bit. Met up with him, Sophy, and Andrew and had some rather mediocre lunch.

Wandered into work, talked briefly with my boss, coded some more, closed some tickets.

They let everyone out of here at 1400, but without the phone ringing, I can actually accomplish things. Yay for focus.

3:48 PM | Life
November 24, 2005

<bda> I think I'm all packed up.
<bda> I've been invited to Andy's moms for Thanksgiving Friday.
<Danelope> ...
<bda> Last time I had Thanksgiving at her place, all we did was make fun of Andy.
<bda> His mom and sister and I tore into him for a good two hours. :)
<Danelope> Maybe he'll put on his dressy gimp mask this year.
<bda> haha. She knows about his S&M crap.
<bda> I hope she brings it up in Stereotypical Jewish Mom Trying to Be Hip fashion.
<bda> "So, Bryan, do you also like being beaten up by girls?"
<bda> Hahaha.
<Danelope> I hope she hits him with a cricket bat.
* bda is gonna need lots of wine.
<bda> Fuck, I'm already laughing.

1:55 AM | irk
November 26, 2005

Went to see Walk the Line tonight. Phoenix and Witherspoon both did really excellent jobs, I thought. I need to get Hunter to see it. I remember him being upset with the choice of actors, except apparently both June and Johnny picked Phoenix and Witherspoon to play them. And uh, they did great.

During the credits, they played Guitar Pickin' Man, with June and Johnny singing... and uh. It was pretty damn close. Phoenix especially was bang on with the voice and mannerisms.

Not really sure what else needs to be said. If you aren't familiar with the man, maybe you should be.

1:47 AM | Movies

Man, what was up with Dumbledore? He sucked! I don't remember him sucking this much in the third movie.

At least the big scene in the graveyard played out properly. Pity about the rest of it.

Of course... isn't that how the books go as well? All this Nothing, and then OMFG WTF WOW, back to Nothing.

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November 28, 2005

Andy dropped me off at the airport around 0615 this morning. Took 20 minutes to get through ticketing and security; not too bad. The flight was not awful either, though the thing with my sinuses (?) continues. It seems when the plane drops altitude (between certain heights), my forehead and eyeballs try to explode. It's exceedingly painful, and I'd like it to stop. It only started doing it a couple years ago, and I'm pretty sure it only happens on AirBus/MD-88-size planes.

I'm pretty much completely on board with O'Donnell about being too damn old to crash on couches anymore. Sleeping in my own bed is the best thing ever.

Anyway, an excellent trip all around. The Bag Turkey was very good, dinner with Andy's family was fun (his cousin? Yeah, teh hot), and we got to watch Kirk fight the Gorn (after going through two used VCRs Laura finally just brought one over -- and proceeded to fall asleep, pft). Got to hang out with Tom J. and Tom W. and drink some tasty beer and listen to Tom W. be loud. And obviously there was a trip to the diner (the Big Chicken continues its vigil).

Debating on what to do about food or if I just want to go back to sleep.

November 29, 2005

Ikaruka madness. This is freaking insane.

[via javaman]

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November 30, 2005

So this is what Cronin has been working on.

<@javaman> also, how many of us get our phd topic in the nytimes.

Technical correspondent for the Revolution Dan Engler was heard to say:

<Danelope> Someone needs to start building an anti-PATRIOT "Bill of Rights Restoration" kit, including a device that takes advantage of this flaw.
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