"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
Verifying checksum(s)

I love how a two hour nap will revitalize me to the point where I can't sleep for the rest of the night, but I'm not awake enough to get anything done. My body seems to think it's 19 or something, which would be awesome if I didn't actually need an old man's full eight hours.

The last couple weeks have been pretty blah at work. Just doing scut security work; the new term started, so it's just all the typical worm propagations and everything that happens before things start settling back down. I think I need to take a couple coding days. I can't concentrate at all while I'm there, and when I get home I'm too tired to write anything so all my projects are effectively stalled. No good.

Harry and I had a brief conversation before he took off for class about not wanting to be sysadmins for the rest of our lives. I've felt like that for a while (it's why I finally made the effort to leave DCI), and I kind of feel like I'm stuck there now. A lot of what I do is reactive (by definition a large portion of it has to be), but I also think a lot of it can be automated. But that requires the aforementioned coding projects to not be stalled out.

More and more I'm just tired of computers, I think. I can look at something these days and go "oh, that's a cool idea" and whereas two or three years ago I would have immediately started playing with the shiny new thing, these days if it doesn't fit directly into whatever I'm working on, I don't really care. Even my toys projects (OpenBSD IDS sensor LiveCD) aren't really that exciting. They're just different than the other stuff I'm doing. Feh.

I've finished A Fire Upon the Deep which has to be the best scifi I've read in years. I'm about a third through A Deepness in the Sky and while it isn't as good as A Fire is it very fun. I love the 1930s-style spider aliens. Vinge is awesome.

Last week was Adam's PhD defense. It went pretty well, though apparently a lot of silly questions were asked very early on (which is somewhat unusual, according to Gallo). Andrew, Evan and I made giant neon pink/orange fingers which were under-utilized but still somewhat entertaining. Adam was nervous enough, so we didn't roll them out until it didn't matter anymore.

Obviously, he's a doctor now. :)

We all went out that night (Wednesday) and had a blast. If he ever gets around to uploading the pictures, I'll spam them. No doubt there are quite a few embarassing ones which are photoshop worthy.

Now I'm sitting here waiting for subversion to build on my laptop so I can check out gabb's (and draven's?) CMS thing they're writing in Catalyst. Not that I'm going to do anything more than look at it tonight, but I've been thinking that as soon as it's usuable, I might go back and look at /tmp again. Who knows.

September 28, 2005 3:06 AM