"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
solios is gross.


// gal;ksjdfla;ksjdf

22:18 < MyAss> dude. its 10 on a friday night and I am going insane
22:18 <@solios> old and rare and weird shit.
22:18 < MyAss> I want to be out.
22:18 <@solios> MyAss: masturbate.
22:18 <@bda> >_<
22:18 <@bda> >_<
22:18 <@bda> >_<
22:19 < MyAss> solios: its 10. how do you think I got this far into the night?
22:19 <@ralfiboy> waiting a few minutes after 9.50 ?
22:21 <@solios> MyAss: do you do the retrograde thing or just squirt?
22:21 <@solios> (the former's a more interesting way to burn time, imo)
22:22 <@bda> You shut up now.
22:23 <@solios> you would have hated high school art.
22:27 < MyAss> wow. you dont get to sleep at my house.
22:27 <@solios> heh.
22:27 <@solios> dude, I haven't wanked in awhile.
22:27 <@solios> talking technique was a good way to pass the time in high school.
22:27 <@solios> since we were all boys who had nothing else in common. :P
22:28 <@bda> KTHX NEXT
22:28 <@solios> I don't wank in friends houses. It's just not, yanno, kosher.
22:28 <@ralfiboy> depends on how you kill it.
22:28 <@ralfiboy> er ...
22:28 < MyAss> ralfiboy: you're never allowed in my house again
22:28 < MyAss> gah.
22:28 <@ralfiboy> HA!!
22:28 <@solios> heheh.
22:29 <@bda> Ok WTF.
22:29 <@bda> STFU, all of you.
22:29 <@solios> saving the ceiling for yourself?
22:29 <@ralfiboy> ... it LOOKS like stucco.
22:29 < MyAss> I want a mute for x minutes option.
22:29 <@solios> ain't touchin' no walls.
22:29 <@solios> heh.
22:29 < MyAss> so i can use it on you two.
22:29 <@solios> it's called /quit. :)
22:30 < MyAss> the new topic is the movie primer.
22:30 < MyAss> because dear god that has to be safe.
22:31 <@ralfiboy> primer ... that's teh first coat of paint, no?
22:31 < MyAss> no, no it is not.
22:31 <@ralfiboy> ha. "paint."
22:31 < MyAss> ha. "lame."
22:32 <@ralfiboy> see .. i have my own bad material and now i have to pick up some of the java slack, so ...
22:33 < MyAss> he is back on #215
22:33 < MyAss> you dont have to be "not funny"
22:33 <@bda> zing.
22:33 <@ralfiboy> yeah, but he's not in philly ... so i have to be at the bottom of my game.
22:33 < MyAss> no, thats why we have pete.

// Meanwhile, in #~. ...

22:32 <@ejp> killed by a fucking giraffe.
22:32 < shil> ?
22:32 <@bda> er.
22:32 <@bda> What?
22:32 <@ejp> and I close Wow, and behind it is FF displaying trenchy harb
22:32 <@bda> ho ho?
22:33 <@ejp> I fear the trenchy harb. :|
22:33 <@bda> :(
22:34 < solios> fagbot: doot the trenchyharb
22:34 < fagbot> so maybe when we get back to OUR PLACE we can practice jerking each OTHER off
22:34 <@ejp> see?!?
22:34 < solios> no, no, NO. >_<
22:38 <@bda> Fucking hate you.
22:38 <@bda> Considering the fucking conversation in #215!@
22:38 < solios> :D
22:38 < solios> pwnt.
22:38 < solios> (for everyone else: we've been talking bout wankerbatin')
22:39 <@ejp> why?
22:39 < solios> MyAss was bored. :P
22:39 <@bda> I dunno what this "we" talk is, white man.

September 9, 2005 10:42 PM

don't forget to post the followup. :)

Posted by: solios at September 9, 2005 10:49 PM

I hated mayo before, and I fear it even more now. This kerosene isn't helping to get the images out of my eyes. I'll have to resort to the 9.

Posted by: daniel at September 13, 2005 1:41 AM

Thankfully for the world (and you) I have no idea what "follow-up" solios was talking about.

Posted by: bda at September 13, 2005 9:53 AM
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