"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties

<@bda> Where are we doing food?
<@john> in your mouth
<@bda> wtf :(
<@john> hehe
<@bda> I am not mdxi.
<@john> I do not know
<@john> I figured we would pick you up on the way wherever
<@bda> I'm down with Vietnam Palace.
<@john> where are you?
<@bda> 34th & Chestnut.
<@john> that's fine with me
<@bda> Or 34th & Market.
<@bda> Either one. :P
<@john> ok, I can probably find the latter
<@john> so
<@john> we'll call you when we are on our way, find you, find parking by VP and eat
<@bda> Chestnut is one block south of Market.
<@john> sound good?
<@john> oh ok
<@bda> VP is near you.
<@rjbs> I'd like to go someplace with, like, burgers and fries or someting.
<@bda> Oh.
<@bda> New Deck.
<@rjbs> I'm not feeling excited about exotic food.
<@rjbs> Wait, was there a previous decision?
<@bda> They have good chili too.
<@john> bda, oh, is it the place across the street?
<@rjbs> oh
<@bda> john: Yes.
<@rjbs> Vietnam Palace is fine.
<@john> oh jeez
<@rjbs> seriously
<@john> nah
<@bda> New Deck is near here. :)
<@john> I've been there
<@john> yeah ND
<@rjbs> OK
<@john> is my vote
<@bda> ACK
<@rjbs> SYN
<@john> ?
<@john> SVK
<@rjbs> SUCK
<@bda> DONG
<@john> WITH
<@bda> It's good that none of us are members of IETF...
<@john> CPAN
<@john> so
<@john> we call on our way
<@john> 34th and chestnut
<@john> pick you up
<@john> park
<@rjbs> DONG -> SUCK -> DONGSUCK
<@rjbs> three-way blowjob

September 9, 2005 5:09 PM

and this was BEFORE the beer/scotch. ph34r.

Posted by: ejp at September 9, 2005 7:24 PM
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