"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
August 4, 2005

I know I'm drunk because:

  • I remember which way the key turns in the gate, so I get it on the first try.
  • I can type my ssh keyphrases.
  • Eric Gallo is telling me we should be good friends but not that kind of good friends.
  • There are hot girls around, and them telling stories involving their boyfriends penis -- who is sitting next to them -- and puke-covered hair is not detrimental to their overall hotness.
  • I am blogging about being drunk.

Yay for new people to be an ass around! Though as I said, we like to send Gallo in as sort of a shock trooper. He goes in, softens everyone up, then we hurtle in in all our drunk-ass stupid fucker glory, and nothing we do is worse than his typical "I can totally kill two more pitchers" behavior. Much less-than-three, bitches.

A big eff you to all you hatahs.

O'Donnell: Your software is not going to be finished tonight, but it's your own damn fault this year!

August 5, 2005

Bryan Allen: I played over an hour of Hamtaro yesterday.
Bryan Allen: I feel pretty gay about it.
Adam J. O'Donnell: huh.
Adam J. O'Donnell: thats disturbing.
Adam J. O'Donnell: well at least you have something to do on the john aside from reading "hairy men quarterly."

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August 8, 2005

Feeling a bit under the weather, to put it mildly.

Friday after work -- in fact, as soon as 1700 hit -- I think the entire office went out to New World Cafe and started with the Mass Consumption of Alcohol. That was ... special. I don't know more than five people at the office, really, and the rest I think maybe I don't ever want to see drunked-up again.

Saturday afternoon Pete and I hit up the diner. The one waitress asked us where everyone else was, and where the hell we'd been lately. Which is amusing, as we go there maybe one a month these days. Used to be three times a week. Pete doesn't go out much anymore, and we got a window booth, so needless to say there was a fair amount of remote ogling going on. I totally got a dirty look from some hot girl's average-looking friend. Made my day for sure.

kitten was up in Cherry Hill over the weekend for his grandfather's 90th birthday. He managed to flee to the city Saturday night. I picked him up in a cab at 8th and Market, and we hit up Doobies, which was pretty much totally beat. Evan and Juli came out, and Nick K. showed up randomly.

I didn't think to take any pictures, but kitten was pretty gothed out. A bit out of place at Doobies, but hey. Fuckin' collared boy.

After killing a couple pitchers, we walked down to Factory, and kitten, being the silly fuck he is, scaled the wall from the third floor walkway to the roof; there's a stairwell about two feet from where he climbed up, but hey. Stairs are for pussies, evidently. Of course, he became convinced he had lost his keys while climbing the ten foot wall, so we got to scrounge around with our cell phone displays looking for them.

Philadelphia is less than awesomely pretty when it's covered in hazy doom.

Eventually he managed to get back to his hotel in Cherry Hill, and I passed the fuck out. The next day he txt'd me, insisting his keys weren't in his hotel room. So me, my immune system already shutting down, dragged my ass down to Factory (thanks for the ride, Pete) and looked around for the keys. Unfound. Txt'd him back asking maybe had he left them in a bag or something, which is what I do when traveling, to avoid this very problem.

"Don't you think I looked there?"

Followed by a call ten seconds later: "Uh, you can call off any search operations. Found them." "Good. Where were they?" "...where the fuck do you think? Where you said they'd be."

Silly kitten.

So yeah. Other than that, nothing happened this weekend. I'm well-sick. Super Throat Doom Action, with the Sinus Killer of Pluto to boot.

August 9, 2005

< bda> gah. Spam: "get some tail without strings". First thought: "Why would you use tail if you aren't after strings?"
< c0ffee> nerd
< bda> Seriously.
<[?] Ticho> :>
< c0ffee> next time think something like 'nah, my gf already now complains i don't fit completly in'
< bda> boo.

August 15, 2005

Deconstructing TPM, including a nice ripping-apart of some Doctorow nonsense.

My favorite part of this is that we've already been through it, from the FOSS perspective. When DRM first went into the Linux kernel, there was a huge uproar, and Linus essentially told everyone to shut the fuck up.

I guess the "circles" Doctorow travels in aren't hip to it. Or perhaps they missed that day's /. front page...

[via lasar]

1:44 AM | Linkwhore

< tokage> elite
< tokage> after 3 days of more or less constant work, target's UI works with our platform
< tokage> now i just need to find a teeshirt that says "i am not a developer"
< tokage> so this never happens again!
< tokage> especially jave/soap/.NET integration bullshit
< tokage> i feel like an elephant had sex in my mouth

2:39 PM | irk
August 17, 2005

Just returned from Wawa, victorious with my leet suboptimal protein warez.

There was an older Mexican guy with a cane, who was waiting on something, so he told me I should ahead of him: "Go ahead, holmes."

Do you have any idea how long it's been since someone's called me that with a real accent? For a split second, I was afraid I was in a Circle K in Yuma, and not a Wawa in Center City, Philly.

11:35 PM | Life
August 19, 2005

Two hours of sleep. Awake again.

If it weren't for these Cocoa Puffs, I'd be out slaughtering the innocent or something.

August 21, 2005

<@bda> waltman: img linky
<@waltman> is this a still from the horse fucking video?
<@bda> No.
<@bda> It's the hot girl from Mythbusters.
<@waltman> i'm afraid to look at it
<@bda> In a plaid skirt.
<@bda> With Wolverine claws.
<@waltman> oh sure, you tell me that
<@bda> I need to go change my boxers.
<@bda> brb.
<@waltman> you know, my fantasies of her generally don't involve her having foot-long steel claws
<@bda> I'm strangely okay with it.

August 23, 2005

Finally got the pumpcon invite system working yesterday morning around 0600. It's been in a mostly-working state since last month, when I spent about four hours working on it. Took another hour or two to add some debugging (though not enough) and the mailer and import scripts. Started spamming the invite list at around 1400. Ran into three glitches, which isn't too bad:

  • We forgot to put the fucking dates on the first version of the invite.
  • I could have sworn the mailer script was looping around already-processed addresses, so I killed it about 30 in and added a bunch of debugging, then tested against 200 or so dummy accounts. It worked just fine. Re-ran against the live db and everything was okay. Freakin' brain.
  • ghetto (where this is living) moved recently, and the new provider has yet to do RDNS. So three MX (that I saw) told us to fuck off because we looked like a typical commercial/residential link. Ugh.

Beyond that it seems be working pretty well. Code needs to be cleaned up and will be released after the 'con if anyone cares. It's written using Catalyst, so it's pretty small and easy to understand.

And now that I've had my "middle of the fucking night" wake-up, I think I will try to sleep again.

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August 26, 2005

< mdxi> mmmmmm. leftover bread from eclipst di sol
< mdxi> it's almost like a brioche, moist and sweet, but it is, i think, a bit too eggy and doesn't have the dense crumb of a brioche
* bda extends pinky finger, sips Mt Dew.
< mdxi> philistines!
< mdxi> jebus i can't type/spell today
<@bda> Fucker, I'm a Phillystine.

11:17 PM | irk
August 30, 2005

Long long day. Three hours of sleep. Andrew and I more or less stopped working around 1945 or something. We wandered up the Subway on 34th St. because there's a Sev across from it, and I'd been wanting a Mt Dew Slurpee all fucking day. So of course they didn't have one. The Subway was amazingly ghetto; built into an old two-story house, smelling strangely like Pizza Hut, with not what I would refer to as competent service. I will be taking my custom to the one at 30th St. for sure.

Back at Korman, we spent an hour or so swapping stories at the office, waiting to hit Doobies at 2100. Andrew suggested that I might be able to get around the problem I've been having with VirtualPC (it crashes when I try to install any of the bigger OBSD sets) by using a non-extending disk image for the VM. It's possible that it's hitting a barrier while untarring... not able to expand the image fast enough, and then crashing. Dunno. I haven't looked into it very much, and of course there are no freakin' logs.

We got our table at Doobies tonight for the first time in a while. The place has been full of Penn kids or hipsters for a while. Very annoying. It's been ages since all the PWF guys have been together. We decided that with Adam leaving (Wednesday) we want to continue with Factory, preferably revitalizing it a bit. This seems to happen every year right around Pumpcon, but I'm hoping we can get some momentum behind it this time.

Need to talk about it more with dragorn or porkchop who run a hackspace up in Poughkeepsie and seem to subsidize their costs rather well.

There were some mediocre emo hipster lesbians sitting next to us, who spent the night scooching closer and closer, and eventually went to the bathroom together. The bathrooms at Doobies are rather akin to airplane facilities. Good on them if they managed to get anything done in there without bruising anything or picking up gods know what kind of bacteria.

We've done the "Last Adam and Sophy Night Out As Actual Philadelphians" thing three times so far, and it still doesn't seem like they'll actually be leaving for San Francisco tomorrow morning. They'll be back for his PhD defense in a couple weeks, and then for Pumpcon. Maybe after that it'll actually seem real. I dunno.

It's rare that my friends go anywhere. Usually I'm the one who leaves.

Even Saturday while Andrew and I were playing Tetris with their belongings, rearranging boxes of things in their Door to Door pod, it didn't really seem very real.

It is saddening.

And for the fucking record, you fucks (you know who you are, snippy bastards), I am not drunk blogging.

... for once.

2:38 AM | Life

< xeno> the main levee in nola burst a bit ago
< mdxi> "Biloxi mayor: 'This is our tsunami'"
< mdxi> uh-huh
< xeno> yeah, very poorly chosen phrase
< xeno> compare >100 people to almost 1/4 million
< vai> ... great and furious suck.
< esch> xeno: my response to that was simply, "Ouch."
< mdxi> drove my chevy to the levee / but the lehrblubrblrblurblubrlublurhluglub

11:02 AM | irk
August 31, 2005

<@sri> http://www.io2technology.com/ # eeep, WANT!!!1
<@sri> really wonder how it works
< bda> sri: Welcome to your cyberpunk future!
< omega> sweeet
<@gabb> It's the time of the day when sri is reading his techgeek news.
<@sri> indeed
<@sri> heliodisplay will rule the world
<@sri> it even works interactive as a touch screen
<@gabb> Price tag ?
<@sri> 18k
< bda> haha.
< bda> There are videos.
<@sri> 28k for a 41inch one
<@gabb> That's not too expensive.
<@gabb> At the university labs I work at we got smartboards that cost 10k.
<@gabb> 10k for the smartboard + another 10k for the NEC vertical beamer, then I rather get myself this thing.
<@sri> and it's just a preview product
<@sri> they are working with "big enterprises" and military on mass market stuff
<@gabb> The military application video rocks.
< bda> Eh.
< bda> It isn't interactive. It just spins a tank around.
* bda wanted to see them simulate a targeting system. :)
* gabb watches bda asking for the GUI from "hackers".
<@gabb> ;D
< bda> "Type cookie, you moron!"

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