"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
"Bring me to the blind man who lost you in his house of blue."

Spent most of yesterday evening at pobox poking at boxes with Rik and some of co-workers (who were all very nice!). It was all relatively easy stuff, but I hadn't done any actual Linux administration in so long it took me a bit to ramp back up. I especially hadn't ever touched lvm on Linux (vg*), so that took a little while to figure out.

The evening just reinforced my reasoning for switching from reiserfs to ext3 several years ago when I had a similar problem with reiser eating itself and causing me all sorts of trouble. It also reinforced my decision to move from Linux to OpenBSD two years ago. It's just... so much nicer to deal with. So much more straight-forward (thought just about all the things that were driving me nuts last night were definitely not Debian Standard by any stretch of the imagination).

I did find out that you can dump usernames with silly characters like "@" in them (such as user@domain.com) into passwd and it will actually work. Adding 25,000 users via useradd is not the fastest thing ever. ;-)

(Some usernames were really not valid, and it seemed easier to just let useradd deal with it.)

On top of doing other contract sysadmin work earlier in the week, it definitely makes me miss being a systems admin. This programming stuff is for the birds.

We had some tasty (and free!) Chinese food (sizzling beef with black sauce remains super awesome) for dinner and since it was around midnight, Rik crashed on my couch for the night.

I just stumbled downstairs to see if he was up and maybe wanted food, but Pete (who is up and having to go into work today) had already let him out to catch a bus back to Bethlehem. Ah well.

Michelle is having "I'm moving to Boston to go to the Smart Kid's School and leave you mediocre fucks behind not that any of you can blame me" party up at her parents, uh, in Allentown. So I guess I'll just see her next week to say bye. ;P

My damn entertainment system/console thing didn't get delivered yesterday, either. I'm pretty pissed. It's been sitting somewhere in the area since 0300 Thursday and was supposed to have been delivered yesterday.


Now I guess I will make some breakfast and possibly watch Constantine.


July 23, 2005 7:55 AM