"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
"I want you to notice when I'm not around."

Spent the day writing use cases, playing with Catalyst and taking an unwanted nap. Pete and I ordered dinner from Pine St. Pizza, he went off to some movie thing at Michelle's, and I played some WoW.

This has pretty much been my routine for the last month or so.

The last three weeks we've been dealing with this idiotic AIM worm nonsense. So far I'd say that 300 or so machines have been infected... pretty entertaining stuff. The first week was the worse, no surprise. I still haven't seen anyone issuing commands to the zombies, which is... odd.

I've been spending a lot of time reading... just started God Emperor of Dune. All I really have to say on that is Leto the Worm.

Looking forward to the next Song of Ice and Fire book, due out probably never.

And of course whenever the next Gibson book is due out...

May 13, 2005 2:05 AM

You can keep your precious Gibson. Me, I'm looking forward to the new Hornby book and Gaiman's "Anansi Boys".

Posted by: Dan at May 13, 2005 10:02 AM

Eh, Hornby. But yes, the new Gaiman as well. That's supposed to be in post, yeah?

Posted by: bda at May 13, 2005 4:26 PM
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