"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
May 3, 2005

<Danelope> Hahaha.
<bda> Clicking that link can't be good for my mental state.
<bda> I hate you.
<bda> I hate you so much.

2:52 AM | irk

George Lucas fears "Sith" will flop

"Lucas went on to say that it's okay if the movie fails, as he has more money than God, and can continue to make crap films with no thought to monetary concerns or issues of quality.

"In fact, his next film is "going to be a re-make of a huge crap I took twenty years ago after a drunken binge and filmed. It will have all the bells and whistles, ILM will replace the actual turds with CG and the water will be rendered using six thousand dual G5 XServes we're using liquid nitrogen to cool. Whoo-hee, you can get a serious high off huffin' that stuff!"

"ILM could not be reached for comment."

9:57 AM | Linkwhore
May 5, 2005

<@rjbs> my new phone is not the worst thing ever
<@bda> It it powered by the distilled essence of evil midgets?
<@rjbs> unknown
<@bda> That's sort of an important thing to know, Rik.
<@bda> What is it?
< vai> well - midgets yes. Evil is a character judgment tho.
<@rjbs> motorola v180
<@bda> Is that the one ejp was whining about the other day?
<@rjbs> yes
<@bda> You infertile?
<@rjbs> right
<@rjbs> unknown
<@rjbs> nothing tastes any different
<@bda> hahaha
< vai> erm.

9:18 AM | irk

solios and I have discussed a little-known comic called Trencher a few times in the last couple years. It came up twice more recently, so I went ahead and ordered the four issues that got published.

I read all of these when they came out in '93, and loved them. Mostly for the art style and invariably immature humor than anything else, as I admit I didn't much Get It the first run through (a common problem that I still have, frankly).

And after re-reading it over a decade later, well. The art is still pretty super. But it has the same issue as most comics from that era: Big Guns and Crossovers, and not much else. The concept was decent, implementation eh.

Oh well.

Sidenote: NewKadia did a pretty bang-up job. I got the books two days after I ordered them, and they're in mint condition. Pretty awesome. They're also located in or around Norristown, which explains the quick delivery.

10:07 AM | Comics
May 6, 2005

I've always hated trying to spec out rackmount equipment. But eh, it's necessary crap. And generally, it's expensive crap... but these new Tyan rackmounts seem like pretty decent boxes. Here's a review, via jcap. I need to replace crowley's current chassis with a pizzabox, and this looks like a good way to go about it.

Updated: Hmm... or one of these SuperMicro boxes.

Four hot-swap SATA drives is certainly nothing to sneer at.

12:24 AM | Linkwhore | Comments (2)
May 8, 2005

<kitten> Tom's big plan is to yell, when you see Vader for the first
time, "Holy SHIT, you mean Anakin is Vader?!"
<bda> Hahaha.
<bda> Tom is the awesomest cockhead I know.
<kitten> It takes skill to be that much of an ass, yes.
<kitten> I wish I had some cookies with this coffee.
<kitten> That'd be nice.
<kitten> Why do starfighters have to have a droid?
<kitten> I've never understood that.
<bda> Navigation. Mobile repair.
<bda> I guess?
<kitten> Why not just have an onboard computer?
<bda> They have.
<bda> And, I don't know.
<bda> It's scifi.
<bda> And not very well thought-out scifi.
<bda> Take what you can get.
<kitten> It's space opera. :P
<bda> Ignore the rest. :P
<bda> Quite so.
<bda> So why ask stupid questions?
<kitten> I dunno.
<kitten> I like cookies.
<bda> Cookies *are* good.

5:42 PM | irk
May 9, 2005

< $foo> my wife is upstairs. on her eMac, which is running the leaked Tiger GM. running a cracked copy of VPC, on which is installed a pirated Win2K image. i say "what're you doin'?". she says "tryin' to crack somethin'!"
< $foo> i'm married to a 14 year-old male

7:46 PM | irk
May 10, 2005

But this is at least somewhat clever. And really rather well-written...

Darth Vader's blog.

[via kitten]

12:40 AM | Linkwhore
May 13, 2005

Spent the day writing use cases, playing with Catalyst and taking an unwanted nap. Pete and I ordered dinner from Pine St. Pizza, he went off to some movie thing at Michelle's, and I played some WoW.

This has pretty much been my routine for the last month or so.

The last three weeks we've been dealing with this idiotic AIM worm nonsense. So far I'd say that 300 or so machines have been infected... pretty entertaining stuff. The first week was the worse, no surprise. I still haven't seen anyone issuing commands to the zombies, which is... odd.

I've been spending a lot of time reading... just started God Emperor of Dune. All I really have to say on that is Leto the Worm.

Looking forward to the next Song of Ice and Fire book, due out probably never.

And of course whenever the next Gibson book is due out...

So the top shelf of my bookshelf is dedicated to my "yet to be read" queue. Let's have a look, shall we?

The books are sorted left to right by how long ago they were purchased or received... generally. Some of them are out of order, but not by much. Of course, because I'm an asshole, I read them right to left. So more than likely the books on the left will never be read.


  • Shadow Claw, Gene Wolfe
  • Perv, Jerry Stahl. (hidden by monkey)
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon. (hidden by monkey) Christmas present from my mother, because she thought the title was "cute".
  • Coinlocker Babies, Rei Murakami. Purchased because I thought it was uh, Haruki Murakami and didn't realize my error til I was out the door... yeah. Not the same. Not the same at all.
  • Sarah, JT LeRoy. I've read two of his other books, not sure I can take any more 13 year old boy getting fucked in the ass by truckers stories.
  • Radio Free Albemuth, Phillip K. Dick
  • Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby. the first few Hornby books were pretty good, right?
  • Catch-22, Joseph Heller. Christmas present from Rik-u. One of these days I'll get to it...
  • Song of the Silent Snow, Hubert Selby. I will probably never ever read this book.
  • Feng's Space Bar and Grill, Steve Brust. Wrote To Reign in Hell, which was pretty decent. I'll finish this eventually.
  • The Handmaiden's Tale, Margaret Atwood. Purchased at Michelle's insistence, couldn't get very far with it... I have serious issues reading women authors, unless they're minimalists. No doubt a feminist psychologist would have fun with that one...
  • The Demolished Man, Alfred Bester. I'll finish this probably next month. Good stuff, just got shuffled about.
  • True Names and Other Dangers, Verner Vinge. Purchased at solios's insistance. If the book didn't smell like bleach and candy, it would have been read by now.
  • Of Human Bondage, W. Somerset Maugham. Another Rik-u Christmas present. I just can't seem to manage the motivation to read this. Probably the whole "OMG N OEZ THIS IS A CLASSIC U MUST READZ IT!" thing hanging over it. I'm really bad about that.
  • Singularity Sky, Charles Stross. Amazon whim buy from a couple weeks ago. Will get to it eventually.
  • Underworld, Don DeLillo. Bought this around New Years. Not sure what I was thinking. I managed to get through White Noise somehow, though the particulars of that effort elude me. The hundred pages describing a fucking baseball game may deter typical readers. Myself, I got through the baseball game part first and then put it down.
  • The Big Sleep, Raymond Chandler. I have no idea why this isn't read yet. I have no excuse.
  • The Beach, Alex Garland. I liked The Tesseract so I picked this up somewhere. Still haven't got more than twenty pages into it.
  • Chandler: Stories and Early Novels, Raymond Chandler. This is, as you can probably tell, a collection. I need to be less lazy. This is good stuff.
  • Chandler: Later Novels and Other Writings, Raymond Chandler. See above.
  • Hammett: Complete Novels, Dashiell Hammett. See above. Man, I suck.
  • Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami. Murakami and I see to be mood partners... I love pretty much all of his work, but I can't just pick it up and read it, usually. I either have to be in some unfamiliar place (big surprise), or just in a disjointed sort of mood.
  • Chapterhouse: Dune, Frank Herbert. The last book of the Dune series. Gods allow me to finish this series without going totally fuckin' apeshit. The fifth book, Heretics of Dune has yet to be acquired. Not a problem, though, as there's plenty of God Emperor to get through.
  • Pashazade, Jon Courtenay Grimwood. The first book I read by Grimwood, ReMix was pretty freakin' super. Nice mix of Euro cyberpunk and trippy demi-sci-fi going on. The later books in that "series" were not nearly as awesome. I read the first twenty or so pages of this one a few nights ago and have high hopes.

So. Yeah. All this does is make me feel like a slacker. Meh.

The monkey was a birthday present from Michelle. Heh.

2:38 AM | Books

<@javaman> hi
<@bda> Not a fan of this awake thing.
<@javaman> are you ever?
<@bda> No.
<@bda> Never ever.
<@ralfiboy> maybe you're doing it wrong ?
<@bda> A possiblity I cannot deny.
<@javaman> did you ever try getting up on the OTHER side of the bed?
<@bda> javaman: My bed is against the wall. I could go out the window but I doubt this would lighten my mood at all.
<@bda> Nothing says "right side of the bed" like broken legs.
<@javaman> well
<@javaman> you will look back on those other days in longing.
< hhoffman> be sure to get a video if that happens... we'll submit to Americas Funniest Home Videos ;-)
<@bda> hhoffman: Make sure I call you a cockhead at least three times today.

9:30 AM | irk
May 15, 2005

So God Emperor of Dune sure was crappy.

It was okay up until the point it became an engine for Frank Herbert to whinge on about sex and lost love.

Why must authors take a somewhat interesting idea (prescient kid with the genetic memory of all of his ancestors takes the reins of humanity's fate in his hands for several thousand years) and make it fucking stupid in ways that are not only completely avoidable, but ways you'd have to go out of your way to run into them?

I would suspect I was just focusing on the stupid sex/love stuff, perhaps unfairly, except that it was hammered into the reader for the last third of the book.

kthx! No doubt I will trudge on with Heretics but only after a respite in the form of Pashazade and perhaps one of the Chandler collections.


May 16, 2005

< mdxi> http://jobs.perl.org/job/2611
<@ejp> ...
<@ejp> it's like every indie music joke and every programmer joke ALL AT ONCE

May 18, 2005

Cisco mediawhoring on 24.

Of course, this is also the show that uses GNOME as the workstation desktops, iirc.

Entertaining, regardless.

[via javaman]

1:22 PM | Linkwhore
May 20, 2005

Out of my depth
Lost in the air
Falling faster
Like a broken elevator

Out of my depth
Lost in the dark
Waiting for that other shoe
To come down hard

I cannot communicate
Like I wish I could
I do not deal with my problems
Like I know I should

I am out of my depth
I am out of my league
Watching everything
Just slip away from me

Something bad is going to happen
I can feel it deep inside
There are shadows all around me
Like a bad moon on the rise

I am in over my head
I am in too deep here
Over my head
I guess I should keep my opinions to myself
I guess I am out of my depth

Out of my depth
Right from the start
I feel like I was born
With an invisible heart
Out of my depth
Seems like everyday
I can't find the words
To make the good things come my way

-- Everclear

6:10 AM | Lyric Spam

Well, yesterday was May 19th, which means a new OpenBSD release, which means a new theme... and this time, it's:

Free, Functional, and Secure With Our Sexuality.

Actually, it's the Wizard of Oz, but... well.


Maybe it's a Canadian thing that the themes always have to be so... fruity.

Though to be fair I did like the 3.6 theme. Likely only because the spaghetti western thing always brings to mind the Dark Tower series of books by Stephen King.

Roland. :|

I'm starting to upgrade my machines now. whoo.

8:33 AM | Software | Comments (1)

The gutted PowerMac on the floor *was* running a Tiger beta, which had some interesting issues (DNS would stop resolving. AFP enjoyed eating a CPU and not responding to requests -- taking any other hosts which had it mounted with it), so I figured I would reinstall it tonight.

Realized that I would either have to find a DVD drive, or pull the root disk out and plug it into one of my other Macs and install it via firewire...

Figured it was all too much of a pain in the ass and OpenBSD is just so much easier to deal with.

I love OS X, but freakin' Finder should have been replaced in 10.4. Punkass bitches.

11:40 PM | Systems Administration | Comments (1)
May 21, 2005

Review of the Dell PowerConnect 2724.

I wouldn't mind having me a little gigabit switch action on my desk. There's currently rebate action going on as well.


10:49 AM | Linkwhore

From the BitTorrent FAQ.

On some unices, BSD libc has a bug that causes BitTorrent to be very processor intensive. Run the client with the "--enable_bad_libc_workaround 1" option to fix this.

Apparently OS X/Darwin is not one of those libcs, but OpenBSD is. Good to know.

11:29 PM | Systems Administration
May 22, 2005

Wrote this a while ago, on or around Oct 24th 2004. The title, as you can tell, is very creative.

Just something else I'll never do anything with.

8:05 AM | Writing | Comments (1)

The Life & Times of Juniper Lee


And I thought Kim Possible was a blatant Joss Whedon rip-off...

(Of course, I like Kim Possible.)

10:51 PM | Television
May 23, 2005

Jan 23. 2005.

"Inspired" by a drunken walk home from the O'Donnell's in the snow.

My titles are almost as bad as George Lucas's... :-)

5:41 PM | Writing

May 22, 2005.

Mm. More nonsensical poorly written tripe that doesn't go anywhere.

I r teh awsumz.

7:31 PM | Writing | Comments (1)
May 24, 2005

<bda> I got hotdogs, buns, and chili.
<bda> You would think I would make chilidogs.
<bda> But you'd be wrong.
<Danelope> <bda> I made chili sandwiches and put the hotdogs down my pants.
<Danelope> <bda> All 18 of them.
<Danelope> <bda> I'd hang my head in shame if I had any but I don't.
<Danelope> <bda> Instead I have hotdogs.

3:06 AM | irk
May 25, 2005

* waltman was just elected vice president of the csgsc
< hhoffman> csgsc?
< solios> sounds nerdy.
<@javaman> it is
< waltman> computer science grad student council
<@javaman> hey, is there free coffee there?
<@ralfiboy> no, but they have palindromes.

2:16 PM | irk

<bda> via sanguish@themaxx.
<kitten-> Gay.
<bda> You suck.
<bda> It's funny.
<bda> Especially for some fuckass like you who hates Macs anyway. :)
<kitten-> I don't hate them.
<kitten-> In fact I quite like them.
<kitten-> I just dont' see the need to jerk off about them.
<bda> Well, if you did, now you have one that is also a tissue dispenser.
<kitten-> I hate you.
<kitten-> I walked right into that.
<bda> :)

2:47 PM | irk
May 27, 2005

Jose's Guide for creating Perl Modules.

Not very useful to me, but I may be needing to nudge, all subtle-like, at a co-worker whose stuff I am ninja-rewriting.


I've never touched the Exporter, though. It's scary. OO->4("life")!

9:29 AM | Programming

I had a dream I went to some awards show. Some Viet Nam vet was presenting. The Gorillaz played, and then Everclear. As soon as Art and the boys came out, Steve Mack showed up with a camera, started snapping shots. And then Ryan Rycowski was sitting in the row in front of us.

Don't remember what song they played. It was probably something awful, like The Boys Are Back in Town.

My brain is strange.

May 29, 2005

Ah, glorious weekend. Absolutely nothing of any real value accomplished.

I think the most productive thing that has happened since I stopped coding on Friday was I shaved the beardthing off.

Had to fight the fucker down the sinkhole, too.

Man, what was up with the season finale of Lost, eh? Damn cliffhangers!

5:23 AM | Life

Fuckin' A.

[via draven]

8:39 AM | Linkwhore
May 31, 2005

Good review of Haunted, Palahniuk's latest book.

I agree with all the points of the review, save that I think the final story, Obsolete surpasses Guts on its own merits. I am biased towards sci-fi-ish things, however, so...

Damn, that was a good story.

Interview with Chuck P..

[via danelope, and yes, ew "podcasting"]

4:14 AM | Linkwhore

One of the dangerous things about tabs is you'll be going through sites, opening links in tabs, closing the current, repeat.

Finally you get to a site you've no damn idea how you got to it. In this case, Kofa High School's. So you dig back through your history for a few minutes and realize that for some reason, Caleb's site, au-tism, is pointed at users.yumaed.org some odd reason, but the vhost has been removed or is misconfigured.

And then you realize you haven't worked for yumaed.org in uh, four years, so you should probably find something better to do at 0651 than care.

Stupid interweb.

6:52 AM | Life