"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
April 1, 2005

Just because it is April 1st does not make you clever. Shut up.

April 6, 2005

Today was a relatively stupid, but somewhat productive day.

Got silc running and mostly configured for work. Got crowley (the new mirrorshades box) installed at Closed Networks. Walking around South St. and Headhouse Square in particular, the realization that yes, spring is here, and it has come bearing gifts of bare midrifts, tanktops, and tight shorts. Thank you, Spring.

Stopped at 30th St. Station and picked up some awful doomtacos, then sat in my cube, sweating, and getting more random work done and trying to remember how to configure silcd properly.

The office was too freaking hot to actually do work that required thought, however, and I was starting to lose my temper, so I skipped out around 1630. Stopped at Borders and picked up the new Murakami, Bester's The Demolished Man, and Richard K. Morgan's new (likely) brainless "cybertechnonoirthriller", which is evidently not another Takeshi Kovacs novel, Market Forces.

...Hell. I just realized the day isn't half over yet. Back to work!

5:25 PM | Life
April 8, 2005
April 11, 2005

Someone please explain to me why I was having dreams about the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, which I have not seen in the better part of a decade.

My brain. Sometimes I just don't know.

April 13, 2005

* kitten- just got another gman sighting.
<bda> Where?
<kitten-> Gman was at the dam.
<bda> Seen that one.
<kitten-> When you have to go up to the observation area to open the thinger.
<kitten-> Mmf.
<kitten-> Well, I like finding the gman.
<bda> Aye.
<bda> It's keen.
* kitten- straightens his tie.
<bda> Keeping track of his protoge. :|
<kitten-> Yeah, well.
<kitten-> Maybe if his protege wasn't such a fuckup.
<kitten-> Every time Gordon shows up with his face, something explodes.
<kitten-> And then all Hell breaks loose.
<kitten-> I heard that as a child, Gordon once tried to make a sandwich and the Marines had to be called in to clean up the mess.
<kitten-> "They're waiting for you, Gordon. In the test kitchen."

11:21 PM | Gaming
April 14, 2005

< solios> I aim for the stars, but sometimes I hit London.
< solios> - Wernher Von Braun
< solios> :D
<@bda> hahaha. That's awful.

1:06 AM | irk
April 15, 2005

Daft Punk's Discovery is pretty much the only thing that has kept me from totally losing my shit the last few days.

Yay also for Interstella 5555, which is just Good. If you haven't seen Interstella but are a Daft Punk fan, you've pretty much missed the train. But don't worry, there's a guitar-shaped ship scheduled for well, just about, now.

Well, here's one acronym no one ever attributed to me.

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9:13 PM | Linkwhore
April 17, 2005

Congratulations, you have won.
You fought off calling me for a
whole year to prove your point.
But I'm tired of shouting out in the night.
My pride is packed away and I
I apologize for being cruel
when I should have been kind.
I'll be right by.
We'll be so happy together tonight.
I apologize for being cruel
when I should have been kind.
I'll be right by.
And we'll be happy together tonight.
You found a garter belt on my nose.
I warned you.
My cyrano similarities
lose touch wehen I drink too much.
Bye-bye, I kiss the bottle good-bye, forever.
I know it's made a fool of me,
I'll try to reconcile.
I apologize for being cruel
when I could have been kind.
I'll be right by.
We'll be so happy together tonight.
I apologize!
I apologize for being cruel
when I could have been kind.
I'll be right by.
We'll be so happy together tonight.
I apologize for being cruel
when I could have been kind.
I'll be right by.
and we'll be happy together tonight.


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< mdxi> PC Magazine: Dell's new dual-core PC *rawks* because you've got a whole other processor to run your firewall/antivirus/malware stack!

One of the complaints we've heard from readers is that "protection" programs, like Norton Internet Security, are useful for safeguarding their systems. but slow their computers to a crawl. Dual-core Hyper-Threaded processors, such as the Pentium EE 840, can help, improving your computing experience because the processor's dual cores can process tasks simultaneously. While most of the system is "concentrating" on making sure your Internet or gaming experience is fulfilled in the foreground, the reserve power that the dual cores provide protects you in the background, running Norton or other antivirus or firewall programs.

2:03 AM | Linkwhore

* waltman just learned something new about latex
< SWinder> ?
< waltman> oops, LaTeX :)
< waltman> silly caps :)
< SWinder> oh. not as interested now.

1:28 PM | irk
April 20, 2005

I was complaining about nmap being so slow on unisog and Hughues mentioned amap. Pretty nice tool. Grabs banners a hell of a lot faster than nmap, but the output looks like it won't be a lot of fun to parse.

Just need to write a wrapper for it.

I'm working on grabbing banners from machines we see S/ACKs from. Pretty okay fun stuff, I suppose.

2:17 PM | Linkwhore

I've been in the habit of using Data::Dumper to print data structures for a while now... it's especially useful when you're interacting with a module whose documentation is somewhat lacking and you want to see exactly what it's handing back to you.

So of course I'm rambling on about how useful this in in #tildedot and Rik has to one-up me: Data::Dumper::Simple.

From the pod:

my $foo = { hash => 'ref' };
my @foo = qw/foo bar baz/;
warn Dumper ($foo, \@foo);


$foo = {
'hash' => 'ref'
$foo = [


The autodump function looks pretty sweet as well.

3:39 PM | Programming
April 23, 2005

Well, the ligur to crowley migration seems to be mostly over. Just a few little things left to do but it's answering DNS, serving web pages, and eating mail, which in my book means it's pretty much done.

As a few of the users aren't used to BSD (crowley runs OpenBSD) but Linux, there are some issues there. :)

Installing amavis was just as big a pain in the ass as I remember, but I just dug out my link to the Fairly Secure Anti-Spam Wiki and ran with it. Some modifications to their stuff... I need to clean up the script I generated to actually install the stuff, but eh.

Took about four hours to set up the new box and move everything over, I think (data had already been getting sync'd). Meh.

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April 24, 2005

<kitten> Goddammit.
<kitten> I suck at the internet.

2:06 AM | irk

Migrating the POP accounts was quite painless. Now, getting away from that commercial webmail client with the obfuscated format... that kind of sucked.

10:03 AM | Systems Administration
April 26, 2005

So I've been having this stupid issue with Mail.app since I moved IMAP from hastur to crowley. My mnet IMAP box wasn't showing up as an "IMAP server" in the mailboxes list (the little grey world icon with an @ on it), but instead just giving me a drop-down from the Inbox icon. Very annoying.

I was complaining about this in ~. and ejp reminded me (for no less than the fourth time) to set my INBOX prefix.

One of these days I'll remember these things, and not look like a fool. :)

10:27 AM | Software

Spent the day playing wack-a-mole with a worm. It was mildly entertaining for the first hour... then it really started wearing thin. And it's not over yet. The initial box looked to be an owned Linux machine, probably popped via an unpatched cPanel install. A second infecting machine is still running, however, and tomorrow will be lots of fun dismantling the botnet the skiddies put together today.

Yay for infosec.

There was one seriously braindead moment for me late into the afternoon where I was staring at tcpdump output, trying to figure out why one of the comp'd hosts was synflooding the C&C. It wasn't until I talked to Harry that it became obvious that the C&C had been taken down and the worm was astoundingly poorly written. It would spam a SYN, get a RST, then loop, immediately. Awful.

It did bring up an interesting point, though... all the source ports were in the 2100-2200 range. Made me wonder if that was something the author had specified or if that was just how Windows manages source port allocation. I don't know anything about it, really.

Tomorrow will likely be more of the same, though rather than doing it all manually I will definitely be automating a good portion of the process.

It could only have been more tedious if I had to run every freakin' SNMP query to kill the ports by hand...

8:59 PM | Work
April 29, 2005

So. Tiger is out today. Of course, I've been running the dev builds since WWDC, so perhaps that's why I'm somewhat underwhelmed.

My biggest complaints are the ones that I've had since the beginning... I/O sucks, Finder sucks. That's pretty much it. Fix those two things and I'd be happy enough.

While there are a lot of massive changes to the underbelly of this beast, I think I'd still be rather lukewarm to the surface additions even if I hadn't been running it for a year.

It feels more like a polish release than anything else. It's more stable, the interfaces are more consistant, and all of the iApps got much needed upgrades in terms of, well, interface and stability. Go fig.

Still... Rik put it best, I think. In terms of revolutions, Tiger is no Panther.

(Hm, a caveat: Stuff like Spotlight I won't use, so it doesn't have any effect on my workflow. Perhaps Spotlight is a revolution for some people who don't understand how to store things sanely. There's apparently a plugin for Spotlight that will index phone calls, and no doubt one will be out for iChat Video conferences soon enough. That's pretty awesome, but... I'm me-centric. :-)

8:57 AM | Software

And y'know, I didn't think it was that violent..

Hell, I think that site's design is more offensive than Sin City was.

...so going to hell.

3:56 PM | Linkwhore

I just noticed that Finder is creating directories 777. That's pretty freakin' awesome.

I don't remember the Tiger dev builds doing that, and I just made sure that Panther did 755 like I thought.

But of course it isn't happening to anyone else, so I just must be insane.

To quote Carl, "Freakin' awesome."

4:47 PM | Software

What's funny is, Pete was explaining, at Sophy's birthday party, to this British guy, what teabagging [NSFW, I guess] was.

Well, not so much explaining as "Er, you don't know?" and the Brit, being only British and not a moron, figured it out soon after.

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4:50 PM | Linkwhore

Bryan Allen: What are you ordering?
Peter Moffe: for dinner?
Peter Moffe: ehh,
Peter Moffe: i'll take...
Peter Moffe: creamuv sum yung gye
Peter Moffe: they have that?
Bryan Allen: Well, I ain't all that young no more.
Peter Moffe: hahaha
Peter Moffe: order me...
Peter Moffe: veggy lo mein and an egg roll
Bryan Allen: wtf.
Peter Moffe: and a thing of white rice
Bryan Allen: You order it.
Bryan Allen: I'm not home.
Peter Moffe: i'm not home either
Bryan Allen: wtf!
Peter Moffe: i'm still at work
Bryan Allen: You sloppy whore.
Bryan Allen: I thought you were at home.
Peter Moffe: no
Bryan Allen: Well, I'm probably not going to be out of here for another 30min.
Bryan Allen: And then it will take 30-45 to get home.
Bryan Allen: So.
Bryan Allen: I want some chicken and mixed veggies.
Bryan Allen: And an egg roll.
Bryan Allen: With a side of Natalie Portman and an extra helping of Jessica Alba.
Bryan Allen: kthx
Peter Moffe: ok
Peter Moffe: but i'm dipping my weewee first
Peter Moffe: and not pulling out
Peter Moffe: tell me if it tastes like salt
Bryan Allen: Then I'd like to change my order to something that's on fire.
Peter Moffe: hahahah

5:11 PM | Life
April 30, 2005

Well, I'm an ass.

I had my laptop cut into two partitions while I was running the Tiger dev builds. Now that ADC has seeded 8A428 (which is the Tiger GM) I figured I would reformat and install on a single partition. So I back up /Users/bda to my 10G iPod and then wander upstairs to put more crap on the iPod while Tiger installs on my laptop.

I sit down at my desk, plug in the iPod, and go "wtf is this bda directory doing here? Delete!"

I've been like this all day. Just. Wow.

So I break out Data Rescue X and it sees nothing useful. Sucks for me!

So I pretty much lost ~/tmp, which contained all sorts of random stuff, like data from my work network scans, and ~/Projects, which contained, well... code from the last four years. Whoops! Thankfully it all sucked!

I have backups of the working code, of course, since I'm using it elsewhere. And I have backups of my address book, calenders and thank the gods backups of my keychain and ssh keys. Cos wow. That would have been pretty much awful.

I'm sitting here building an encrypted disk image of what I can find to back up, like an asshole, and it has gone from a 2.3G ~ to 260MB.


Smooth fuckin' move, Allen.

Nice. Just another example of Google isn't exactly like most companies.

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There was a time when I could say it right to you
that I was never going to leave this place
but now its "I was wrong"
and "I don't wanna fucking talk about it"
cause it feels like things have changed
Yeah well I could talk, talk, talk
and say I'm wrong, wrong, wrong
but I feel I'm in a place I've never known
and it feels like there's something wrong,
something wrong, something wrong
and I know that I don't wanna know...
I'm never going back again
there was a time when I would say I must be crazy
that I would say this place is looking strange
but now its "I'm kinda lost" and "I just don't remember"
because things never stay the same...yeah, well I could talk, talk...

-- Less Than Jake

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