"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
March 1, 2005

I spent half the day playing with Log::Dispatch and the other half fighting with CGI::Application, which I don't recall requiring any work to make work at all when I started writing Archivist last year.

Log::Dispatch is super cool, though. I think I'll be playing with substianating several objects for different log levels so I can log to different places (since I'm probably just going to be logging to files for the time being). L::D::File::Timestamped is kind of confusing, though. I can't think of many situations where you'd want to write to $file-$timestamp, which is really not what I thought it would do. :)

Tomorrow is finishing CGI::App, Sessions, and starting up with Net::SNMP!

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March 2, 2005
March 5, 2005

GUI Administrator for MySQL. For those of you who... care, I guess.

I don't, particularly. I don't admin databases so much as install them, start them, and walk away. But hey, for you "DBAs"...

[via Lasar]

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March 8, 2005

Wind and ice make me so very very happy.

Walking down 2nd St. I could have just used my coat as a mast and skated down the sidewalk.

While I didn't fall over at any point, I did stop when the wind gusted to near lightspeed to shake my fist at it.

While we were walking up to 30th St Station for food, Harry exclaimed "Damnit! Ice in the ear! Fuckin' wet willie from Mother Nature, I guess."


March 13, 2005

The night shift manager at Wawa, Bashir, asked why I wasn't out celebrating St. Paddy's.

I told him I was just too Irish tonight.

2:37 AM | Life
March 14, 2005

Debian drops various arch support.

15:14 <@bda> Dropping SPARC is weird.
15:15 < mdxi> not as weird as *keeping* itanium

My only remaining Linux machine will be gone by the end of the month, so I can't say I care much either way. Not that I have any SPARC hardware laying around that I'd put Linux on anyway.

Speaking of. I need to steal that damn E4500 out of Andrew's cube...

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<kitten-> sigh.
<kitten-> I uak a
<kitten-> I have wax all over my hands now,
<bda> Wax.
<bda> What the fuck?
<kitten-> I'm playing with this candle.
<bda> Why are you playing with a candle at work?
<kitten-> Because I can.
<bda> I guess you've got me there.

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March 17, 2005

Went to Gusto with the O'Donnells and Sophy's sister last night, for the now-standard tasty pizza. Thought about stopping at Barnes after dinner to pick up a Poul Anderson book, as Dan Engler has been going off about him for a couple months now. Called Dan up to find out which I should, but he was still at work (I presume) so instead I just left a message: "Wakka wakka. Wakka wakka. ... Wakka." Went home instead. I'll stop by Penn Bookstore this afternoon maybe. I need a break from this Super Epic Fantasy Political Nonsense of the second "Ice and Fire" book.

(Pete described the series as "War of the Roses with a little bit of magic", which to me isn't much of a compliment, but.)

Yay for crashing at 2030 or something stupid, and waking up at 0200.

Well, I finally got around to resizing /usr on ghetto at least. And upgrading dovecot on there, and hastur as well. This should (hopefully) fix the hanging runaway imap process that eats the CPU.

Now I get to sit here and watch Mail.app re-cache a few thousand messages.

The other day I had to go back to Jersey to do some contract work for DCI (the RAID blew its SCSI interface, so we had to set up using a ccd with the backed up data; trivial work, but it was nice to do actual sysadmin stuff instead of the silly shit I've been doing at Drexel for the last couple weeks), and as soon as I stepped out of the station at Ferry Ave., I smelled burning tires.

Good to know Jersey hasn't changed at all.

It was entertaining hanging out with adamk again, as well.

And now... back to playing with Catalyst and MojoMojo.

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March 20, 2005

Friday, waiting for the el at 34th St. Station, I saw some kid carrying a Blue and White PowerMac up the stairs.

If nothing else would suggest that the kids are moving back into the dorms tomorrow, that should have.

I remember when I first got the machine that hosts ghetto now, a Dell PowerEdge something or other tower box. SCSI. Heavy as hell. Carried it home on PATCO, then walked the eight or nine blocks to my apartment.


That sucked.

12:17 AM | Life

Best quote from the on-going flamewar on misc@openbsd.org regarding Adaptec ignoring OpenBSD's requests for RAID card docs for four months (and some FreeBSD dev who worked at Adaptec and ported AAC drivers around with encumbered tools getting involved) thus far:

Sure, there's a "free" driver, and a non-free management interface, so it's only half a driver. Pretending to have a production system using a raid card that with no supportable management interface so you have to reboot to fix anything is like buying birth control pills in packs of 20. Pretty soon you're going to take a good fucking on a day you really can't afford it. Period. -- Bob Beck


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March 21, 2005

So Pete brought home a copy of WoW for me to waste my life on. Super, I think, but me being me and unable to just leave well enough alone, I don't want to wait for my MacMini to arrive. So I go to install it on my laptop, as my PowerMac a) has no CD-ROM and b) is a dual G4 500, not something WoW will be happy on.

Unfortunately WoW says "wtf is this Tiger bullshit? You ADC membership-having sucker, I won't play nice with this", so I figure, fine, 8a414 came out last week, I need to update anyway. I'll just dump my data onto my workstation and install Panther before going to bed, then burn the new Tiger build tomorrow and install it on another partition.


I boot my laptop into target disk mode, as that will be much faster than copying 25G over ethernet. No big. Then I hear the enclosure my workstation's root drive is in go "Pop!" and suddenly get real quiet. Anything not currently in memory on my workstation stop working. "Awesome!" I think, and reboot.

It boots my laptop OS. "Not awesome! But whatever!"

So figuring I'll just go ahead and continue on with dumping my data onto the PowerMac's data drives, I roll my chair back to grab the power cord for the laptop... and crack. I roll over it. "Fucking damnit!" says I, and look at it. It looks sad, but plugs in and charges the machine happily. "Whoo," I think.

So now I am copying all my crap off my laptop into my workstation which has no OS drive on it. Likely I just blew the enclosure and not the drive itself (which seems to spin up okay from what I can hear), so I'll just shove it back onto IDE later.

Well, now that the machine has free IDE. I spend the majority of yesterday moving data around... the new mirrorshades.net box (ligur Mk II) now has two 200G Maxtors in it, concatenated into around 355G. Yay.

I like that all of this happens at midnight. I really should know better by now...

12:45 AM | Systems Administration
March 24, 2005

<@bda> Hm. My MacMini should be delivered on Monday.
<@ecronin> front and catherine is it?
<@bda> Quiet, you.
<@eniac> it actually arrived two days ago, I'll get it to you tomorrow
* bda releases the hounds.
<@ecronin> I'll just go to the depot tonight, they have pretty lax security while unloading
<@ralfiboy> UPS always leaves stuff without getting a signature around my neighborhood.
<@bda> They almost did that with my LCD.
<@bda> I was not happy.
<@ralfiboy> i got a doorman, kinda.
<@ralfiboy> i pay a bum to make his mark for my shit.
<@bda> By what, pissing on it?
<@ralfiboy> hey, whatever works.
<@bda> Explains why you don't want anyone in your apartment at any rate.
<@ralfiboy> no no ... it only begins to explain that matter.
<@bda> One of these days someone's gonna manage to get in there and find the lampshades all made out of skin and shit.
<@ralfiboy> it was collectible!

2:34 PM | irk
March 25, 2005

I got my MacMini today. It's pretty super. I wasn't expecting it until Monday, so checking the FedEx site this morning, and seeing it was on the truck for delivery was a pretty nice way to start the day. I had time to set it up and burn the latest Tiger build before heading out. "Nice," I thought, happy with how the day was going.

Then I got to work and it all went to shit.

Machines falling over, all sorts of lameness being talked about.

The box I was using for dev, wiki and issue tracking decided that one of its disks just didn't feel like working any longer, so it ate it. Many bad blocks, and then fsck decided that /usr/lib and /usr/libexec were not necessary directories for UNIX to operate.

< bda> So they're letting us out early, and Paul (one of our managers) is going around letting us know.
< bda> Jeff: "Is it snowing or something?"
< bda> Paul: "er... no. It's Easter weekend."
< bda> bda: "So wait, only the good, god-fearing Christians get to go home early?"
< bda> Paul: "Exactly."
< bda> bda: "You bastards. Not only do I not get to go home, I have to burn in Hell, too?"
< bda> Paul: "Yup."
< bda> :(

And now instead of going home and playing WoW on my new mini I'm going to sit here and make this machine work again, because it made me angry.

3:25 PM | Work

Modding your MacMini to lessen the likelihood of it getting knicked.

[via ejp and aab]

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March 27, 2005

<@rjbs> I am ready for EASTER FOOD
* bda is ready for EASTER WOW.
<@rjbs> mine is more delicious
<@bda> No arguments there.
<@rjbs> if you jack a car now, you could be in ABE in time for lamb
<@bda> But I don't have to shower, shave, and put on nice clothes for WoW.
<@bda> WoW accepts for me for the smelly slob I am.
* rjbs will be wearing a t-shirt.
<@bda> It doesn't judge me.
<@bda> I can say stuff like "It's amazing how much poop I can poop" when I come back from the bathroom and WoW won't get disgusted and make me sleep on the couch.

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March 29, 2005
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March 30, 2005
March 31, 2005

00:22 -!- grant_ [~grant@cpe-67-9-128-20.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #openbsd
00:23 < grant_> hey guys, i've got a quick question. i'm trying to install 3.7 via ftp, and every ftp mirror i have tried so far doesn't have actual packages in its 3.7/ path, every mirror so far only has a copy of the ftp server list in there instead
00:24 < grant_> can anyone suggest a mirror that actually has the 3.7 install set?
00:24 * bda checks the date.
00:24 -!- SBrick98 [~unknown@www.sbrickey.net] has joined #OpenBSD
00:27 < daftpunk> i know grant
00:27 < daftpunk> not even ftp.openbsd.org has it
00:27 < grant_> ah man, so no luck installing via ftp?
00:27 < grant_> or http even it seems
00:28 < Daowee> #^$&@! stupid via nic
00:29 < bda> grant_: Actually, OpenBSD has merged with DragonflyBSD. You can get the latest sources from Dragonfly's FTP servers.
00:30 < Daowee> i heard that you could only get it by email because of.. some political reason
00:31 < daftpunk> wtf is DragonflyBSD
00:32 < Daowee> nsa codeword for the open version of openbsd
00:32 < daftpunk> lol
00:32 * bda chortles.

12:39 AM | irk

Shitty reporting strikes again... ZDNet "reports" on the whole del.icio.us/de.lirio.us thing, totally ignoring the fact that this Steve Mallet person did not write the software that runs his site.

Rik wrote Rubric, which is what de.lirio.us runs.

I don't know if this moron is representing himself as the author or what, but wow, ZDNet. Good job there.

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