"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
February 6, 2005

Rik is down from ABE this weekend, for the Queensryche show.

His account of it is here, and I don't have much to add to it.

It was pretty awesome that someone threw him a beer as soon as we got out of the cab. Go Philly.

Like most metal things, the show seemed to go on just way too long in some places (or maybe that's just my knees talking). I had never heard any Queensryche before tonight (except sampling a song that Michelle spammed me, which I didn't like at all). I can't imagine ever listening to them again, but the show was pretty awesome. A definite experience.

At one point the MC/guy from some local radio station asked everyone from New Jersey to yell (about three-fourths of the crowd), then everyone from Pennsylvania. Then "all four of you" from Delaware.

My response to three fourths of a metal show crowd being from Jersey: "Big fuckin' surprise."

During a couple of the songs, the lead broke out a tamberine. I tried to yell at Rik what they really needed was more cowbell, but the two guitars, bass, drums, and everyone singing along made it unpossible. Lots of energy.

I would have enjoyed the show much more if the guy who decided halfway through the Operation: Mindcrime set to stand right in front of me did not have a neck the size of my chest, and if his girlfriend had not kept rubbing her ass against my thigh. Yeesh!

Walking back to Market to get a cab, some dude asked us if we wanted him to watch our car, so "no one breaks into it." Go Philly.

Crossing the Vine St. Expressway, some fat girl in a car yelled something at us. No idea what. Damn yelling girls.

And now it's time to go the fuck to bed.

February 9, 2005

I'm pulling a night shift today. Coming up on the end of it now. As soon as Adamk gets into the office, I'm outta here. Gratingly, I only got a third of what I wanted to accomplish done...

1) Install firewall at colo.
2) Get a current image of the production data at the colo, so we can start syncing it again.
3) Swap DHCP/DNS servers on company LAN.

Only #1 got finished. I had to wait two hours at the colo, spinning my wheels, waiting for their freaking arp tables to update. Two hours! To update the arp cache!

#2 is still running right now. Hopefully OpenBSD's ccd are portable between machines. If they hide device info on the system, at least I didn't really waste much time. If I have to drag another machine down there, I will. Four hours later, it's at 210G of 280... sigh.

I didn't get back soon enough to do #3. I wanted to be back here by 0300. I rolled back into the parking lot at 0500. Awesome.

There was some grungy looking guy standing outside the back of the colo building, too, smoking pot. The colo is out in the middle of nowhere, at the ass-end of this business park behind a Wal-Mart.

As I was dragging the firewall into the building, the guy yelled at me: "Yo, I jus' smokin' a cigarette!"


"Just a cigarette!"


I hate New Jersey. Two more days!

5:46 AM | Work

So I'm waiting on another fan for ligur Mk II, and in the mean-time, I installed Windows on it... Athlon XP 2500+, half a gig of RAM... I dredged up my old GeForce4 64MB, too.

Half-Life 2 is pretty awesome.

The graphics hold up surprisingly well considering it's "only" a 64MB card. I never get any slow-downs or jerking. The plot so far is really good, too, though I would like less driving stupid vehicles around, and more skulking around shooting at stuff. (Of course, I say that now, but I'm going through Ravenholm right now, which is supra creepy and nothing but skulking around shooting stuff. Also: Gravgun + sawblades = lurve.)

I also played CS for a couple hours. It's still CS. The kids still call each other "faggot" and "nigger" and other bullshit.

Something new they didn't do when I used to play: Now they have spambots. It's incredibly obnoxious and makes me annoyed that while you can mute people's voice messages, you can't /ignore a player.

Or can you? Hm. I'm out of practice with all this gaming junk. Thankfully. :)

February 15, 2005

Yesterday was my first day at Drexel. Orientation took less time than expected, thankfully.

I got tagged with a Nextel (sigh), and apparently there's a PDA on the way as well (sigh). Also a 15" PowerBook, which I'm not sure what I'm going to do with; it won't fit in my WaterField bag (a silly complaint, I know, but).

My cube (yes, I live in an actual cubefarm now) smells sort of... special. Air freshener is definitely on the list of things to procure. The lights are also on, which is going to take a long time to get used to. DCI was nice in that it was pretty much always dark inside due to the pre-press work.

First couple projects are actually things I've done, or at the very least thought about, in the past... though how far I'm going to get on them before I get Access To Things and start having to deal with DMCA complaints all day, well. We'll see. Today I get to start writing code to talk to an MS-SQL box. Ew. Rik (who does this on a regular basis) suggested a few possible solutions.

The kids went out to lunch (and they bought me food to boot) at New Deck, a keen little Irish pub sort of place. I had some tasty mac 'n cheese and a burger. And I didn't have to drive anywhere. Pretty super.

The transit is trivial. Straight up Front to the el stop at 2nd and Market. Done. Much more gooder than walking through Camden.

Time to get dressed and head out, I guess.

8:18 AM | Life
February 19, 2005

<@bda> Mm. Ciara.
<@javaman> ?
<@javaman> is that like cialas?
<@bda> Hottie chick singer.
<@bda> Well...
<@javaman> oh
<@bda> In one sense, perhaps.
<@javaman> ha!

8:28 PM | irk
February 20, 2005
February 21, 2005
February 24, 2005

Went and saw Constantine the other night with Adam, Sophy and Eric C. Pretty awesome movie, overall. Felt a little long. There were a few things that were just stupid, and could definitely have been done without (or simply done a little differently and been okay). It actually made me interested in reading the comics, which Hellboy didn't managed to do. Perhaps.

Eric managed to sleep through at least 90% of the movie. The other 10% were when Sophy's elbow jabs managed to wake him up. Expensive nap. :)

Drexel has been interesting, though somewhat meh, mostly due to the environmental issue of it being 80 all the time because no one will fix the heat in the basement.

It was 25 and snowing out today, and I was sitting in my cube sweating. Needless to say I'm not getting much code written, which is pretty much my primary task at the moment.

Drexel cancelled evening classes today and closed at 1530. Should open tomorrow at 1000, though the snow doesn't really show much sign of letting up.

Pete is still in Hawaii, no doubt caked in SPF45 and lounging on the beach watching the hot Hawiian girls and fat Continental tourists cavort.. Bastard.

I should probably go battle the monster that's lodged itself in the sink before he gets back. Hmmm.

February 25, 2005

Guess what I saw on the train today?

A cute, sad Asian girl.

And guess what? It was full of snow outside.

February 26, 2005

As an ADC member, I get access to the latest Mac OS 10.4 builds. I can't talk about them due to that whole NDA thing, but they cause me to reinstall my machines on a fairly regular basis.

8a393 came out today and I installed it on my laptop when I got home. I went to install it on my PowerMac (a dual G4 gigE, "Mystic"), and the DVD-RAM in it pretty much said "No. Piss off." This is pretty common with the junk-ass drive, so I thought about it for a few minutes.

First I figured I would just dd the Tiger image onto my spare 2g 10G iPod. This didn't work so well.

Then I realized... you can boot off firewire drives. So it stands to reason you can fucking install onto them. I have a firewire enclosure.

A few minutes of screwing around in the Mystic's insides later, I had the root drive out, attached to the enclosure, and plugged into my laptop. A reboot later, and I installed off the DVD. The install rebooted and asked me if I had another Mac I wanted to sync off of for this new install... as a matter of fact, I did: The laptop's boot volume. Ten minutes later (sigh, slow drives), I had a nice mirror of my laptop.

And now? Booted off the firewire drive with my keychain, my Mail, iChat, Safari, Terminal, etc, etc, settings all happy.

Sure it's just a matter of ditto/cpMac'ing files around... but damn. When it's so easy I don't have to think about it, just say "Yes, do that thing" and it works?

Well, that's why all my workstations are Macs these days.

Word up.

1:47 AM | Systems Administration | Comments (1)

<bda> How's that other magazine writing thing going?
<kitten> It isn't.
<kitten> Because I have no ideas.
<kitten> And nothing to write.
<bda> That's a problem.
<bda> It's a good opportunity. You should figure something out.
<kitten> So help.
<bda> How?
<kitten> I dunno. Ideas.
<kitten> All I can ever think of when I think of this is that story from Gibson.
<kitten> Gernsback Continuum.
<bda> So do an homage to it.
<kitten> In what way?
<bda> Which is to say, rip it off completely, but preface the article by telling everyone you're doing so.
<kitten> haha.
<kitten> Fuck that.
<kitten> r: you are very dexterous with words
<kitten> (23:43:41) rantingkitten: Too bad I never have any ideas.
<bda> Heh.
<bda> Dexterous.
<bda> haha.
<bda> wtf
<bda> Maybe the problem is people who really like your stuff are all idiots.
<kitten> Thanks.
<kitten> Although that's possible.
<bda> The upshot of this is that you will be very very rich once they start selling your stuff at supermarkets.
<kitten> Fuck you.

11:47 PM | Writing | Comments (3)
February 27, 2005
February 28, 2005

Bryan Allen: This is hard to get used to.
Bryan Allen: Stuff like a.b.c.1 not being a network device/system.
Bryan Allen: But just a user.
Andrew Brennan: ha!
Andrew Brennan: you'll have to drink CIDR the next time we're out ... it helps.
Bryan Allen: BOOOO

1:59 PM | Work