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OpenBSD: Concatenated Disk Driver Mini-HOWTO

I just got done fumbling around creating a ccd on OpenBSD; spent about an hour on it, or a little more.

Background: This is a machine I'm sure I've complained about in the past. Gateway "server" with three dead IDE busses. In its current iteration, it's meant to be used as a mirror of our production data and server backups. These will get taped off nightly.

I "repurposed" a 200G SCSI drive that had been hanging off the O2000 a couple months ago. But it'd been laying on the server room floor (sigh) for a while, so it was up for grabs. I didn't realize it was 200G until I mounted /vol/scratch, though. Bit of a shock.

Anyway, creating a ccd is super trivial. It's in GENERIC, so there's no need to recompile. By default, you have four available ccd's (ccd0-ccd3).

First, create disklabels on the component devices. Make sure your track offset is 2. This is what bit my ass for over an hour, because I wasn't thinking.

I had to read this to actually get it. And then it was all made clear.

Anyway, this machine was meant to eat four 200G IDE drives, but there's no way I can fit the fourth drive in there; the IDE cables just won't have it. If I had some velcro I could ghettohack it, but I haven't got any. So, anyway.

Once you have your diskabels made, it's just a matter of:

[root@dua]:[~]# cat /etc/ccd.conf
# $OpenBSD: ccd.conf,v 1.1 1996/08/24 20:52:22 deraadt Exp $
# Configuration file for concatenated disk devices
# ccd ileave flags component devices
#ccd0 16 none /dev/sd2e /dev/sd3e
ccd0 16 none /dev/wd0a /dev/wd1a /dev/wd2a

[root@dua]:[~]# ccdconfig -C
[root@dua]:[~]# ccdconfig -g
ccd0 16 8 /dev/wd0a /dev/wd1a /dev/wd2a

ccdconfig creates a non-zero partition table... "c", which is usually used to symbolize the whole disk is in this case a whole partition encompassing the full disk.

If you want to cut the ccd up into smaller partitions:

disklabel -E ccd0

and use the "z" command to zero the partitions and then create your partitions as you normally would. The FAQ fails to mention this, and it was not immediately obvious to me (but that's probably simply because I'm stupid and miss the obvious as times). ccd(4) and ccdconfig(8) do not mention it either, though, so...

Anyway, once you have your partitions set up:

[root@dua]:[~]# newfs /dev/ccd0c
[root@dua]:[~]# mount /dev/ccd0c /vol/backups/dam
[root@dua]:[~]# df -h |grep dam
/dev/ccd0c 550G 2.0K 522G 0% /vol/backups/dam

Pretty easy.

January 26, 2005 11:40 PM

Yup, a good quick read indeed. I am still wrestling with my disks though - no matter what I do it seems my ccd0 won't become any bigger than *one* of the disks.

Posted by: Hakan at August 12, 2005 6:27 AM
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