"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
"We spend all day getting sober."

The last five days have been the most surreal and emotionally erratic experience I have ever had.

I spent all day today feeling either completely dead inside, or wanting to cry my fucking eyes out.

I caught a flight out of Wichita this evening, and I can only assume that the people sitting next to me thought I was on drugs because of how I was acting. I'm spending Thanksgiving with my parents now, instead of with Nancy.

I don't know that I can talk about what happened.

I don't even really know myself, still.

I just want to sleep, but I know I'm going to feel even worse tomorrow, and right now, I can't even begin to believe it will be better any time soon.

November 25, 2004 4:26 AM

Shoulders available here for crying -- willing to open sanctuary immediately upon your return, if so needed -- round-trip transportation via automobile negotiable


Posted by: calliope at November 25, 2004 8:59 PM

Always got a brother's back.

...my family is nuts

Posted by: Stevers at November 26, 2004 12:41 AM

If nothing else, the last week has shown me what amazing friends I have.

I don't even know how to say thank you.

Posted by: bda at November 26, 2004 1:19 AM
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