"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
October 1, 2004

Went out with Pete and his friend Elise last night. Got some food at The Last Dish then went upstairs for the Moqita show. It was even better than I'd been expecting. Those guys are phenomenal.

We met up with Adam, Sophy and Jon around 2200. Pete and Elise took off around midnight, Sophy and Adam shortly thereafter. Jon was still raving out when I skulked off around 0100. My throat was killing me. It's still killing me. Awesome.

The show, though, was awesome. The fluteboxing stuff was great, the timing on everything was perfect. Excellent. J.G. called Ashley (?) up to sing Round the Way, and she was incredible. I took off just as J.G. was asking if everybody was ready to shake their ass, because, well. No one wants that.

Great time.

8:54 AM | Life
October 4, 2004

Went to SFBC with Evan for some burritos. Not really lunch, not really dinner. Stopped by Borders and picked up Palahniuk's new book, Stranger than Fiction, and Pete Straub and Stephen King's Black House. Gloria has been harassing me forever to read the latter.

I finished Rise of Endymion (the last book of the Hyperion Cantos) last night, for perhaps the half dozenth time. Still as good as I remember, though again I wish that there had been more time spent on describing Aenea as just a person. The whole One Who Teaches thing came across, the whole love affair thing came across... but considering that the story was told from the perspective of her lover, it was sadly missing all the Little Things that make a character a real person. There were plenty of Big Moments rounding her and her quest out, but none of the little moments that people in love tend to share.

Plenty of sex, though. Go Raul.

I'm more than willing to admit that I may be so partial to the Cantos simply because of Aenea. I've mentioned before that I love anything with a strong female lead, pretty much, and there are plenty of those in this series.

While Pete was away for the weekend, I read the first hundred or so pages of the second Abarat book. Clive Barker is fucking insane. Yet another series with a strong female lead.

Finally started reading The System of the World, the last of book of the Baroque Cycle, and I think I'm going to have to put it off a bit. These books require my complete attention to even hope to grasp, let alone understand, and I just don't have the time or mental stability at the moment to invest in it. Maybe in a month or so.

So many good stories.

Exit 8
Small cafe
Georgia moonlight
It's three a.m.
I've been driving all night
Got a funny air
Red-brown hair
In the porch light
She said 'We're open all night
So won't you come inside
It's gonna be all right'
She said tired
I said I'm a little bit unstable
She said 'Honey, I will help you if I'm able
There's a bottle of relief upon the table
And we're open all night
So won't you come inside
It's gonna be all right'
She said 'I was born the year the rockets landed
Circa 1969 and I got stranded
Yeah, but the comet's getting close
And I can't stand it.'
She said 'We're open all night
So won't you come inside
Exit A
Small cafe
Smoke at three
Georgia moonlight
It's eight a.m.
I've been drinking all night
And there is nothing I will not do to make it all right
She said 'We're open all night
So won't you come inside
It's gonna be all right'

Counting Crows

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October 5, 2004

I got a twenty dollar bill from a Wawa ATM yesterday with the following message stamped on the back:


I was suitably entertained, but now I don't want to spend it.

This needs to be much tighter, but I don't think it's awful.

It's easy to forget how the body is just this machine. How ligaments and muscles are just pistons and levers covered in wet meat pulsing to the subconscious rhythm of the heart. Your blood just another lubricant coating an engine. How everything in you is just part of a well-engineered construct, wrapped up around itself and painstakingly designed to operate within certain specified tolerances. How it's easy to seduce yourself into thinking you're special, protected, and that as that as long as you want something enough, you'll be able to get it. If you just work hard enough. Put in enough hours. Suck enough dick or turn enough palms green. If you fuck over everyone else and make your play.

Easy to hide behind this television facade and forget sometimes it's just going to always to be out of reach. Sometimes that thing is just for the engine to keep running, the pistons to keep firing.

The early prototypes of you, maybe they'd wish this against the odds of big cats or bears or dinosaurs or just each other with some poor bastards thigh bone raised over their head. And they'd wish and they'd become just another statistic.

Maybe they'd wish against some accident, running and getting their foot stuck in a sinkhole, twisting and coming down all wrong. Didn't really matter too much at that point if they'd been running to or from something, the end result was pretty well researched by a dedicated team of everyone who'd gone before.

These days, it's maybe a bit better. You take a header off a curb and break your arm, you aren't going to get sacrificed by the rest of the pack because you'll just slow them down with winter coming on and food becoming scarce. These days you just go to the hospital. You eat too much fat and your heart clogs up, so they pull part o fit out and replace it (irony dripping like grease off a double with extra everything) with part of a pig.

But there are still predators out there, making sure to remind you of what you are. Wrapped in your six hundred dollar suit and wraparound shades, carefully closeted behind your expensive haircut and manicured nails. Leather shoes that wouldn't last an hour running from something with more teeth than your Egyptian sheets' thread-count.

Monsters simply providing the public service of reminding you of your vulnerability, your mortality.

How when it comes down to it at the end of the day you're nothing but an uncured sack full of water and Happy Meals for something bigger than you.

Harder to miss with it splayed open and spread out in front of you, a road map to the subway system everyone carries around inside them.

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October 9, 2004

There are few things I enjoy more than walking down 130 in the dark.

Mm. New Jersey.

9:50 PM | Life
October 11, 2004

I've been fighting with the OS X Server since we got it. Getting it backed up has proven to be damn near unpossible within the context of our current backup system.

This is an email I just threw together after I spent the weekend troubleshooting the machine and various pieces of software that have mashed together.

2:11 PM | Systems Administration | Comments (5)

Just installed OpenBSD on a box. Hardware: one Adaptec 29160, one 3WARE IDE RAID controller. Made sure that the controller I wanted to boot off got detected by the BIOS first (the Adaptec) and boot off floppy35.fs (as it supports both the Adaptec and the 3WARE card, as well as the awful, awful onboard Broadcom NIC -- it's pretty awesome that all three of those random devices are supported in GENERIC).

Do the install, no problems. It detects the single drive on the Adaptec chain as sd0, as expected. Reboot the machine.

Comes up complaining that rsd0* has not been configured. I say whadafuh and get a sneaking suspicion...

Sure enough, dmesg confirms that the damn thing swapped the Adaptec and 3WARE cards, so the RAID card is now sd0. What the hell?

Mount the filesystems, edit /etc/fstab, and one %s/sd0/sd1/g line later, all is well.

The whole day has been like this, though.

First the IDE bus in that machine dies, and then...

Man. I don't even want to talk about it any more. I just want to go home and play X-Men Legends.

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She seemed dressed in all of me, stretched across my shame
All the torment and the pain
Leaked through the cover in me
I'd do anything to have her to myself
Just to have her for myself
Now I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do when she makes me sad

She is everything to me
The unrequited dream
A song that no one sings
The unattainable, she's a myth that I have to believe in
All I need to make it real is one more reason
I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do when she makes me sad

But I won't let this build up inside of me
I won't let this build up inside of me
I won't let this build up inside of me
I won't let this build up inside of me

A catch in my throat
Choke, torn into pieces
No, I dont want to be this

But I won't let this build up inside of me
I won't let this build up inside of me
I won't let this build up inside of me
I won't let this build up inside of me

She isn't real
I can't make her real
She isn't real
I can't make her real


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October 13, 2004

And here's something from last week that I was mildly entertained by until it turned into Yet Another Heaven/Hell War Thing.

Working on something at the moment that will definitely not fall into that strange little trap (for some reason, my brain enjoys sliding down that particular slope; which is idiotic considering how little thought I actually ever give to religion. I assume it's actually some form of pre-fantasy fantasy literary fetish).

There are a few other bits of flashback and some raw, gross dialogue here as well.

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Use NFS.

That's really all I have to say.

If you're a printshop, you probably have a bunch of idiotic characters in your filenames. Some of these idiotic filenames have ":" or possibly even "\" in them, and the ":"? They're probably actually part of some stupid character's hex analog. And you can't just mangle the filename on copy because it'll cause linking problems with say, Quark.

So what do you do?

You stop using Samba and use NFS.

Just note that you'll need to use the -P option with mount_nfs on the OS X box.

I'll have a wrapper script for ditto by tomorrow probably so it'll do update syncs as opposed to simply copying every damn thing all the time (gah). Considering how slow this already is, I can only imagine that it's going to get a lot slower. :\

2:26 PM | Systems Administration

From a default OS X install:

[bda@10-1-2-74]:[~]$ grep NFS /etc/daily
# Clean up NFS turds. May be useful on NFS servers.


[via esch]

5:44 PM | Systems Administration
October 14, 2004

This just in: Bill O'Reilly owned.

10:00 AM | Linkwhore
October 15, 2004

Here's that ditto wrapper script I mentioned.

Re-wrote it this morning as I had no Internet access (I'm at Steve's, in Plattsburgh, for his wedding) and therefore actually got work done. Funny how that works.

The comments at the top explain it all pretty well, I think.

Now to see if it actually works in production. The tests were fine.

12:50 PM | Systems Administration
October 18, 2004

Woken this morning by the subtle beating of someone else's heart, the bellows of their lungs a rhythmic calming; the sounds of kids being readied for school, sneakers sending ancient wooden beams creaking in the freezing air.

Hours, nowhere near enough, later, we took Nancy to the Burlington airport so she could catch her flight home.

Keri (the bride) and Steve (the groom, a friend of mine of many, many years, though at times our contact has been somewhat patchy) and I grabbed lunch at a most excellent Thai place. I got some pad beef and brocolli, Steve tried the beef pho on my suggestion, and Keri got Vietnamese pad Thai. Extremely good. They dropped me off at the airport so I could catch my flight. There was much talk of their visiting Philadelphia in the near future, which would be awesome, though I think they should wait until the spring so they can do all the touristy things without freezing their asses off.

Got through security with no issues, and sat in front of the giant windows overlooking the field; watched F-16s flown by the Burlington "Mountain Men" National Guardsmen land on the strip, listening to Vermillion Pt. 2 on repeat. Eventually the flight was called and I slept for an hour.

These regional planes are so damn tiny. Twin jets, and you can't even stand up in the cabin. The first plane was a three-rower, and seemed to be full except for the seat next to mine. Lucky me. The second was a four-rower, but my fellow passenger was an older businessman and obviously well-schooled in flight and caused me no troubles.

Touched down, got my bag, and hailed a cab. "Yo, man. Philly." The driver looks me. "You know, just somewhere in the city," I quip. According to the card in the window separating us, his name is Yuri Berger; he has a thick Russian or Czech accent (I can't tell the difference, I don't think) and I restrained the urge to ask him if that was an Americanized name, and why had he changed it. He laughs and says, "That's good, but any streets in particular?"

I really can't believe how much fun I had at this wedding. Those damn French Canadian-derived humans can drink just as much as the Irish/Hungarian crowd, and know how to party down. In truth, I fully expected this last week to be pretty awful, and was extraordinarily happy with how it all turned out. I really miss hanging out with Steve. He's fucking awesome. And having finally met Keri, and watching she and Steve interact, and how he interacts with her kids, I feel much better about the whole thing. After we all filed out of the chapel, when we're hugging and kissing and shaking hands with the wedding party, Keri hugs me and says, "Didn't think it would actually happen after the other night, huh?" Referring to a stress-blowout.

"I never had any doubt."

The wedding itself was amazingly beautiful. Keri looked astounding. The ceremony itself was non-traditional and very, very classy. The mayor did the actual marrying and did an excellent job... but he somehow managed to miss an important bit, after having pronounced the marriage:

Mayor Dan: "Now, Keri and Steve would like all of you to attend a reception they're holding---"
Steve: "uh, pst, we haven't kissed."
Keri: "What about the kiss?!"
Mayor Dan: !
Mayor Dan: "You may kiss the bride!"

The next day, looking at pictures with Nancy, Keri and a very nice relative of theirs whose name I don't recall, we were laughing about that, and how perfect the rest of the ceremony had been. I opined that something like that had to happen, just for the sake of the story it provided.

It's the flaws that make things interesting.

Jesse and I drove over to the reception, which was a great time. We ended up staying two hours after it was scheduled to stop because people were having so much fun. The DJ was that good, which surprised the hell out of me. I expected cheese, and there was some, but he pulled it all off with easy skill. Everyone was dancing and having a good time.

The best man's speech was awesome (he choked up in the middle of it, and the entire room started tearing up as well; later he had the nerve to worry enough to say he thought that he'd fucked it up somehow, because he had to fight to get the words out. We were justifiably angered and insisted it had been perfect). There was much dancing and drinking. I got a few slow dances in with Nancy, and got a little freaky as well. Not well, mind you, but I can't say I cared much about how I was doing at the time.

On top of all these great events, there was a near-constant hanging out with cool people. Word to the Plattsburgh Crew for being such good people. Also got to see Jesse, who I haven't heard from in years.

And now I'm home, showered, in my flannels and too awake to sleep, too tired to get dressed to get food. Displaced. A lot of really good memories mixed in with the sad leave-taking of new friends and old.

By no means was this trip trans-oceanic, but I'm still waiting for my soul to catch up to the rest of me.

8:15 PM | Life
October 19, 2004

The kind of phone call that I just had, I could do with more often.

Interesting how random life can be, and how completely untethered it can become.

3:49 AM | Life
October 22, 2004

Moqita is playing another show at Liquid next Thursday (Oct 28). People in for Pumpcon should plan on attending. :)

Lali Puna, a German techno-ish band Andrew found a while back, is playing at First Unitarian on Nov 18th. Definitely down for that. Grats to merz for paying attention to show listings.

11:55 AM | Life

Went out to Tavern on Green last night with the Drexel kids. Not really a fan of that bar, I think, but the nachos were okay and hanging out with fellow meatbags is something I seem to enjoy.

Talked to Nancy for a couple hours last night. Things there certainly seem to be working. I am encouraged. Just got cleared for my remaining vacation days. Hmmm...

Now I just need to get work sorted out a bit more than it is. Just three or four big things need to be done, as well as somehow accomplishing the Move.

The ditto script is being refactored right now. Objectifying it and adding a couple useful features.

Wrote a couple pages of stuff last night. Some continuing in the hotel clerk girl vein, and a couple paragraphs of what felt very, very much like system. The latter isn't very surprising, as I had gone through some of system yesterday afternoon before sending it off to abuse Nancy with.


12:23 PM | Life
October 23, 2004

Needed to work off some nervous energy, so I got dressed and walked up to City Hall. That's a good fifty or sixty block walk, for those of you who have both have no idea where I live and don't live in Philadelphia. I haven't done that walk in a long, long time. It was needed.

Started off with Duality, then edged into Vermillion for a few repeats, then the acoustic version of The Hollow. Somewhere in there was an acoustic version of The Freshmen. After that I just let the iPod be random and more often than not, the music was appropriate to my mood and surroundings.

I walked up South St. to Broad, then up and around City Hall. Then back down. Took about an hour and fifteen minutes, and just as I was locking the front gate and heading up the walkway to my front door, Nancy called.

She has been reading some stuff I sent her the other night, and used words that would have had me blushing had I not just worked up a decent sweat in the process of walking fifty fucking blocks. Thanks to the Irish blood running down the Allen line, I tend to glow red after a moderate amount of exertion. The word "talent" was uttered a number of times, which is a word that always makes me really nervous. I tried to explain to her that whatever I have in me, regardless of its quality, isn't something, as Gibson put it, I have consistant access to. But she liked it all, and that makes me happy.

I also related to her my idea of flying down there for Thanksgiving, though that's an entirely arbitrary date, really. The idea went over very well.

Now I'm going to put All That Could Have Been, Still on repeat and stare at the ceiling for a while.

1:14 AM | Life
October 24, 2004

Cooking for Engineers.

While I may not be an engineer, I suspect this will be very useful in the coming weeks.

[via kitten]

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You aren't around to talk to anymore, though even when you are, I don't know how. I never thought that would happen; that I'd forget how to talk to you.

Of all the myriad ways in which you gained my trust, when it was over, I couldn't trust you to be around. And over all these days, these years, while I held myself open for new wounds to be made, I was always holding back, always secretly wishing and hoping for some perfect thing to emerge and scoop me up, to be wrapped up in covers and someone else's love.

For the idea of you to become reality. And, now...

3:05 AM | Life

Just got back from seeing Primer at Ritz East. Good movie, very engaging. Follows the recursive misadventures of a couple garage engineers. Probably the best time-travel-oriented movie I've seen, just about ever.

It was all very understated, and while I figured out the gimmick as soon as they started it on it, it was still pretty great to watch. The acting started off slightly shaky but was something you could easily warm to.

I realize this was the last show of the day, but it was rather saddening that there were less than a dozen people in the house. One of whom looked like an old hit man. He looked like fucking Michael Madsen.

Anyway, the movie is recommended. And it's nice to see something come out with a Sundance award attached to it that isn't about gay cowboys eating pudding.

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October 26, 2004

Dreamed last night that I was Little John in some fucking odd variation on Robin Hood, in which the Maid Marian burned to death in a tavern fire.

What the shit?

(Title from John Keat's Robin Hood, to a Friend, not his best stuff.)

Surely everyone but me has been subjected to the squirrely wrath, but whatever.

Most of the toons are extremely amusing, and quite a few made me laugh aloud.

Goddamn squirrels.

4:27 PM | Linkwhore
October 29, 2004

So last night I was at work until around 2230, doing various sysadmin things that because of this merger have been neglected. I spent an hour or so at our colo, updating kernels, rebooting machines, testing applications, etc. I got home around 2330, talked to Nancy for a couple hours, and then crashed.

At 1000 I get a call from Adam saying that osiris, the production database/fileserver is acting weird and none of the applications that use it are working. So I log in, note that the load average is 150 and rising, and notice that a) many many rsyncs are running (there is a live mirror of all the data on another machine), a lot of pgsql maintenance processes. In fact, I notice that anything that tries to talk to the RAID array is hanging. So I check the system log and sure enough, there are all sorts of SCSI errors.

I think to myself, could this becaused by 2.6's new Adaptec 7k driver? Naw... maybe I hit the cable or something last night (ignoring the fact that I tested the apps after the kernel upgrade).

So I spend a half hour updating the backup server (because save for syncing the database data, dump files, and the production files themselves, I haven't really set this box up as a secondary server) with everything, changing all the application information (which amounts to changing "foo-db" entries in /etc/hosts and changing NFS mounts to point at isis, the secondary), and it all seems good. In fact, the clients say that it's noticably faster. Considering that osiris (the sad primary) is a dual Opteron 240 with a gig of RAM, and isis (the secondary) is a P4 something with half the RAM and a slower drive, I'm inititally confused. Then I think about it for two minutes and realize it makes perfect sense, though I still don't really care about it.

Anyway, then I get a call stating that anubis, the pre-press backup mirror (which eats backups from the production pre-press server via an NFS mount and ditto_sync.pl) is dead. In fact, it's dumped to the debugger. Awesome. First time I've seen OpenBSD eat itself.

Then I get a call saying that sobek, the pre-press Xserve with attached XRAID, is being "really slow".

Note to self: Update ditto_sync.pl to check what it's writing to. If it's trying to write to something that is not an NFS mount, exit. Otherwise / will suddenly be very, very full, and the machine will be running very, very slowly.

It's a problem, but one easy to fix.

Amusingly, while OS X continued to operate more or less just fine, the GUI completely stopped responding and wouldn't wake up. Go BSD "subsystem".

So to fix sobek I have to go into work. Adam and I then go out to the colo to fix osiris, or rather just reboot it and deal with it later, deciding that isis is now the new primary until we can re-architect the whole data asset management network thing into something that isn't a thing but a thing that doesn't suck. I head back into the city just as solios is getting off his train at 30th St Station. He takes a cab into the city and manages to get to my apartment before me.

We then spend the day walking around the city, eating about four lunches with various people, two dinners with other various people, and see very amusing things, like:

  • Arab cab driver with a bullhorn out his window stating that if you love liberty, you will vote for Bush.
  • On Christian or Carpenter, a line of row houses with a hole in the middle of the block, with a sign out front: "Another P.H.A. Mess. The neighborhood thanks you."

And other things I am sure I am forgetting.

We head to dinner at Gusto with Adam and Sophy, then down to B&N and Borders to get a copy of Pattern Recognition for solios, which apparently they simply do not have in Pittsburgh. Apparently Neuromancer has been re-released, so Adam and I, the fanboys that we are, picked up a copy a piece of that. Awesome. Hopefully I can get that signed if Gibson does a tour for the new book (whenever the hell that'll be out... next year hopefully).

We hung out at their place for a while, until Nick and Fred showed up, then we split up, agreeing to meet up at Liquid shortly.

I showed solios what the cover of system will be, in the unlikely even that I ever, ever get that far.

Tonight there was a Moqita show which we didn't actually geto to see Moqita play at (we got there two hours late). Two other bands were supposed to play tonight as well, but both ditched for some reason. By the time solios and I swung by Factory to get my shit, back to my apartment to drop said shit off, and got to Liquid, JG and Billy were incredibly drunk. JG complimented solios on his Crass shirt, stating that now that someone wearing that band's shirt had come to one of his shows, he was done. His career was complete. Liquid was pretty beat, which sucks. Last time there was a decent crowd up until around 0100.

And solios hasn't even heard any Moqita yet.

We then hit up the Diner for the second time today so Nick and Fred could get some food. I had some tasty pie.

I showed solios the Korean War Memorial, explaining about the whole Losing My Shit episode, and now he's crashed out on the couch and I'm about to burn out as well.

Tomorrow is Pumpcon.

2:26 AM | Life

After talking to Hinder about plot and character last night, it made me want to work on system more. One of the problems is that it's gone through so many iterations of what it was supposed to be, I really have no idea what it is any more. Another problem is that I still haven't come up with a good way of organizing files with regards to where in the story they take place.

I just found the following while digging through all these messy-ass directories. It isn't dated, but it feels like early 2004.

1:09 PM | Writing
October 30, 2004

Night one of Pumpcon was exceedingly cool. I am still mildly buzzed off gin and tonics. There was much amusement and enjoyment by all.

I feel relatively certain that Hinder has had a good time thus far, and will continue to have a good time. The hardcopy of ATC he had went over very well, unsurprisingly.

The question now is whether or not we'll make the talks tomorrow afternoon. Hmmm.

I amused Nancy for a good twenty minutes by going off on some random writing-related tangent when she called.

My eyes feel like I smoked a pack of cigarettes, which I did.

Alex, who last year was going for a kind of literary Bohemian thing, has since spending two months at Rutgers turned into Mark from Blink 182, was also very amusing. I love that kid.

It's currently pissing outside, and I'm listening to selected tracks of Kid A. The same ones I used to drive around Phoenix listening to, on the rare occasions when it would rain.

Life, at the moment, is good; I can only hope that it continues on this path.

3:39 AM | Life
October 31, 2004

Pete had to jump on my bed to get me to wake the hell up this morning. He, Dan and I went to the Diner for cheesesteaks, then rolled over to the Best Western for the talks portion of Pumpcon. We missed the Hacker Trivia section of the day, but managed to get in just as Jason was gearing up to give his talk on simulating a cortical network. Totally awesome stuff. Jason is one of those humble geniuses and one of my favorite people.

Apparently with 250 nodes in this neural network, something like ten million neurons, it's still only hitting a three millimeter thick one centimeter by one centimeter square of cortex.

I wish we had audio of the talks. The simulated neurons were related to ravers by one of the audience, to which Jason responded with something along the lines of "And now I'm going to hit ^C and kill one of those ravers."

The other talks were also entertaining, but Jason's was definitely the high point for me. I was disappointed that mudge didn't give his buffer overflow talk. He was apparently not feeling well.

Kyle got pulled in to give a brief run-down of Factory. Someone asked what exactly we do there and I had to pipe up "I think the proper answer at the moment is fuck-all." We keep saying that needs to change, but have yet to come up with anything other than it being an office away from the office.

After the talks, we headed back to our apartment and I took a much-needed nap. Eventually I got kicked out of bed again and we went to Pietro's for some awesome pizza. Then it was off to Nick's for the afterparty.

We only spent a couple hours there, as we were all pretty beat. Dan and I left with Hunter and Faith, and hung out with them on South St. for a bit. I haven't seen Hunter in months, since he quit work to go to school full-time, and he seems like a much happier individual, which makes me happy. Hunter is awesome.

There were many, many crazily dressed people out on South St. Most of them wearing too little goddamn clothing. I really wanted to yell at some of them: "Look, girl, a pair of cat ears and skank clothing do not a costume make. k? k!"

Dan and I came back here, played some Katamari Damancy and Puzzle Fighter, I talked to Nancy for a while (she called while we were in the car headed back into the city, and Hunter and Faith both gave me 'wtf' looks when I answered the phone "Hey, sweetie." People are going to have to get used to this shit) and now I'm going to read for a bit and then crash.

Rik and Gloria are supposed to come down tomorrow afternoon. Should be a good time.

2:48 AM | Life