"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
She told me to walk this way.

Just got back from the last party at MIchelle's old place. Still drunk. Typing with eyes closeed, head won. Somehow managed to get upstairs. Have hiccips. Bad. Major hippcups.

Apogolize in advance for anything I may have said, or did not say, tonight.

Recall everyone leaving as soon as The Drunkfuck Drexel-related crew entered a room.

Recall sitting on porch with Michelle gods know what sort of nonsense.

Good thing I'm okay with making an ass of myself, yeah?

No idea what idioicy I was spouting. Excellent.

Sat downstairs for twenty minutes after Pete gave me a glass of water before he went to bed and sang along to Everclear.

There is something wrong with me. My life.

The tracks are broken.

The train has fallen.

August 29, 2004 3:15 AM

The first rule of Weblogging is you do not post drunk.

The second rule of Weblogging is YOU DO NOT POST DRUNK.

(For reference, the third rule is posting pictures of your cat.)

Posted by: Dan at August 29, 2004 10:47 AM

Yeah. After doing this for so pathetically long you'd think I could remember those first two rules when I can barely walk.

For the record, I feel fucking awful. First hangover ever. Not awesome.

Posted by: bda at August 29, 2004 5:21 PM


Man, if Engler's right, I've been violating the rules of weblogging since about two weeks after I started mine. :P

Anyway, re: the Train: there's no Train to State College. And you still haven't explained what you're doing at the bus stop at ten in the morning in three paragraphs or less. :)

Doing what you Want regardless of wether you can Do It Well seems to be the only thing that's kept my head straight. Consequently, it's the only advice I can give.

Posted by: solios at August 31, 2004 2:54 PM


Oh, I have. I just haven't written it down.

There seems to be a Wall right about where my hand meets my brain.

Posted by: bda at August 31, 2004 11:05 PM
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