"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
It doesn't ALWAYS smell like a dead dogs testicles on a hot summer day.

Friday was interesting. Long day at work, dealing with recovering this hard drive (part of an array; we just sent it off to have the drive's platter swapped... hopefully that will work out). Went to Factory, eventually about a dozen people showed up: Akira came down from New York, picked up Alex (who I will refuse to refer to as "assrabbit", cDc nickname or no) in Jersey. Emmet Plant (from pobox) and his girlfriend, Steph, came out. Emmet seems pretty hardcore about joining Factory, and has some good ideas about it. Went to dinner at Nam Phoung, which everyone seemed to enjoy (lots of nerd humor, etc). They sat us away from everyone else, obviously detecting Akira's miscreant streak and the effect it would have on everyone else.

Hung out at Factory for a few hours after that, getting some work done. It's goddamn hot down there.

Saturday morning I went to dinner with Alex and Adam before Alex headed back home. Stopped by Showcase on South St. to pick up a couple books of The Authority and Y: The Last Man. Sat around for a few minutes before Andrew came over and we headed over to Home Depot to buy some fans and then swung down to my old apartment to get the last of my stuff. Jason tried to get me to clean "my" bathroom, but I refused, stating that he and his pothead friends have been pissing all over it for the last month and a half and I have no goddamn intention of cleaning it. I'm glad to be done with all that. Definitely appreciate Andrew's help in getting my shit out of there.

Back to Factory, then, to pick up some stuff Andrew wanted to take back to his apartment. He's still pretty reticent about letting anyone in there, and dropped me off at home before taking the junk back to his place. I imagine something like John Doe's apartment in se7en, only with computer manuals and boxes full of twenty year old computer gear.

This is the first day in a while where I've got to sit around doing nothing. Woke up, ate some cereal, watched some TV with Pete (we've been watching season one of Millennium. Read some comics once Pete left for his folks place.

Cleared the last of my shit Andrew and I went and picked up yesterday from the old apartment out of the middle of room . A bunch of stuff I don't need, except for my computer chair.

Nice, lazy day.

Got a headache around 1600, so I took a nap. Got up, watched more Millennium, made some dinner (PB&J, Easy Mac, pepperoncinis; I should have made a salad, but we're out of lettuce and I definitely didn't feel like trooping around anywhere).

And now it's time to watch a couple more eps of yet another show Fox cancelled and maybe read some Y, and then sleep.

It maybe isn't much of a life, but at least I've stopped bleeding out my ass.

Goddamn aliens.

August 2, 2004 12:54 AM