"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
Core meltdown imminent.

Today was freaking exhausting.

Work was pretty awful. I accomplished very little (save for getting mirroring on the production volumes working again... which was trivial), and was incredibly frustrated by the end of the day.

So we recently swapped old Macs out for new WinXP boxes in accounting. I would prefer eMacs, but whatever. So like most accounting/payroll departments, they have an ancient printer that they use for invoices. The "invoicing printer". Which is always ancient.

The previous printserver on this printer was AppleTalk only. So I get the CTO to buy a new printerserver. It comes in last week, and I don't get around to installing it, or swapping out the second machine (there are two), because I'm too busy, and interrupting her work this week would not be good for anyone (payroll! invoices!), but the CTO tells me to do it. So I do.

The CTO is getting his interrupt privileges on me removed.

First off, the Wintel box's print driver for the Okidata 320 is screwed. It prints huge, I don't know why, but she has other probelms with the machine so I swap her old Mac back and have her use that until I have more time (next week, probably). We do a test print with the old AppleTalk printserver, it's fine... Then I realize that it's probably just a DPI issue... so I go and look, and while the Mac has 72x72, the Windows box is printing at 120x72... but it only does 60x72. Which is an issue. I swap the printservers back, just to see... sure enough, it cuts off the right margin. Which is where the dollar amounts are. So 1500.00 becomes 150, which is less than trivial.

So I swap em back... and the Mac refuses to print. It sees the printer okay, but says "Waiting for printer to become available." What the hell is this, I wonder. I run Adam's car back to him at the other building, and we head back over so I can deal with it (hopefully) before leaving (or staying until I deal with it and figuring out some other way to get to the train station later).

I'm really frustrated by this point. I mean, really getting pissed off. My entire day has gone like this, and this is just one more thing I don't need on top of three months of crap. So Adam looks at the Mac, sees that it's all set up correctly, and goes and pokes at the printer.

He holds up the other end of the printer cable and says, "This may be the problem."


Then I headed back into the city, and got soaked through with sweat waiting for the Broad Line. They need to install fans or something in those stations, it's fucking awful down there. Met up with Adam, went to Factory, hung out for a bit... And then. Then!

Had to go to the old apartment to clean up. I spent an hour and a half there (30m more than I wanted) and ended up completely cleaning out the basement, which I didn't care about at all. The only good part was kicking a couch apart. Completely destroying the thing to get it out of there. That was keen. The pile of garbage was about four feet high and seven feet long. I have my doubts about the garbage crew taking it, but who knows.

Except I think I bruised the bottom of my right foot. :)

Stupid lack of steel inserts in my boots!

After that, it was a matter of running a few more errands, heading home to get clothes, talking to Pete for a few minutes, heading over to Adam's to wash them (the clothes, though Pete can always do with a good rinse cycle), getting food from Sev, heading back to Factory, talking about Factory for a half hour or so (which we haven't done in a while)... came up with some good propaganda ideas, etc. Need to get solios on those.

And... while we were at Adam's, he was busy mirroring (using the "Are you migrating from an older machine?" functionality of new Macs) his RevA PB12" with his new (grant supplied) RevC PB12". Which is now sitting on my bed finishing it's OS X Panther install. Yay. New laptop for me.

In fact, selene Mk II just finished, so I'm going to copy all my junk over so I can use it at work tomorrow and then crash. I'm pretty excited about having a fast laptop finally. It shouldn't take me 45s to parse an NMAP XML file with 50 hosts in it... even if my code does suck. :)

And yeah. That was all very poorly written (ha!) but I'm beat. So. Setup then sleep. Yes.

July 29, 2004 1:48 AM

"Wintel"? Get the fuck out of here, Allen.

Posted by: kitten at August 2, 2004 1:25 PM

Blow me, plebe.

Posted by: bda at August 2, 2004 1:29 PM

Ooh ooh. I know. From now on I'll say "Lintel" for any x86 system that happens to be running Linux. Or, or, how about Motorapple? Or Macarola? You know, cause some of them used Motorola chips? IT'S SO EDGY AND CLEVER JUST LIKE WINTEL.


Posted by: kitten at August 5, 2004 3:45 PM
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