"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
-- William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties
Clever got me this far.

So NWS has been a lying whore lately, and telling us all that there is a chance of rain every other day for the past two weeks or so. Apparently chance rain is actually something that can be accrued and used at a single time, because last night, lo, there was what Adam correctly described as Matrix Rain ("You know, from the first movie. The one that didn't suck"). Rain that bounced three inches when it hit the pavement. Rain like a woman's wrath.

Adam and I are walking up Broad from Factory, looking to get a cab, and the sky Opens. He scurries under the cover of a gas station and I mock him, because I am an ass. Eventually a cab rolls in to get gas and we jump in that.

This is after we go to SFBC for dinner, where all they play any more is 80s pop music. Finally met Drexel Eric (muhar) and I think we spent the better of an hour trying to figure out various songs we knew the lyrics to, but not the title or artist. Our culture is fucking awesome.

Get home, soaked, and Pete informs me that The Bourne Supremecy was great, but all the OMFG ACTION CAMERA SHAKING actually made his friend Joe vomit. That's pretty fucking awesome, if you ask me. The last movie that made me vomit was The Little Mermaid Does Atlantis. You wouldn't think merfolks tails could used be like that, but nature will find a way.

Michelle has asked me to be her date to Adam and Sophy's wedding in September, which is pretty great. Apparently she gets twitchy in crowds where people are speaking a foreign language, so regardless of the ceremony of itself, I should have a decent source of amusement. The wedding is three days long, though we'll only be going Saturday (which is the religious component. There will be monks. We will attempt to get them to do body shots. As I told Michelle, no doubt monks are wild and crazy guys under those top knots), and Sunday (the reception). It will be an Experience.

My parents were visiting all last week, and it was Good. I think my mom got to see everything she wanted to see, they went to New York (which my mother proclaimed to be "small", a concept I am having difficulty understanding), they got to meet all my friends, so now they know I hang out with a bunch of insane vagrants, as opposed to simply having to believe my stories.

Actually, they got along well with everyone and perhaps my mother will cease berating me constantly about going out and meeting people. If these are the sort of people I'll be meeting, maybe I'm better off sticking with what I've got, hm?

We watched The Boondock Saints, which they enjoyed muchly. During the deleted "Mom Calls From Home" scene, I thought my parents were going to explode from laughing. You can say anything, apparently, as long as it's with an Irish accent, and it'll be okay with them. Word up.

Work has continued to be crazy. We're moving furniture and running cable today. The electrician was kind enough to leave pull strings in the drops he punched in the wall, so it's just a matter of measuring the runs. Joy.

I love ladders, and I love crawling around on ceilings. They are my most favoritest things in the whole wide world.

Speaking of, I should probably get ready for work. Need to do laundry, so finding somewhat non-smelly clothes will be amazing.

July 28, 2004 8:07 AM